Restoration Shaman

Patch 8.3

Written by Chrispotter Last Updated: 24th Feb, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Unleash LifeInstant

Torrent - Gives a nice bit of extra healing to riptide, it's not the worst talent in the world but it doesn't quite match up to the power of Unleash Life.

Undulation - In situations where you spam healing wave and healing surge this talent would theoretically give you the most value. This is why you often see it in Mythic plus when the tank needs a lot of healing. For raids it doesn't come close to Unleash Life however.

Unleash Life - A versatile talent that lets you increase the power of your next direct heal. Often you will use it in combination with a Chain heal but you can also use it to buff a riptide on a player that has a dangerous debuff that may go out of range or LOS. By far the best in raids.

Tier 2 (30)

Echo of the ElementsPassive
Earth ShieldInstant

Echo of the Elements - Grant’s an additional Charge of Healing Stream Totem or CloudBurst Totem, an additional charge of Riptide and an additional charge of Lava Burst. This talent just gives so much flexibility and power in the form of an extra Cloudburst Totem and Riptide, and double Lava Bursts for helping DPS the boss.

Deluge - Makes your Chain heal stronger on targets in your healing rain or with riptide on them. While this talent sounds great for stacked healing, it doesn't come close to the value of Echo of the Elements and even in stacked situations the extra Cloudburst totem is just as valuable.

Earth Shield - A M+ and PvP talent, in raids this can not come close to Echo of the Elements.

Tier 3 (45)

Spirit WolfPassive
Earthgrab TotemInstant
Static ChargePassive

Spirit Wolf - The default choice, gives you extra speed and damage reduction in ghost wolf. Can pre ghostwolf dangerous abilities to have 20% damage reduction if you do not have Astral Shift ready.

Earthgrab Totem - An AoE root similar to druid’s mass entanglement, but a weaker version. Generally for any content where this is relevant you prefer mass entanglement, but it can be a good back up if you do not have a druid.

Static Charge - Gives you a lower CD on Capacitor Totem, mostly an M+ talent.

Tier 4 (60)

Ancestral VigorPassive
Earthen Wall TotemInstant
Ancestral Protection TotemInstant

Ancestral Vigor - The passive talent of the row, gives a max health increase to those you directly heal. Can be a good choice if you do not see a clear time where the other 2 talents could be valuable. Can be good to keep players that are particularly weak alive during high damage hits.

Earthen Wall Totem - The “HPS” talent of the row. On high frequency, small ticking damage, while stacked, this talent can provide a lot of healing. We almost ran this on Jaina but found Ancestral Protection Totem was too valuable for the fight.

Ancestral Protection Totem - A very powerful ability with a long 5 minute cooldown. A great progression talent that can save many wipes. Personally I always go with this as the default for raiding, clever use of this can not only save an attempt but can be used to build a tactic around, like we did on our Jaina Mythic kill, where we sacrificed the tanks to avoid the ice blocks.

Tier 5 (75)

Nature's GuardianPassive
Graceful SpiritPassive
Wind Rush TotemInstant

Nature's Guardian - A great survivability talent. It can save you even from hits that would have killed you otherwise, as long as they were not more than 20% overkill. If you need to survive big single target damage, this is the talent to go.

Graceful Spirit - The default of the 3 talents, a 1 minute reduction to SpiritWalker's Grace is absolutely massive, it gives you so much more freedom and mobility to move around and cast. The extra movement speed it gives you is also a nice touch.

Wind Rush Totem - You will groan when your raid leader tells you to take this, because you have to sacrifice personal talent’s for a group talent. But Wind Rush totem can be really valuable to your raid when movement is vital.

Tier 6 (90)

Flash FloodPassive
Downpour1.5 sec cast
Cloudburst TotemInstant

Flash Flood - A decent all round talent, good use and management of your tidal waves will cause you to pump out a lot of healing with this talent. However it is not as mana efficient or impactful as either of the other 2 talents.

Downpour - Does good healing when the raid is stacked, but not as mana efficient as Cloudburst Totem, and not as impactful either.

Cloudburst Totem - The talent that requires the most active skill, Items and traits do not affect the stored healing. Good timing on placing and exploding your cloudburst totem is key, and when used well is one of the most powerful talents you can take as a resto shaman. Echo of the Elements causes you to have 2 charges, which is very very nice.

Tier 7 (100)

High TidePassive
Wellspring1.5 sec cast

High Tide - The most powerful and versatile talent in this row, used poorly this is a nice overall healing throughput, when used well it allows you to pump 4 very strong chain heals in succession to keep your group alive during dangerous raid damage. The fact you can play badly and still get decent value from this talent makes it the default pick.

Wellspring - Short cooldown group healing, works well in conjunction with Cloudburst totem. Not a bad talent, and could be used in place of High tide on some fights, but generally High Tide wins out.

Ascendance - Doubles and spreads out your healing into nearby injured allies for 15 seconds. Can see use when there is 15 seconds of high damage, but now that it no longer works with Spouting Spirits, it will usually lose out to High Tide.