Protection Paladin Interface, Macros and WeakAuras Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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There are a few important things you need to track as a Protection Paladin. Shield of the Righteous duration, Consecration duration, Shining Light stacks, Blessings of Dawn and Blessing of Dusk, and your holy power. Make sure all of these are visible and easily noticeable on your UI so you know when to refresh or react to them accordingly.


Note - you should place a @cursor Modifier into your macro whenever you want an ability to be placed at your cursor location as soon as you press the keybind, makes the gameplay feel smoother. Additionally, you can also do this for @mouseover an example being the macro below.

Blessing of Protection Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Blessing of Protection
/cast [@mouseover] Blessing of Protection

Blessing of Freedom Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Blessing of Freedom
/cast [@mouseover] Blessing of Freedom

Blessing of Sacrifice Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Blessing of Sacrifice
/cast [@mouseover] Blessing of Sacrifice

Blessing of Spellwarding Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Blessing of Freedom
/cast [@mouseover] Blessing of Spellwarding

Lay on Hands Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Lay on Hands
/cast [@mouseover] Lay on Hands

Word of Glory Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Word of Glory
/cast [@mouseover] Word of Glory

Cleanse Toxins Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Cleanse Toxins
/cast [@mouseover] Cleanse Toxins

Divine shield macro which will both cast it and cancel it

#showtooltip Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield
/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cancelaura Blessing of Protection

Just a note, this macro will also cancel Blessing of Protection as you will have Forbearance so it will not cast Divine Shield during this time.


General Packages

General Protection Paladin Weak Auras can be found at