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A Graveborn Mage who specializes in life rituals and is able to deal a lot of ranged damage.

Hero Information

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Tier List Rankings

Dream Realm

Exclusive Weapon (Unlocked at Mythic+)

Overall Power
Sweet Spot
+0, +10


Spiritual Viper

Unlocks at level 1
Cooldown: 0s
Range: Global
Initial Energy: 250

Passive. Viperian burns HP as much as possible when a battle starts, sending Darkviper's to possess all enemies until his HP is below 60%. During this skill, he is Unaffected while losing 7% max HP for each Darkviper deployed. Every possessed enemy drops 20 Energy on Hit, losing 1% HP per second to sustain the survivability of the Darkviper on them. Viperian calls a Darkviper back to recover 14% HP when his HP ratio is below 30%.

Active. Viperian deals 280% damage to all possessed enemies. He inflicts the nearest enemy with the same effect and Darkviper possession if no enemy on the battlefield is possessed.

Unlocks at level 51: Increases damage to 290%.

Unlocks at level 111: Increases damage to 300%.

Unlocks at level 171: Increases damage to 310%.

Unlocks at level 231: Increases damage to 320%.

Soul Ravager

Unlocks at level 11
Cooldown: 8s
Range: 5

Viperian drains HP from the healthiest enemy, dealing 210% damage and recovering HP that equals the damage dealt.

Unlocks at level 71: Increases damage to 220%.

Unlocks at level 131: Increases damage to 230%.

Unlocks at level 191: Increases damage to 240%.

Ecnhantment Fang

Unlocks at level 31
Cooldown: 15s
Range: Global

Passive: Darkvipers launch Tearing Bite once every 3s during the battle, dealing 65% damage once to all the possessed enemies.

Active: Viperian burns 10% max HP to enhance the next Tearing Bite, dealing 140% damage to the target and reducing their Energy by 60.

Unlocks at level 91: Increases Common Tearing Bite damage to 75%.

Unlocks at level 151: Increases Enhanced Tearing Bite damage to 150%.

Unlocks at level 211: Reduces the target's Energy by 100.

Hero Focus

Unlocks after reaching Legendary+
Range: 1

Increases Haste by 12 during battle.

Unlocks using 10 Tidal Essence: Increases Haste by 16 during battle.

Unlocks using 20 Tidal Essence: Increases Haste by 20 during battle.

Crimson Waltz

Unlocks after reaching Mythic+
Cooldown: 30s
Range: Global

Viperian burns 30% HP 10s into a battle if his HP ratio is above 90%, dealing 420% damage to all enemies. He is Unaffected during the skill casting. This skill can be triggered once every 30s.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +5: Increases damage to 450%.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +10: Dark vipers gain 2 enhancements after the skill is cast.

Unlocks after reaching Ex. Weapon +15: Increases damage to 480%.

Enhance Force

Unlocks after reaching Supreme+

Darkvipers return when the possessed enemies are defeated, recovering 14% HP and 80 Energy for Viperian.