Method to Live Stream Mythic Uldir

Method to Live Stream Mythic Uldir

In coordination with Discord and Red Bull Gaming Sphere, and with the support of MSI and Wowhead, Method is proud to present the Mythic Uldir World First Race live on Twitch.

While we've seen Chinese and some US guilds stream most of their progress before, this marks the first time the No.1 Ranked Guild in the World has decided to show the entirety of their effort in a progress raid and share it with their viewers, including G'huun.

As Method has many great streamers who are dedicated to their communities, as well as the Method community in general, this shouldn't come as a surprise, since sharing amazing gaming moments is what they do. The broadcasting of the race will show Method raiders at their best, with viewers getting to share in not just the triumphs of kill videos, but also the road to all those achievements and how they manage to overcome problems that come up along the way.

We are very excited to be partnered with Discord for our Raid Progress coverage - for the first time, you will be able to follow the World First race on the Method's Official Discord server. We will have an entire section of channels dedicated to the race, with updates, behind the scenes news, pictures and more - you can join the Method Discord server.

There's also a special event stream at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London, the largest public gaming studio in the UK. The stream will feature live casting and commentary from Rich Campbell, Alan "Hotted" Widmann and Robbin "Cayna" Wuite. They will be joined by main raiders Sco, Gingi, and Narcolies, who will be streaming live from the Sphere.

We first thought about streaming 3 months ago and it has been quite a journey since then. A lot of time has gone into preparing for it from the officers' side and especially from the organisation side. We're excited to see where this brings us after the first tier, as we're the first current No.1 guild to stream progression raiding, so it's gonna be a challenge for sure.

- Xirips, Method Guild Officer

You'll be able to follow the race on almost all Team Method's Twitch channels from multiple points of view, whether tanking, healing or any of the many DPSers topping the charts - choose your favorite class and see how the very best WoW players get those World Firsts! The main Method Twitch Channel will also be broadcasting and switching through various streamers and PoVs, so that's your first stop for the most complete experience.

Full statement from Scott "Sco" McMillan, on the streaming on Method's World First Race

The World of Warcraft progress race has been the game’s most popular competition since the opening of the first raid dungeon Molten Core in 2004. Guilds race to be the first in the world (or their region/server) to beat the last boss in newly released raid dungeons. Method has been on the forefront of this competition for over a decade, claiming the world’s first spot for the majority of the past 6 years.

Strategizing on how to kill each raid boss plays a huge part in succeeding in the progress race. Guilds treat their strategies as top secret and as a result of this, no guild with a shot at claiming a world first has ever live-streamed this competition.

We want to change that.

In the past fans of the race have been anxiously refreshing web pages, waiting for the announcements that yet another boss has fallen. This time around we want you to join us on this journey, witness the emotion and adrenaline in real time and share in our experiences. I want to personally invite you, our community, to root in our corner once more as we tackle Mythic Uldir and the mighty G'huun alongside you all. It is with great pride that we can announce for the first time in Method's 13 year history, the world first race will be live-streamed on Twitch.

We at Method want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible for us. MSI, Wowhead, Twitch, Discord and Red Bull, thank you for helping further our mission to continually push boundaries and progress esports. Method staff and volunteers, thank you for dedicating your time and effort to make this race truly epic! Finally, thank you to our fans, who have been inspiring us to work harder and better every single day.

For Azeroth!

- Scott "Sco" McMillan, Method co-owner and founder.

Here's a full list of all the raiders that will be streaming the race live and you can always check out the main channel on our progress site.

Sco Live from Red Bull Sphere in London, UK
Cayna Live from Red Bull Sphere in London, UK
Gingitv Live from Red Bull Sphere in London, UK
Narcolies Live from Red Bull Sphere in London, UK
Yliajo Streaming Online
Deepshades Streaming Online
Rogerbrown Streaming Online
Justw8 Streaming Online
Lorgokz Streaming Online
Xirips Streaming Online
xchrispottertvx Streaming Online
Xerwo Streaming Online
Spookiee_ Streaming Online
Nnogga Streaming Online
Revvezs Streaming Online
Bigphilwestside Streaming Online
Meeres Streaming Online
Method Streaming Online
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