Method Welcomes Jokerd

Method Welcomes Jokerd

Anaheim, California - 30 October 2019 - Method is excited to announce a new addition, the notorious gnome and World First level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, Jokerd! This partnership is a natural fit, as Method always strives to support the best players, and Daniel Vella "Jokerd" Gobey has certainly proven himself to be that time and time again. He has not only claimed the throne of fastest to level 60 in WoW Classic, but was also the no.1 ranked Marksmanship Hunter on Warcraft Logs during the Legion expansion. In addition, to this day, he holds the record of fastest level 60 on any fresh private WoW Vanilla server launch.

I'm very excited to be joining Method, an organization that I have been watching grow for 8 years. I'm looking forward to being part of an awesome community with talented and awesome players.

- Daniel Vella "Jokerd" Gobey

Jokerd made history on August 30th, 2019, when he was the first to reach level 60 in WoW Classic. It was one of those moments that define the importance of Twitch and live-streaming in general. Over 300,000 people watched a guy playing WoW Classic from his attic. The countless practice runs finally paid off and Jokerd performed when it mattered. So partnering with him was a no-brainer for us, we share the same passion and together we will chase the next World First.

Welcome to Method!

- Sascha Steffens, Method co-owner

Jokerd will be joining Method's already strong lineup of WoW Classic personalities, including Esfand, TipsOut, Payo, Nick Polom and KennyMarsh. He is ready to take on upcoming phases of WoW Classic, continuing to challenge himself in various ways and entertain the community while doing so.

About Jokerd

As one of the biggest names in World of Warcraft Classic, Daniel Vella "Jokerd" Gobey had been preparing for the game's launch for years by finding as many ways possible to level up the fastest, which lead to his World First level 60 on WoW Classic release, taking him only 3 days and 7 hours of played time. His stream had over 300,000 people watching as he dinged the final level claimed the no.1 spot. Outside of WoW Classic, Jokerd was a top player in retail WoW, he dabbled in Auto Chess with a top 10 MMR in Queen's rank (the highest in the game). His Twitch channel features regular speed run challenges as well as real life streams.

Check him out on his Twitch channel, Twitter and Instagram.

About Method

From a World of Warcraft guild to a global esports organization. Founded in 2005 by Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan and based in the UK, Method is today consisting of 10 teams featuring over 60 world class players across 5 different games: World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG Mobile and Path of Exile.

More than an esports organization, content creation is Method’s core foundation. Besides housing one of the largest live stream teams in esports, Method is the host of original events such as the Method Majors, the Race to World First: Uldir in September 2018, the Race to World First: Battle of Dazar'alor in February 2019, Race to World First: The Eternal Palace in July 2019 and the Classic Race to World First in August 2019.

The Method brand can be encapsulated by the word “progress”, it is illustrated via the upwards trend in our logo. Our Mission is to progress esports, our players, our fans, and our partners through the offering of unique content, experiences and team work.

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