Restoration Shaman talents guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Thaner Restoration Shaman Author

Talent Builds

Basic Raid Build


Most nodes are locked in for both class/spec tree.

If more damage is more important for a certain fight its not a bad idea to drop Downpour/Ancestral Reach for Stormkeeper/Call of Thunder.

Basic Mythic+ Build


Build focuses on max dmg and stacked healing while weaving in Lava Bursts/Flame shocks to buff other spells depending on the situation. For dungeons like Nokhud Offensive, I suggest dropping Chain Heal talents to buff Primordial Wave to help spread healing.

If mana is ever an issue getting Mana Spring in the class tree helps a bit while sacrificing only 1 talent.

Depending on dungeon/affixes we can swap between the utility that we bring/need.

It's safe to say that shaman can bring almost everything you need to counter m+ affixes, which makes our class very flexible.