Restoration Shaman

Patch 8.3

Written by Chrispotter Last Updated: 24th Feb, 2020

Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

Crit > Vers = Mastery > Haste

Stat Outline

Crit - The king stat for Resto shaman since it:

  1. Increases Azerite Trait healing such as Spouting Spirits
  2. Refunds mana with Resurgence
  3. General throughput increase from double healing on crits

Versatility - As a flat healing increase this scales very well with your other stats. It also affects Traits such as Spouting Spirits. The damage reduction portion is often overlooked but is valuable during progress.

Haste - Helps us squeeze more casts into a cloudburst totem and pump more chain heals, thus getting high tide activated again faster. A great farm stat but for fights where you need to pump lots of healing into short windows. However it does not scale with traits such as Spouting Spirits, and is the least mana efficient stat in some situations.

Mastery (Deep Healing) - On progress Mastery can arguably be our top stat, healing targets that are lower health for more is obviously great for progression and keeping players alive. It scales well with Healing Tide Totem and azerite traits like Spouting Spirits.

Stat Recommendations

In general the stats are quite close for Resto Shaman, with crit edging out in front of the rest.


I think goblin is the best race as a Horde player because you gain Goblin Rocket Jump, and this type of ability is exactly what Resto Shaman is missing. For fights such as Mekkatorque the Goblin Rocket Jump is invaluable.

As for Alliance I believe Kul Tiran to be the best due to Brush it off.


Enchant Weapon: Deadly Navigation

Enchant Ring: Accord of Critical Strike


Crit Gem: deadly lava lazuli


Potion: Potion of Replenishment

Food: famine evaluator and snack table

Flask: Greater Flask of the Endless Fathoms

Rune: Battle-Scarred Augment Rune

Also make sure to always use abyssal healing potion for an additional healthstone (they don’t share a cooldown with healthstones).