Affliction Warlock

Patch 8.3

Written by Deepshades Last Updated: 24th Feb, 2020

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Maintain Agony, Corruption and Siphon Life
  2. Haunt on cooldown
  3. Phantom Singularity/Vile Taint on cooldown
  4. Unstable Affliction if you are about to overcap
  5. Unstable Affliction if it’s not on the target
  6. Unstable Affliction once before Deathbolt
  7. Deathbolt on cooldown
  8. Shadow bolt or Drain Soul (if talented)


  1. Precast Superior Battle Potion of Intellect
  2. Precast Haunt (if talented) otherwise Shadow Bolt)
  3. Agony
  4. Corruption
  5. Siphon Life (if talented)
  6. Phantom Singularity or Vile Taint (if talented)
  7. Dark Soul: Misery (if talented)
  8. Racials, haste and damage on-use trinkets
  9. Unstable Affliction until you have reached five or run out of Soul Shards
  10. Summon Darkglare
  11. Mastery and int on-use trinkets
  12. Deathbolt
  13. Normal Priority

Multi Target Priority:

Maintain Siphon Life on up to 4 targets. You should probably be playing Absolute Corruption or Writhe in Agony in most cases if there are so many targets to dot up.

Cooldown Management:

Cooldown Management is heavily dependent on the fight length. For optimal DPS it is recommend having a Weak Aura telling you how long the fight approximately is going to last. You want to use Summon Darkglare as often as possible with Dark Soul: Misery without losing an use. Here are two examples:

Scenario A - 5 minute fight:

Here you see that I waited with the second Summon Darkglare for an entire minute to line it up with Dark Soul: Misery. It doesn’t matter waiting because I don’t lose any uses.

Scenario B - 7 minute fight:

In this fight I had to use my second Berserking and Summon Darkglare by itself but it will line up perfectly at 6 minutes with my Dark Soul: Misery.

Unstable Affliction Usage:

You should aim for a 100% uptime on Unstable Affliction throughout the entire fight. However before Summon Darkglare you want to start saving your Soul Shards that you have five of them ready for it. Make sure to dump all of your Unstable Afflictions before the fight ends.

You should always dot up targets that are about to die with Unstable Affliction. You get your Soul Shard refunded if a target dies that is affected by Unstable Affliction.

Seed of Corruption vs. Unstable Affliction:

Usually it’s worth to dot all targets instead of spamming Seed of Corruption. You only use it to apply Corruption on every target. You need around 7-8 targets that Seed of Corruption becomes better. However if the targets don’t live long enough for your dots, it is worth to use Seed of Corruption. If you play Sow the Seeds you can already use Seed of Corruption on 3-4 targets.


Pandemic is a mechanic that allows you to refresh your dots when they have less than 30% of their duration remaining and adds the new dots duration onto the old one.

  • Agony: 18 seconds base, <5.4 seconds Pandemic, 23 seconds max
  • Corruption: 14 seconds base, <4.2 seconds Pandemic, 18 seconds max
  • Siphon Life: 15 seconds base, <4.5 seconds Pandemic, 19 seconds max

Pet Choice:

  • Imp: Good choice for target swapping
  • Felhunter: Perfect choice for Mythic+ for the interrupt and offensive dispel
  • Voidwalker: Does AoE damage which makes it really strong in dungeons if there is no interrupt required
  • Succubus: Basically pointless in PvE


Affliction has really good movement. If you are required to move you can always re-apply Agony, Corruption or Siphon Life. Deathbolt is also an instant cast.

A lot of movement can also be already planned ahead with a clever use of your Demonic Circle or Demonic Gateway.


For big hits you should always activate Unending Resolve or Dark Pact (if talented). Healthstones and Coastal Healing Potions are really useful as well. If you see you have neither of these tools ready it is worth asking a healer for an external. A great way to see which externals are ready is the Add-On “Exorsus Raid Tools”.