Unholy Death Knight

Patch 8.3

Written by Miniaug Last Updated: 4th Mar, 2020


As for playing an Unholy Death Knight you do not really need any special AddOns to play the spec optimally. Some AddOns like WeakAuras and BigWigs Bossmods can help with tracking boss timers and your procs and abilities.

If you run a lot of Mythic+ I recommend Method Dungeon Tools, an AddOn that I created myself, that helps you plan out and import routes.


Some of these macros go beyond your usual focus kick macro, so make sure to check it out, you will find something useful! Find my full list of Macros for Death Knight and some other classes here: Full Macro List.

General Note about most of my Mouseover Macros:

  • If a mouseover exists and the target is harmful (not a party member for example) the macro will cast the spell on the mouseover. Otherwise the macro will cast the spell on your current target.
  • You can force the macro to go on your current target by holding right click as this makes the cursor disappear and makes you not have a mouseover. This is useful for interrupting your current target reliably with nameplates everywhere.

Massgrip on Self Macro

/cast [@player] Gorefiend's Grasp

Pet Dismiss Macro

/run PetAbandon()

Mouseover Petattack Macro

/petattack [@mouseover,harm][]

Death Strike Macro

#showtooltip Death Strike
/cancelaura Fel-Crazed Rage
/cast Death Strike

Mouseover/Target Asphyxiate Macro

/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead,spec:1][spec:1] Asphyxiate;
/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead,talent:4/1] [talent:4/1] Hook;[@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead,talent:4/2] [talent:4/2]Asphyxiate;

Mouseover/Target Grip Macro

/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Death Grip

Focus Grip Macro

/cast [@focus,exist,harm][] Death Grip

Focus Interrupt

/cast [@focus,exists,harm][] Mind Freeze

Mouseover/Target Taunt

/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Dark Command

Mouseover / Target Deaths Carres / Outbreak

/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm,spec:1][spec:1] Death's Caress
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm,spec:3][spec:3] Outbreak

DnD at cursor

/cast [@cursor] Death and Decay