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A determined Warrior who doesn't hesitate to charge at enemies in front.

Hero Information

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Tier List Rankings

Dream Realm

Exclusive Weapon (Unlocked at Mythic+)

Overall Power
Sweet Spot


Gale Thrust

Unlocks at level 1
Cooldown: 3s
Range: 1
Initial Energy: 0

Passive. Kafra prioritizes attacking the enemy who carries Forest Mark. Kafra inflicts a Forest Mark on an enemy when casting Ultimate and launches a mighty strike, dealing 500% damage and knocking them back for 2-tile. Only 1 Forest Mark exists per attack.

Unlocks at level 51: Increases damage to 510%.

Unlocks at level 111: Increases damage to 520%.

Unlocks at level 171: Increases damage to 530%.

Unlocks at level 231: Increases damage to 550%.

Relentless Chase

Unlocks at level 11
Cooldown: 2.5s
Range: Global

When a marked enemy is out of Kafra's attack range, Kafra charges towards the enemy, dealing 280% damage and stunning them for 1.5s. If there's no marked enemy, Kafra marks the nearest enemy and casts the skill.

Unlocks at level 71: Increases damage to 290%.

Unlocks at level 131: Increases damage to 300%.

Unlocks at level 191: Increases damage to 320%.

Forest's Wrath

Unlocks at level 31
Range: 1

The Forest Mark reduces the enemy's Phys DEF by 6%. When a marked enemy is defeated, Kafra and allies within 2 tiles of this enemy recover 100% of his ATK as HP every 0.375s for 1.125s.

Unlocks at level 91: Reduces Phys DEF by 9%.

Unlocks at level 151: Reduces Phys DEF by 12%.

Unlocks at level 211: Reduces Phys DEF by 15%.

Hero Focus

Unlocks after reaching Legendary+
Range: 1

Increases ATK by 12% during battle.

Unlocks using 10 Tidal Essence: Increases ATK by 16% during battle.

Unlocks using 20 Tidal Essence: Increases ATK by 20% during battle.

Sylvan Banishment

Unlocks after reaching Mythic+
Cooldown: 3s
Range: Global

When a marked enemy receives healing from other enemies, Kafra jumps to the healer and attacks them, dealing 250% damage and reducing their Haste by 40 for 5s. Kafra is unaffected during the period.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +5: Kafra gains a shield that can block 350% damage (of Caster's ATK) for 5s while casting this skill.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +10: Increases damage to 260%.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +15: Increases damage to 270%.

Enhance Force

Unlocks after reaching Supreme+

The damage of Relentless Chase's first casting in battle is increased to 520%