Feral Druid talents guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 23rd Aug, 2021
Maymays Feral Druid Author

Single Target/ 2 Target Cleave


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Tier 1 (15)

Feral Druid Predator TalentPredatorPassive
Feral Druid Sabertooth TalentSabertoothPassive
Feral Druid Lunar Inspiration TalentLunar InspirationPassive

Predator: Provides you with Tiger’s Fury resets when a target with one of your Bleeds on it dies and also increases the duration of Tiger’s Fury by 5 seconds. This is a strong option for both Mythic+ and fights with very frequent adds that die quickly.

Sabertooth: A very strong Talent that makes Ferocious Bite deal 20% more damage, as well as increase the duration of Rip by one second per Combo Point used. This Talent is the go-to for Single Target, but is also taken on Low Target Cleave fights and fights with priority targets. It is also a viable option in Mythic+, especially on Tyrannical weeks and/or higher level keys.

Lunar Inspiration: Turns Moonfire into a Cat Form generator, but has no Mastery scaling. This is never really taken.

On this Tier, Sabertooth will be your go-to for Raid Encounters and Predator for Mythic+, but there’s cases where you’d want either in both forms of content.

Tier 2 (25)

Feral Druid Tiger Dash TalentTiger DashInstant
Feral Druid Renewal TalentRenewalInstant
Feral Druid Wild Charge TalentWild ChargeInstant

Tiger Dash: Provides a huge burst of movement speed for a short duration on a 45 second Cooldown. Replaces Dash.

Renewal: Heals you for 30% of your max Health and is off the GCD. Renewal has some niche uses on fights where movement is either not relevant or actively to be avoided, but generally sees little to no use.

Wild Charge: What this ability does changes based on your current form. In Cat Form, it allows you to leap to a target on a short Cooldown. In Moonkin Form (which you only have access to with Balance Affinity), it lets you leap backwards. When not shapeshifted it lets you leap to an ally. Moonkin and no-Form Wild Charges both have some niche uses, but the Cat Form one is very general-use and often nice to have.

This Tier is based on personal preference between Tiger Dash and Wild Charge, but Wild Charge is more commonly used and more widely useful, though there’s definitely situations where Tiger Dash is much nicer to have.

Tier 3 (30)

Feral Druid Balance Affinity TalentBalance AffinityPassive
Feral Druid Guardian Affinity TalentGuardian AffinityPassive
Feral Druid Restoration Affinity TalentRestoration AffinityPassive

Balance Affinity: This Affinity increases the range of all your abilities by 3 yards and allows you access to Moonkin Form, along with several Balance abilities, which lets you Owlweave (more on this in the Playstyle Section), providing a significant boost to dps.

Guardian Affinity: This Affinity reduces all damage taken by 6% and allows access to several Bear Form abilities. It is generally never taken in PvE.

Restoration Affinity: This Affinity provides you with a passive heal in Ysera’s Gift, as well as access to several healing abilities. This can be taken for a niche fight with some sort of healing requirement but is limited to that.

Balance Affinity is a hard lock-in on this Tier, providing you with both a significant dps bonus as well as QoL plus potentially slightly increased uptime thanks to the range increase, while contending with utility Talents.

Tier 4 (35)

Feral Druid Mighty Bash TalentMighty BashInstant
Feral Druid Mass Entanglement TalentMass EntanglementInstant
Feral Druid Heart of the Wild TalentHeart of the WildInstant

Mighty Bash: A Single Target Stun with a 4 second duration on a 50 second Cooldown. A very valid option in Mythic+, where CC is more valuable, but not taken in Raid.

Mass Entanglement: An AoE form of Entangling Roots on a 30 second Cooldown. Can be taken in Raid Encounters or Dungeons where AoE Roots are valuable, such as Plaguefall and also on Spiteful weeks.

Heart of the Wild: Empowers the Affinity you have picked on the row above. It empowers Balance Affinity abilities by 30%, making it a Talent in a utility Row that buffs a Talent in another utility Row that provides a dps boost. It is your only dps option on this Tier and should be the default option.

As mentioned above, Heart of the Wild is the default option here, being a dps Talent in a utility Row. That said, it’s not a particularly high dps boost and can be dropped for either of the other options, if you’re in a situation where either of them would be noticeably useful, which usually ends up being Mythic+.

Tier 5 (40)

Feral Druid Soul of the Forest TalentSoul of the ForestPassive
Feral Druid Savage Roar TalentSavage RoarInstant
Feral Druid Incarnation: King of the Jungle TalentIncarnation: King of the JungleInstant

Soul of the Forest: Makes your finishers generate 5 Energy per Combo Point spent, as well as deal 5% increased damage. This is a very strong Talent and should be your go-to for basically everything.

Savage Roar: A finisher that provides a buff, increasing all damage done by 10% and Energy regeneration by 10%. It is dynamic and does not snapshot. Note that the effective Energy provided by this Talent is significantly less than that by Soul of the Forest. While not a weak Talent, it gets outperformed by Soul of the Forest on everything, while also technically being harder to manage.

Incarnation: King of the Jungle: This Talent replaces Berserk and is effectively Berserk that lasts an extra 10 seconds and provides you with a 20% Energy cost reduction. This Talent is meant to be a burst option, but is extremely weak at the moment. To put how weak it is into perspective, it gets outperformed by Soul of the Forest in 30 second long sims, making it entirely useless in any scenario.

Soul of the Forest is by far the strongest Talent in this Tier and is safe to lock in and never think about.

Tier 6 (45)

Feral Druid Scent of Blood TalentScent of BloodPassive
Feral Druid Brutal Slash TalentBrutal SlashInstant
Feral Druid Primal Wrath TalentPrimal WrathInstant

Scent of Blood: This Talent reduces the cost of Swipe per Target hit by Thrash. It is meant to act as either a “funnel” option, but gets outperformed in that niche by Apex Predator’s Craving used in conjunction with Primal Wrath, or a sustain AoE option, where it gets outperformed by Primal Wrath on the same Row, partly because Swipe is both weak and capped to 5 Targets. This Talent should never be taken.

Brutal Slash: Replaces Swipe and is meant to act as a burst AoE option. It is too weak to be valuable in Burst AoE situations and is, like Swipe, capped to 5 Targets, making it unable to fill its intended niche. It is, however, a significant gain on Single Target, as it acts like a cheaper and more hard-hitting Shred and is the only Talent in this Row to benefit Single Target.

Primal Wrath: An uncapped AoE finisher that deals a flat amount of damage and applies Rip. This is Feral’s only real source of AoE and should be the go-to for Mythic+. Note that the initial damage done by Primal Wrath does not get buffed by Bloodtalons, but all the Rips do, consuming one stack total for all of them in the process.

This Tier is an easy one, you take Brutal Slash on 1 or 2 Target fights and Primal Wrath on anything past that and definitely in Mythic+.

Tier 7 (50)

Feral Druid Moment of Clarity TalentMoment of ClarityPassive
Feral Druid Bloodtalons TalentBloodtalonsPassive
Feral Druid Feral Frenzy TalentFeral FrenzyInstant

Moment of Clarity: This Talent makes Omen of Clarity proc more often, as well as stack up to twice, while making generators used with Omen do 15% increased damage. It also increases your maximum Energy by 30. This Talent moves your damage away from your finishers and into your generators but is very weak at the moment and has no real application.

Bloodtalons: This Talent increases the damage of your next two Rips (Primal Wrath included) or Ferocious Bites by 30% after you cast 3 different generators within a 4 second window. A very strong Talent, since Feral is very finisher-focused at the moment. You can safely lock this Talent in for every piece of content.

Feral Frenzy: An ability that applies a strong Bleed on the target and generates 5 Combo Points on a 45 second Cooldown. This Talent is currently heavily bugged, with it not scaling properly (what it doesn’t scale properly with changes every now and then) and also snapshotting things that aren’t meant to snapshot, like Savage Roar or even stats. This Talent is better than Moment of Clarity but gets outperformed by Bloodtalons on everything.

The clear choice on this Tier is Bloodtalons, outperforming both alternatives on everything. If you’re struggling with it, I’d suggest trying Feral Frenzy, but you’re definitely better off trying to get the hang of Bloodtalons.