Unholy Death Knight gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 1st Feb, 2023
Kwepp Unholy Death Knight Author


In Season 1 of Dragonflight, we will be able to acquire a new tier set! This can be obtained from raid bosses in Vault of the Incarnates. We will also be able to craft tier pieces with the Creation Catalyst a few weeks after the season starts. You will want to get this tier set as it is an excellent bonus to your throughput!

Notable Items

Algeth’ar Puzzle Box - This is a super strong trinket for Unholy that you will want to use in all scenarios. It syncs up perfectly with Summon Gargoyle & Army of the Dead and is a solid trinket for burst AoE situations. It gives you a lot of Mastery, which will increase your Shadow Damage, as well as the damage of all of your Minions, so I recommend getting your hands on this trinket as soon as possible.

Elemental Lariat - This is the best neck you can get in the game, and it comes from crafting! It gives you a stat proc based on the gems you have socketed in the neck piece; with it also being able to go up to 418 item level and being fully customizable stat-wise, this neck is going to be a priority to get your hands-on.

Manic Grieftorch - Probably one of the strongest trinkets that has been implemented for a while. In raid scenarios, this trinket is really strong, especially if you manage to get some resets in. It also scales from Versatility and Crit, so any crit you have will also increase the throughput of this trinket.

Jeweled Signet of Melandrus - While it has been nerfed, this ring is still very good due to the stats being good, and it is one of the only rings with an added bonus; this ring comes with additional attack damage. It does not come at the cost of secondary stats like other items with unique effects, so this ring is very strong because of that. Sadly from the launch of Dragonflight, it has been nerfed/fixed, so it no longer increases your minions auto attack damage, but it’s still one of the best rings.

Whispering Incarnate Icon - While Unholy does not value Crit super highly in Single Target, Whispering Incarnate Icon is a decent passive trinket (if you are not using double on use) that will also gain a lot of value with other raid members (of different roles) using the same trinket. The Versatility gained from tanks is not amazing. However, the Mastery bonus from healers using this trinket is another big reason why you will want to use this trinket in most scenarios, as Mastery is a very good stat for Unholy. If you do not have a Whispering Incarnate Icon, you can also use Hunger of the Pack, a Crit stat stick trinket, similar to this one.

Seal of Filial Duty - This is a very high item-level ring, so it will naturally be better than most rings anyway. For Unholy though the stats are perfect and that makes it a fantastic ring. It has a tonne of Mastery and some Haste, both of which are your best stats. It also gives you a nice shield when you use it in conjunction with fire damage; this fire damage can come from your Manic Grieftorch.

Tier Set Bonuses

Tier Set: Haunted Frostbrood Remains

2 Set Bonus

Bonus: 2 Set Bonus -

Our first tier set bonus gives your Ghoul the buff Vile Infusion whenever you pop a Festering Wound. Both Scourge Strike and Apocalypse can trigger this. It increases your Ghoul's damage and haste, which works quite well with Infected Claws. Haste will cause more Festering Wounds to be generated, which is then going to come full circle as you will have more Festering Wounds to pop to keep this buff up on your Ghoul.

4 Set Bonus

Bonus: 4 Set Bonus -

The 4 set comes off the back of the 2 set bonus, as it gives your Ghouls attacks a chance to provide you with Ghoulish Infusion, which increases your damage and haste by 8%. This is a pretty strong buff with an increased proc rate while your Ghoul is affected by Vile Infusion. So both tier-set bonuses play well and benefit each other, so you will always want to ensure you keep Vile Infusion up on your Ghoul to get as much value as possible from this tier-set bonus. This also plays into Plaguebringer because Vile Infusion is the same as Plaguebringer. So as long as you are maintaining Plaguebringer, you will be maintaining Vile Infusion at the same time. It also plays well into Festermight because Festermight is all about popping as many Festering Wounds as possible.

Which bosses drop tier pieces?

Maw of the Haunted Frostbrood: from Razageth the Storm-Eater

Jaws of the Haunted Frostbrood: from Broodkeeper Diurna

Breastplate of the Haunted Frostbrood: from Kurog Grimtotem

Greaves of the Haunted Frostbrood: from Sennarth, the Cold Breath

Grasps of the Haunted Frostbrood: from Dathea, Ascended