Fire Mage gearing guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 24th Apr, 2023
Tamir Fire Mage Author
Bjartuur Fire Mage Author


Fire, in general, can follow the mantra ilvl over everything, except for items with crit on them. In general, you want to avoid crit as a stat wherever possible, but be sure to sim any ilvl upgrades you may get.

Fire Mage tier set in 10.1:

2p - Phoenix Flames applies Charring Embers to all enemies it damages, increasing their damage taken from you by 6% for 12 sec.

4p - When your direct damage spells hit an enemy affected by Charring Embers 20 times the damage of your next 2 Phoenix Flames is increased by 200% and they refund a charge on use.

Tier Set Thoughts and Conclusions:

In my opinion, the Fire tier set is not the best, but it's certainly not the worst. It requires a more active playstyle, as we need to press Phoenix Flames to apply the Charring Embers buff to our main target and ensure that we have the damage modifier at all times. The 4-piece set bonus is more of a set-and-forget type, as we need to use our normal rotation to hit the target with Charring Flames 20 times to activate our next 2 Phoenix Flames, which deal 200% increased damage and refund a charge.

This should feel less awkward now with the From the Ashes talent, as we will also refund a charge.The only thing we need to get used to is pressing Phoenix Flames every 12 seconds to keep up our Charring Embers buff. In my testing on PTR, Ignite was affected by the 2-piece set bonus' 6% damage buff. For instance, if we use Combustion on a priority target and our Ignite cleaves around it to 8 other targets, they will also be affected by the 2-piece 6% damage modifier.

However, this may have been a PTR bug at the time and is subject to change.If I had to make an educated guess, the new tier set may shift Fire talents more towards the Phoenix Flames section, but it requires further testing. It's just something to keep in mind, as we now have much more interaction with pressing Phoenix Flames than we did before.


I recommend crafting the following 4 items for Fire embellishment, assuming you kept up with the spark quest:

  1. Lariat
  2. Amice of the Blue
  3. Intellect Dagger with Potion increase by 50% Embellishment
  4. Ring/Belt increase feast duration by 100% and persist through death (increase feast duration by 100% and persist through death)
  5. azurewave 2 set 2p set. It is a stacking intellect buff with a very big uptime. Unfortunately, it counts as 2 embellishment to complete the set


For trinkets i would recommend trying to chase the following:

1st Ragefeather from Nokkud.

2nd Whispering Incarnate Icon from Primal Council in the raid.

3rd Chillglobe from Primal Council (this trinket is a healer trinket but its very good for fire because it lines up with Combustion, 1 Minute)

4th Horn of Valor from Halls of Valor.

Patch 10.0.7 - Onyx Annulet

As mentioned at the beginning of the guide, we will gain access to 3 Primordial Stones as part of the Onyx Annulet Questline.

I'm going to list some of the Primordial Stones that I think will be useful, however I will also put the link to the Method Primordial Stones Article when you can see all of the gems.

  • Flame Licked Stone - Dealing Damage has a chance to set enemy on fire, Dealing fire damage over 7 seconds
  • Harmonic Music Stone - Entering combat increases the tertiary stats of you and 4 nearby allies by 364 for 8 seconds
  • Humming Arcane Stone - Dealing Magic damage can fire Arcane missiles for each kind of magic you've used in the past 20 sec.
  • Pestilent Plague Stone Dealing damage can infect the target with a plague that spreads to other enemies.
  • Storm Infused Stone Critically striking an enemy can shock them and 2 nearby enemies, dealing Nature damage.