Last Updated 22nd April 2024

AFK Journey is the new hit Fantasy RPG created by Lilith Games and Farlight that has taken the mobile market by storm. In this guide we break down each of the Heroes into a Tier List so you can make the right decisions when it comes to choosing, and levelling, yours.

AFK Journey is a brand new game, only released (globally) on March 27th 2024. With that in mind, the meta is constantly shifting as players discover new hero combinations and progress further into the game.

This Tier List provides individual power rankings but you should remember that in AFK Journey, you receive a faction bonus which increases the power of your team if you have multiple Heroes of the same faction together. There are also powerful synergies that can be realized between certain Heroes so try not to focus only on Tier Lists.


  • Arden moved from C-tier to B-Tier

Tier List Discussion (S-Tier)

Hero Icon Reinier

Quite possibly the strongest Hero in the game currently, Reinier is really a master of all trades. As a Hypogean, he can fit into any team and excels in all game modes with a powerful combination of crowd control, support buffs/debuffs and damage output.

Hero Icon Vala

Probably the strongest assassin in the game, Vala also has surprising survivability and stickiness through her Exclusive Weapon which makes her untargetable and provides her with a powerful heal on kill effect. Powerful in all game modes (though somewhat easily manipulated in PVP), she’s a killing machine.

Hero Icon Thoran

Thoran is truly a powerhouse that excels in sticking to the board, especially within Story mode but also across all other game modes too. His Ultimate packs a punch and when you unlock his Exclusive Weapon, he becomes even more versatile, able to protect weaker backline units and effectively gaining a 3rd life.

Hero Icon Cecia

Cecia delivers the perfect combination of incredible AOE damage and crowd control. Even without summoning Mr Carlyle, her Ultimate would be incredible. She gains additional crowd control through her Exclusive Weapon and although she doesn’t shine quite as bright in the Dream Realm, she’s a very powerful all-rounder.

Hero Icon Rowan

With more energy generation than a Duracell battery, Rowan is unique in his ability to massively accelerate the rate at which your Heroes can activate their UItimates thanks to his own Ultimate, Fatal Greed. This makes him incredibly powerful in almost all situations and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also a great burst healer that can drain the Energy from your opponents.

Hero Icon Smokey & Meerky

Smokey & Meerkey, along with Hewynn, is one of the most powerful AOE healers in the game with his Ultimate Special Aroma. Not only does this provide healing however, it also provides huge buffs to allies caught within range including ATK and Haste. Overall, a great support unit.

Hero Icon Odie

Odie’s Exclusive Weapon is what ultimately earns him an S-tier slot in our Overall Tier List. The ability to instantly kill enemy Heroes is incredibly powerful both in Story (bye Igor) and PVP. Aside from this ability however, he also deals a tonne of consistent damage and therefore can fit into most teams and situations (faction bonus aside).

Tier List Discussion (A-Tier)

Hero Icon Carolina

Carolina has incredible AOE damage that makes her useful in most game formats. When paired with Eironn she becomes a force to be reckoned with, leveraging his AOE crowd control to blast an entire enemy team at once with additional damage.

Hero Icon Damian

Damian really comes into his own with his Exclusive Weapon and, with the exception of Dream Realm encounters, can provide powerful AOE healing and buffs to allies while also dealing meaningful damage with his Chariots.

Hero Icon Eironn

Eironn’s Ultimate is one of the strongest in the game, and with his Exclusive Weapon he is able to initiate the battle with a team wide AOE crowd control, grouping the entire enemy team together. Make sure to capitalize on the initial Ultimate. Would be Overall S Tier if not for his weakness in the Dream Realm.

Hero Icon Granny Dahnie

Granny Dahnie is a solid Wilder Tank class Hero that, once she unlocks her Exclusive Weapon, is sticky enough to hold the frontline while also inflicting powerful debuffs on enemy Heroes, sapping their energy and haste.

Hero Icon Hewynn

Hewynn is a healing machine. Not only does her Ultimate provide a boatload of team healing, it also provides the entire team with a huge damage taken reduction buff while Rain Prayer is being cast (requires Exclusive Weapon at +0). When it comes to healing, Hewynn is unmatched, however she doesn’t offer any additional utility and for that reason doesn’t quite make it into the S-tier overall.

Hero Icon Igor

Quite possibly the most annoying Hero to deal with in AFK Journey, Igor is the definition of sticky, jumping about from tombstone to tombstone, blocking fatal damage while soaking attention. His AOE Ultimate is also powerful, but his toolkit beyond survivability is limited, making it difficult to justify his spot in the team at times.

Hero Icon Koko

Koko is quite a unique Support Hero, in that her kit is focused on providing her and her team with damage reduction buffs and shields, rather than straight healing for the most part. It is however very effective, especially when she is played as part of a predominantly Mauler team.

Hero Icon Korin

Aside from absolutely crushing it in the Dream Realm thanks to the True Damage which is dealt through his Exclusive Weapon Ability, Korin is also a capable damage dealer across all types of content. The shield (which is not insignificant) that he grants to both himself and an ally through his ability All-round Tactic also provides some great additional sustainability for your team.

Hero Icon Marilee

Another master of the Dream Realm thanks to true damage, Marilee is best when dealing huge single-target damage. She is paired well with Rowan, as his energy generation (and faction bonus) allows her to maintain great uptime on her Exclusive Weapon ability. Keep her deep in the backline and ensure she isn’t the target of any enemy assassins so she can reap the benefits of Hyperfocus.

Hero Icon Scarlita

If you are lucky enough to have Scarlita at a high rarity (or unlucky enough to have come up against her), then you’ll know she has an extremely diverse kit capable of both defense and destruction. Pure Cleanse will take her off the battlefield at the start of the fight while she generates energy, but after 15s she will land with a vengeance. Keep that power-delay in mind when considering what team to play her in.

Hero Icon Shakir

Although a member of the Rogue class, Shakir is actually surprisingly tanky thanks to Wolf’s Will and his Hero Focus which increase his DEF and reduce his damage taken. Allies also benefit from a damage reduction buff while he is in wolf form. Shakir’s Exclusive Weapon is very powerful and is crucial in keeping him in wolf form for as long as possible so he can keep that buff up and keep wailing on your opponents with a frontal cone attack.

Hero Icon Temesia

Temesia is a unique Hero that remains on the move throughout the entire encounter, charging enemy Heroes. She doesn’t really excel at being a tank, or at dealing incredible damage, but she is a pain to deal with. Both her Ultimate and Iron Heel interrupt casting so against Heroes like Hewynn for example, she is great. The true damage that her Ultimate receives through her Exclusive Weapon makes her a solid Dream Realm Hero also.