Where to find the Shadowflame Incantation Table Location

Where to find the Shadowflame Incantation Table Location

Written by Horaddrim - 25th May 2023

Are you an Enchanter looking to craft the Shadowflame Wreath or do you find yourself puzzled by why you couldn’t use your brand new weapon enchant? It is because in order to craft the enchant and to apply it to your weapon, you have to be near the profession table added in Patch 10.1.

The Shadowflame Incantation Table can be found inside the current Fyrakk Assault zone and it's actually pretty easy to spot when you know where to look. You can see where the Assault is on your map, marked with a silver Dragon head and when you get there you can use the images below as a reference.

Ohn’ahran Plains

Shadowflame Profession tables location

The Incantation Table is located in the left hand side of the main Ohn’ahran Plains Fyrakk Assault zone, close to the Secured Shipment Chest (Fyrakk Assault Chest).

Shadowflame Incantation Table

Be aware that there are a lot of elite mobs in the area, so using the profession stations may require you to clear the area first.

Azure Span

The Shadowflame Incantation Table is located in the Northern part of the Camp, close to the Primalist Portal. Be careful, as there are quite a number of Elite mobs around the table!

Azure Span Incantation Table

We hope that this guide helped you to easily find the Shadowflame Incantation Table. If you are looking for the other Shadowflame infused profession stations, we have similar guides for the Shadowflame Blacksmithing Anvil, the Shadowflame Leatherworking Table and the Shadowflame Forge.