Feral Druid Talents Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 26th Nov, 2023
Maymays Feral Druid Author

Class Talents

The Class Tree for Feral is relatively locked in. You have a few situational options to make in niche situations, such as if you happen to need Remove Corruption for a specific piece of content, you would need to drop 3 points from the bottom tier of the tree. Those can be personal Utility points such as Well-Honed Instincts + Mighty Bash / Incapacitating Roar, which you need to get to it, as well as a point in Renewal or Heart of the Wild. You may also find use in Maim in specific scenarios, realistically mostly Mythic+. In that case, you’ll have to drop one of the points listed above, with Renewal being the recommended option. Another option is to drop group/raid Utility instead of either personal Utility when making the aforementioned situational choices or, generally, to put more points in personal Utility Talents. Both group Utility talents are very strong when used appropriately though, so this is generally not recommended.

Nature’s Vigil’s value can be hard to gauge, but it’s best used on Cooldown and can effectively replace a healer for its duration in certain scenarios. The reason the Talent is so strong on Feral specifically is that most of our AoE Abilities function as single Target Abilities as far as Nature’s Vigil is concerned since they are bleeds.

Talent Builds

Single Target


Raid Cleave