Restoration Shaman Playstyle and Rotation Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Playstyle & Rotation

Damage opener:

Single Target: 

Pre cast Stormkeeper if specced into it:

  1. Pre Lava burst into instant Flame shock
  2. Lava Burst
  3. Buff Acid Rain with Master of the Elements (if talented)
  4. Lightning Bolt until Lava Burst becomes available
  5. Stormkeeper on cooldown

Multi Target:

Pre cast Stormkeeper if specced into it:

  1. Cast Healing Rain if specced into Acid Rain
  2. Spam Chain Lightning


Resto Shaman is all about keeping your abilities on cooldown as much as possible.

Use Healing Rain on cd ( can buff it with Unleash Life)

Use Riptide on cd

Prepare Cloudburst Totem before damage and pair it up with other small CDs:

  1. Use Cloudburst Totem
  2. Use Healing Rain
  3. Use Wellspring if talented
  4. Use Downpour if talented
  5. Use Primordial Wave if talented
  6. Cast Chain Heal or Healing Wave depending on situation

Don`t be afraid to recall your Cloudburst Totem early if you know that you might go into overhealing.

Place Earthen Wall Totem on a raid clump

Reset Earthen Wall Totem or Cloudburst Totem with Totemic Recall

Keep Earth shield up on a tank if talented.

Cast Chain heal or Healing Wave as filler depending on damage intake.

Weave in instant Lava Bursts through Lava Surge whenever you can spare the GCD on damage.

Use your big CDs like Healing Tide Totem or Spirit Link Totem where assigned (try not to overlap with other healers if not needed).

Make sure to have your small CDs available inside the Ancestral Guidance window: Preferably, you want to use Wellspring / Primordial Wave / Downpour or Ascendance if needed and recall your Cloudburst Totem early to maximize HPS potential inside that window.