Protection Paladin talents guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 16th Apr, 2022
Tokaine Protection Paladin Author

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Tier 1 (15)

Protection Paladin Holy Shield TalentHoly ShieldPassive
Protection Paladin Redoubt TalentRedoubtPassive
Protection Paladin Blessed Hammer TalentBlessed HammerInstant
  • Holy Shield Increases your chance to block by 15% as well as granting you the ability to block spells. Additionally your successful blocks deal holy damage back to the attacker.
  • Redoubt makes your Shield of the Righteous give a stacking buff which increases your strength and stamina by 2% each stack, stacking 3 times.
  • Blessed Hammer replaces the ability Hammer of the Righteous. It has 3 total charges and spins outwards from you in a spiral. Enemies can be hit several times by a single hammer and each time they are hit their next damage dealt to you is reduced.

All 3 of the options are viable in their own way. Redoubt is by far the best option if you’re looking to push your damage as we scale extremely well with strength and a flat 6% increase is huge. Holy shield should be the default choice when you’re looking at a defensive build. Being able to block spells is unique to paladin and can be extremely strong on heavy magic damage fights, additionally our main mitigation is our block so having a chance to just block more is huge for defense.

Blessed Hammer is very nice to run when you’re going to be heavy kiting as it lets you generate holy power without being in melee. Additionally, having a single ability which has a chance to proc Grand Crusader multiple times per cast is really nice, paired with First Avenger you are able to shoot out an absurd amount of Avenger’s Shields with good procs. Holy shield will still net you more defensive gain even if the mob you’re fighting is large so Blessed Hammer hits it several times, however, the flexibility provided by Blessed Hammer is nice during heavy kiting moments.

Tier 2 (25)

Protection Paladin First Avenger TalentFirst AvengerPassive
Protection Paladin Crusader's Judgment TalentCrusader's JudgmentPassive
Protection Paladin Moment of Glory TalentMoment of GloryInstant

Moment of Glory isn’t really competitive compared to the other 2. First Avenger will net you more AoE damage, sure Moment of Glory will give you more burst but it really isn’t worth it when you’ll get more from First Avenger over time as well as gaining a defensive bonus from it. Generally your default choice for M+ will be First Avenger for these reasons.

Crusader’s Judgement should be your default choice for raiding as it just generally increases your holy power gain with a lot more charges, just as a base as well as generating charges from your Grand Crusader procs. It is also by far the best talent on this row offensively against a single target.

Tier 3 (30)

Protection Paladin Fist of Justice TalentFist of JusticePassive
Protection Paladin Repentance TalentRepentance1.7 sec cast
Protection Paladin Blinding Light TalentBlinding LightInstant
  • Fist of Justice makes it so when you spend your holy power you reduce the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 2 seconds per holy power spent.
  • Repentance is a casted ability with a 15 second cooldown. It is an incapacitate which will CC and enemy for 1 minute however it is broken on damage.
  • Blinding light disorients all targets within 10 yards of you for 6 seconds. Holy damage does not break this effect.

All 3 options on this tier are situationally viable. Fist of Justice is nice if you need a lower cooldown on Hammer of Justice, usually it lowers the cooldown by around 60% meaning you can use a stun every 25 seconds or so, useful in M+ when you can throw your stuns out on different mobs and since Hammer of Justice is a single target stun the duration of it is one of the longer stuns at 6 seconds.

Repentance and Blinding light also have different use cases, if your group is somewhat lacking in hard CC then repentance is a good choice to help you CC mobs before pulling a pack. Blinding light is great for interrupting a group of mobs as it will stop all spells when it is cast. The problem is it will usually instantly break in M+ so you won’t get much use out of it outside of an interrupt.

Tier 4 (35)

Protection Paladin Unbreakable Spirit TalentUnbreakable SpiritPassive
Protection Paladin Cavalier TalentCavalierPassive
Protection Paladin Blessing of Spellwarding TalentBlessing of SpellwardingInstant

I would personally recommend choosing your talent here based on the fight. Blessing of Spellwarding has some really big potential to break fights or just completely cancel mechanics. Using Blessing of Spellwarding when the Artificer is casting his bomb on you completely cancels the mechanic which removes a large chunk of damage on the raid. However, you are able to remove several debuffs with Blessing of Protection and not just on yourself either.

Generally if you don’t gain much from Blessing of Spellwarding then Unbreakable Spirit should be your default as just having a shorter cooldown on your immunity and Ardent defender is a nice passive bonus to have. If you’re really struggling to keep up with mobility Cavalier can be taken but more often than not 1 charge of your Divine Steed will be enough, especially if you are playing either Night Fae or Venthyr where you gain additional mobility abilities.

Tier 5 (40)

Protection Paladin Divine Purpose TalentDivine PurposePassive
Protection Paladin Holy Avenger TalentHoly AvengerInstant
Protection Paladin Seraphim TalentSeraphimInstant
  • Divine Purpose gives your holy power spending abilities a 15% chance to make your next holy power spending ability free and deal 20% increased damage or healing.
  • Holy Avenger gives you a 3 minute cooldown which triples all Holy Power generation for 20 seconds.
  • Seraphim gives you a 3rd holy power spending ability with a 45 second cooldown. It gives you 8% of every secondary stat for 15 seconds, those stats being Haste, Mastery, Critical Strike and Versatility.

Divine Purpose is the best talent on this row for defensiveness as it will smooth out your damage intake the most. Additionally, being able to use Word of Glory for free will allow you to provide some nice off healing if your group should need it.

Holy Avenger is the most bursty talent on this row, paired with Venthyr’s Ashen Hallow you are able to do an insane amount of damage in a very short amount of time. Every ability you press will generate enough holy power for Shield of the Righteous and since this ability hits pretty hard and is also an AoE ability, you will absolutely blast for these 20 seconds.

Seraphim is the best all rounder for damage though, it’s a short cooldown which gives you a nice stat boost while active, boosting your damage by a considerable amount during this time. Defensively it isn’t that great, you have to use holy power to activate it which can leave gaps in your Shield of the Righteous uptime. I personally really enjoy Seraphim when paired with Redoubt as juggling both the buffs can add an extra bit of depth to the gameplay when trying to maximise your damage.

Tier 6 (45)

Protection Paladin Hand of the Protector TalentHand of the ProtectorPassive
Protection Paladin Consecrated Ground TalentConsecrated GroundPassive
Protection Paladin Judgment of Light TalentJudgment of LightPassive

Hand of the Protector has some very niche use cases as it is often overkill and we now have a heal which can target others in the form of Word of Glory. An example of where it is useful is during the earlier part of the Kael’Thas fight where you are able to heal him for a ridiculous amount as he is on almost 0 health.

Consecrated Ground and Judgement of Light are both the go to picks on this tier. Consecrated Ground should be the default choice when you’re doing M+ as right now the meta is to kite and this really is our only ability which allows us some form of kiting. The size increase is nice as it allows us more room to move around in our Consecration before we have to replace it. Judgement of Light should be taken on pretty much all other content since it requires no real thought and provides a large portion of passive healing, especially if the fight has a ticking DoT for the duration of the fight so no one is ever really at full health.

Tier 7 (50)

Protection Paladin Sanctified Wrath TalentSanctified WrathPassive
Protection Paladin Righteous Protector TalentRighteous ProtectorPassive
Protection Paladin Final Stand TalentFinal StandPassive

Generally you’ll always go for Righteous Protector on this row, it is the strongest talent both offensively and defensively. Being able to reduce the cooldown of our strongest defensive and offensive is really strong, bringing Avenging Wrath down to around a 1 minute cooldown is one of the main reasons why paladins are able to do as much damage as they can especially because we are able to use our execute ability (Hammer of Wrath) during the duration of Avenging Wrath. This not only increases output but also holy power generation as Hammer of Wrath generates 1 holy power per use.

Sanctified Wrath does have some uses if you are undergeared and are having trouble keeping Shield of the Righteous active then it does have some benefit especially since Crusader’s Judgement gives you an extra charge of Judgement however swapping to Righteous Protector will be the play when you feel like you no longer need the extra holy power generation.

Final Stand has some niche uses and will allow you to survive otherwise impossible pulls but you lose out so much by going the talent especially when Righteous Protector allows you to use one of the most overloaded offensive cooldowns in the game, at least in regards to tanks.