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A Support Tank who can grant shield to multiple allies.

Hero Information

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Tier List Rankings

Dream Realm

Exclusive Weapon (Unlocked at Mythic+)

Overall Power
Sweet Spot


Divine Light Aegis

Unlocks at level 1
Cooldown: 0s
Range: Global
Initial Energy: 0

Lucius selects a tile and grants allies on it and adjacent tiles a shield that blocks 470% damage for 10s.

Unlocks at level 51: Increases shield value to 490%.

Unlocks at level 111: Increases shield value to 500%.

Unlocks at level 171: Increases shield value to 510%.

Unlocks at level 231: Increases shield value to 520%.

Divine Bash

Unlocks at level 11
Cooldown: 8s
Range: 1

Lucius deals 70% damage to an enemy, knocks them back 1 tiles, and gains a shield that blocks 300% damage for 8s.

Unlocks at level 71: Stuns the enemy for 1s.

Unlocks at level 131: Increases shield value to 310%.

Unlocks at level 191: Increases shield value to 320%.

Divine Light Blessing

Unlocks at level 31
Range: Global

When gaining a shield, Lucius uses Healing Power to restore HP that equals 80% ATK + 20% of shield value for the weakest 1 allies.

Unlocks at level 91: Increases Lucius' shield by 8%.

Unlocks at level 151: Increases Lucius' shield by 14%.

Unlocks at level 211: Increases Lucius' shield by 20%.

Hero Focus

Unlocks after reaching Legendary+
Range: 1

Increasing Healing by 11 during battle.

Unlocks using 10 Tidal Essence: Increasing Healing by 15 during battle.

Unlocks using 20 Tidal Essence: Increasing Healing by 19 during battle.

Sacred Beam

Unlocks after reaching Mythic+
Cooldown: 13s
Range: 1

Shoots Divine Light to a 3-tile wide and 4-tile length frontal area, dealing 90% damage to all enemies within, reducing 8% ATK for 4s.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +5: Each enemy hit grants a 3% shield for 4s.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +10: Reduces the target's ATK by 10%.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +15: Reduces the target's ATK by 12%.

Enhance Force

Unlocks after reaching Supreme+

The number of allies healed by Divine Light Blessing is increased to 1.