Affliction Warlock

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 16th Apr, 2021

Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

Single Target:

Intellect> Mastery> Hast> Crit> Versatility

You want around 15-20% haste to play comfortably.


Intellect> Mastery> Haste> Crit> Versatility

You want around 20-25% haste to play comfortably.

Always sim your character to get proper information on your BIS gear and stats.

Stat Outline

Intellect: Raw damage increase on everything.

Haste: Increases cast and tick speed.

Mastery (Mastery: Potent Afflictions): Increases damage done of most of your damage spells.

Versatility: Increases damage and healing done and decreases damage taken.

The best way to calculate stat priorities for your character is to "sim" your character

Find out how to sim



Orc > Troll > Blood Elf > Goblin > Undead > Vulpera


Mechagnome > Dark Iron Dwarf > Gnome > Human > Nightborne > Void Elf > Worgen > Dwarf

The difference between the races are very minor so you can just choose what you like the most.


Ring - Tenet of Mastery or Tenet of Haste

Chest - Eternal Stats 

Bracers - Eternal Intellect

Weapon - Sinful Revelation for pure Single Target or Celestial Guidance for everything else

Cloak - Fortified Avoidance


Best gems - Masterful Jewel Cluster or Quick Jewel Cluster


Flask - Spectral Flask of Power 

Potion - Potion of Spectral Intellect

Health potion - Spiritual Healing Potion

Oil - Shadowcore Oil

Food - Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic or Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce not including feasts. Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism is the best choice.