The God-Queen's Fury Mage Tower Guide

The God-Queen's Fury Mage Tower Guide

Written by Paul and Leyst - 30th November 2021

The God-Queen's Fury mage tower can be completed by Arcane Mages, Retribution Paladins, Assassination Rogues, Enhancement Shamans, and Demonology Warlocks. This challenge involves you fighting Sigryn, Jarl Velbrand, and Runeseer Falljar, who all share the damage you do to them. They also have their own unique set of abilities that you have to deal with throughout the fight. Once Sigryn gets down to about 20% health, the challenge will be complete.


  • Blood of the Feather is the most dangerous ability in this encounter. The only way you can avoid the damage is by using  Polymorph, Repentance, Hammer of Justice, Hex, Fear, or a stun. However, If you are fast enough, you can also interrupt the spell with abilities such as Hammer of Justice
  • Dark Wings will summon a wall of dark val’kyr who will charge across the area and deal a high amount of damage. You want to find the gap in the wall to pass through it without taking damage
  • Advance will deal damage and do a small knockback
  • Throw Spear will create a green puddle on the ground that deal damage so, you want to move out of it as quickly as possible
  • Empowered will empower one of the NPCs

Jarl Velbrand:

  • Hurl Axe will launch axes around the room that are pretty easy to avoid
  • Bladestorm is a large whirlwind that drags you towards Jarl. You want to run away from it or kite the boss, so you don't take any damage
  • Berserker's Rage is the Empowered ability. The boss will begin to chase you down and deal increased damage. So, you want to stun, slow, or just run away, so you don't get hit by it

Runeseer Faljar:

  • Shadowbolt deals minor damage and can be interrupted, however, if you won’t have your interrupt ready for Ancestral Knowledge I would suggest you to ignore it and just soak the damage
  • Ancestral Knowledge is Runeseers Empowered ability. You need to DPS the shield to break it and then interrupt the cast as fast as possible because it can kill you. I suggest having a few cooldowns ready because you will only have 20 seconds to DPS the shield and interrupt the cast. If you don’t manage to nuke it down, make sure to use a defensive cooldown such as Ice Block or Cloak of Shadows as a rogue to avoid the damage


    • Rune Detonation will appear on the ground and slowly shrink in size and explode. You want to step on the runes before they shrink to avoid the damage
    • Orb of Valor are yellow orbs that will appear throughout the fight and will heal you if you step on top of them


    The most important thing about this challenge is managing Sigryn’s Blood of the Feather. Make sure to use abilities such as Polymorph, Repentance, Hammer of Justice, Hex, Fear, or stun to interrupt it and keep her CC’ed. You can keep Sigryn CC’ed throughout the fight as long as your DR allows it. However, If you miss the interrupt, you can try to survive by using some of your defensive cooldowns instead. Besides that, you want to make sure to dodge Dark Wings and run into Runic Detonation, so they don’t explode and deal a ton of damage to you.

    When Jarl Velbrand gets empowered, make sure to run away and use a stun or a slow if you get in trouble. When Runeseer Faljar gets empowered and uses Ancestral Knowledge, you want to make sure to nuke down the shield and interrupt the cast as soon as possible because it can be pretty deadly.

    Keep in mind that Ancestral Knowledge will be used pretty frequently towards the end of the encounter when Jarl Velbrand dies. So, make sure to use cooldowns to break the shield and make the most of your interrupts. If you can’t break the shield and interrupt you can use a defensive cooldown like Greater Invisibility as an arcane mage and try to nuke the shield after the cast.

    The remaining abilities are pretty easy to handle. The 2 primary abilities that you need to worry about are Blood of the Feather and Ancestral Knowledge.

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