Affliction Warlock

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 16th Apr, 2021

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Recommended Raiding Build

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Inevitable DemisePassive
Drain SoulChanneled

Nightfall: Corruption damage has a chance to make the next Shadow Bolt instant and do 50% more damage. 

Inevitable Demise: Damage with Agony increases the damage of your drain soul by 15% stacking up to 50%. 

Drain Soul: Replace Shadow Bolt with a channel doing 100% more damage when the target is under 20% if a target dies while getting drained you gain a soulshard. 

Raiding: Drain Soul Strong for shard sniping and the execute damage. 

Mythic: Drain Soul Strong for shard sniping and the execute damage.

Tier 2 (25)

Writhe in AgonyPassive
Absolute CorruptionPassive
Siphon LifeInstant

Writhe in Agony: Agony stack up to 18 stacks and start with 4 stacks.

Absolute Corruption: Corruption will become permanent and deal 15% more damage 

Siphon Life: An additional DoT that will heal you for 30% of the damage it does. 

Raiding: Siphon Life works well with the new Malefic Rapture increased damage.

Mythic+: Siphon Life works well with the new Malefic Rapture increased damage but if targets are dying way too fast and you don’t have time to “setup” your damage then Absolute Corruption may come in handy.

Tier 3 (30)

Demon SkinPassive
Burning RushInstant
Dark PactInstant

Demon Skin: Soul Leech passively recharge 0.5% maximum health every 1 sec up to 15% of maximum health.

Burning Rush: Increase movement speed by 50% dealing 4% of maximum health every 1 sec.

Dark Pact: Sacrifice 20% max HP gaining 250% shield of sacrificed HP.

Demon Skin is strong when there is consistent ticking damage to help the healers. Burning Rush is very good when there is a lot of movement when you can't pre-plan it with Circle. Dark Pact is very good if there is a short high burst mechanic that you need to stack extra health/shield to survive. 

Raiding: Situational, all 3 are viable. 

Mythic: Situational, all 3 are viable.

Tier 4 (35)

Sow the SeedsPassive
Phantom SingularityInstant
Vile Taint1.5 sec cast

Sow the Seeds: Seed of corruption get 2 more seeds. 

Phantom Singularity: A strong AoE DoT that damages everything in a 15-yard radius healing you for 25% of damage dealt.

Vile Taint: Strong burst AoE DoT costs 1 shard to cast and slowing targets by 30%.

Phantom Singularity is the strongest for a single target and you want to line it up with your shard dumping for most damage output. 

Raiding: Phantom Singularity is a very strong tingle target to save up 5 shards to dump on Malefic Rapture.

Mythic+: Phantom Singularity seem to outperform other choices in m+ as well unless it’s a low key where everything dies fast and often enough so u can snipe shards with Drain Soul to cast Vile Taint. In low keys it’s also less likely that you’ll get full potential from Phantom Singularity.

Tier 5 (40)

Mortal CoilInstant
Howl of TerrorInstant

Darkfury: Reduces the cooldown of Shadowfury by 15 sec increasing radius by 2 yards.

Mortal Coil: Horrifies target for 3 sec and healing you for 20% max HP 45 sec cooldown.

Howl of Terror: Instant fear all targets within 10 yards for 20-sec breaks on damage taken.

Darkfury can be good if there are a lot of adds you need to stun or use it often. Mortal Coil is very strong just as a 20% heal every 45 seconds. Howl of Terror can be hard to find the right time to use due to fears breaking very fast.

Raiding: Mortal Coil Very strong 45-sec heal to help out the healers.

Mythic+: Mortal Coil Very strong 45-sec heal to help out the healer.

Tier 6 (45)

Dark CallerPassive
Haunt1.5 sec cast
Grimoire of SacrificeInstant

Dark Caller: Reduce cooldown by Darkglare with 60 sec.

Haunt: Does small damage on impact and increased damage dealt to the target by 10%.

Grimoire of Sacrifice: Sacrifice your pet to gain a chance on hit to do splash damage. 

Dark Caller can be good if you need to line all your cooldowns up with each other for the 2 min burst. Haunt is the best in most situations for the extra 10% damage to your priority target. 

Raid: Haunt Strong increase to single/Prio targets.

Mythic+: Haunt seems to outperform other talents and is more useful since Affliction specialty is doing damage to priority targets.

Tier 7 (50)

Soul ConduitPassive
Creeping DeathPassive
Dark Soul: MiseryInstant

Soul Conduit: 15% chance to refund a shard.

Creeping Death: Your DoTs tick 15% faster.

Dark Soul: Misery: Increase your haste by 30% for 20 sec.

Raiding: Dark Soul: Misery

Mythic+: Dark Soul: Misery