Affliction Warlock

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 16th Apr, 2021

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Maintain Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life (If talented), Unstable Affliction, Haunt.
  2. Keep Phantom Singularity for Soul Rot.
  3. Use all your shards on Malefic Rapture whenever you use Phantom Singularity and Soul Rot.
  4. Use Malefic Rapture if you are gonna over-cap on shards.
  5. Shadow Bolt or Drain Soul as fillers.


  1. Precast Haunt
  2. Unstable Affliction
  3. Agony
  4. Corruption
  5. Siphon Life (If talented)
  6. Phantom Singularity
  7. Soul Rot
  8. Dark Soul: Misery
  9. Summon Darkglare
  10. Use Drain Soul until you get 3 stacks of Shadow Embrace
  11. Spam Malefic Rapture 
  12. General Rotation

Small tip: if you didn’t get procs like your legendary or trinkets on your burst then you can wait for it a little bit and use only 5th shard on Malefic Rapture so you don’t overcap. You can wait like that until the duration on Phantom Singularity and Soul Rot becomes around <5 seconds so you spend your remaining shards while having your extra dots on the target.

Multi Target:

  1. Keep Unstable Affliction on your main target
  2. Dot Agony and Siphon Life on up to 5-6 targets
  3. Spread Corruption with seed
  4. Use Phantom Singularity and Soul Rot
  5. Spam Malefic Rapture

Note: Use Agony and Siphon Life only on targets that are gonna live at least 8+ seconds or so. You may also want to use Phantom Singularity and Soul Rot early if targets are gonna die fast.


Outside of the Malefic Rapture spam window Affliction playstyle is pretty mobile and you can almost move without any damage loss. The more targets you have the more freely you can move since you don’t need to use your filler ability, you just need to re-apply the dots. But it’s only true until the point when there are too many targets and you start getting overcapped. 2-3 targets is ideal for Affliction to fight.

Cooldown Management

Usually you always want to use your Summon Darkglare with Dark Soul: Misery together but if the fight is around 5 minutes, for example, you would want to use Dark Soul: Misery on cd and delay Summon Darkglare for a minute. That way you will get an extra DSM while having the same amount of Darkglares buffed by DSM. So you always want to look for this kind of opportunity in fights.
One more important thing is that having Phantom Singularity and Soul Rot for your burst is mandatory. Without them your burst will be significantly worse. 


All of Afflictions damage over time abilities are following the rules of pandemic. Pandemic is: If you refresh a damage over time effect with less than 30% of the original duration left, the remaining duration when you refresh is added onto your new cast.

For the individual damage over time abilities for affliction, pandemic means that for Single Target; 30% of the original duration is added to the base duration of that spell, therefore there is no damage loss refreshing when the duration is below 30%.

Pet Choice

Summon Imp: Best choice for single target and target swapping (gives a Dispel).

Summon Felhunter: Does around the same amount of damage as Imp if there is no target swapping (gives an Interrupt).

Summon Voidwalker: Have an AoE aura that leches life will need to have 10+ targets.

Summon Succubus: Very bad in PvE, won't recommend. 


Affliction is one of the strongest classes on the move. You can always use running around to apply Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life as they are instant cast DoTs.

Most of the warlock movement will be pre-planned with Demonic Circle and Demonic Gateway

And if you need more than that Burning Rush.


If you know you're gonna take a lot of damage in a short period of time, always use Unending Resolve or if you have it talented Dark Pact.

Healthstone and Mortal Coil is a good instant health regen, always use Mortal Coil first if possible.