Where to find the Shadowflame Leatherworking Table Location

Where to find the Shadowflame Leatherworking Table Location

Written by Horaddrim - 25th May 2023

If you are a Leatherworker wanting to capitalize on the Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch hype, you are going to need to find the Shadowflame Leatherworking Table.

This new Leatherworking profession table was added in Patch 10.1. Unlike the regular Leatherworking table in Valdrakken, this Shadowflame infused table is actually located inside the current Fyrakk Assault zone. You can quickly find the Fyrakk Assault zone by finding the silver Dragon head icon on your map.

Once you get near the attacked zone, you can use the images below to find the profession table.

Ohn’ahran Plains

Shadowflame Profession tables location

Since it can be really easy to miss, here is a closer look at the table itself. It can be found right next to the quest-giver NPCs at the entrance of the special zone, close to the big rock with Shadowflame tornadoes around it.

Shadowflame Leatherworking Table

Azure Span

The Shadowflame Leatherworking Table is right in the middle of the camp, guarded by a big Mammoth and a Zaqali Heatbinder but also heavily patrolled by other enemies. I would ask for help from friends to clear out the area.

Azure Span Shadowflame Leatherworking Table

Hopefully this helps you in your crafting adventures! If you need help finding the other Shadowflame stations, you can check our other guides for the Shadowflame Incantation Table, the Shadowflame Forge and the Shadowflame Blacksmithing Anvil.