Fire Mage talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 24th Apr, 2023
Tamir Fire Mage Author
Bjartuur Fire Mage Author

Class Talents

There are a few key DPS upgrades to grab in the main class tree, such as Overflowing Energy and Rune of Power, as well as the Crit and Haste buffs Tome of Rhonin and Antonidas. Besides these, your path through the tree can vary greatly, picking up defensives or utility as needed. The only real letdown of the class tree is our capstones, with all of them besides Temporal Warp (The double lust legendary effect) being quite underwhelming. I would recommend going for the Shifting Power and TW capstones in every scenario except boss fights where your guild does not bloodlust until the end of an encounter. In that case, swap TW for Time Anomaly.

Talent Builds

There are a couple of mandatory talents for nearly every build I would take in all scenarios. Chiefly among these is 2 points in Flame On, Combustion, and Kindling, thanks to the interaction with combustion dropping a Rune of Power. I would also like to include cauterize here, and while it is skippable and a slight DPS loss to take, there is just no replacement for a free cheat death in any difficult content. There will not be any variation between a ST or Cleave setup with fire.

Recommended ST and Cleave talents


You entirely skip Flamestrike in the first tiers. The route towards Sun King’s Blessing and Fiery Rush capstones as well as picking up Kindling, MoF, and one point in Fevered Incantation. A small caveat to be noted here is that on execute heavy encounters, you can drop the point in AF to pick up 1 point in Improved Scorch.

Recommended AoE talents


This is for mass AoE only and is only suitable for large M+ pulls where flamestrike will be your primary damage source. As such, I did keep as many ST talents as possible, so it is still viable for bosses. Key pickups here are the Improved Flamestrike line down to Incendiary Eruptions. It’s not necessary to grab the Living Bomb talent, and in general, you will be better suited by grabbing AF for more hot streak gen. Something to note with this setup is that by not picking Master of Flame you will only be able to spread Ignite to 4 targets. This is not a problem given that on 2-3 targets with this build, you would want to flamestrike anyways, but it is worth being aware of.