Fire Mage Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 28th May, 2024
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Class Talents

There are a few key DPS upgrades to grab in the main class tree, such as Overflowing Energy as well as the Crit and Haste buffs Tome of Rhonin and Antonidas. Besides these, your path through the tree can vary greatly, picking up defensives or utility as needed.

The only real letdown of the class tree is our capstones, with all of them besides Temporal Warp (the double lust legendary effect) being quite underwhelming. I would recommend going for the Shifting Power and TW capstones in every scenario except boss fights where your guild does not bloodlust until the end of an encounter. In that case, swap Temporal Warp for Time Anomaly.

Talent Builds

There will not be any variation between a ST or Cleave setup with fire.

Disclaimer: I recommend a slightly different build than some other Mages with the Season 4 tier set, so feel free to experiment with what you prefer.

Single Target Raid Build


This is the build that I recommend for Single Target once you have the Season 4 Tier set.

Mythic+ Ignite Build


This build requires you to have the Season 4 Tier Set.

Personally, I like to play with Firestarter as it’s a QoL and helps me to farm combustion back and build SKB Stacks on the start of a pull or between pulls; some other mages remove Firestarter for Pheonix reborn or Conflagration, so feel free to experiment.

You can reclaim points from remove curse and spellsteal for dungeons where it’s not needed, allowing you to get more utility or increase barrier.

Mythic+ Flamestrike Build


This is the build I'd suggest for you to play in mid to high keys (around 10-12), when you want to farm gear and have an extremely strong front-loaded burst damage profile.