Feral Druid interface and macros guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 4th Aug, 2022
Maymays Feral Druid Author


Maymays Feral Druid UI

Maymays Feral Druid UI


Level 25 Talent Row

A simple macro that uses whatever Talent you have selected in the second Tier.

#showtooltip [talent:2/1] Tiger Dash; [talent:2/2] Renewal; [talent:2/3] Wild Charge;
/cast Wild Charge
/cast Renewal
/cast Tiger Dash

Affinity Utility Talent Macro

A simple macro that uses whatever Utility Ability corresponds to your selected Affinity in the third Tier.

#showtooltip [talent:3/1] Typhoon; [talent:3/2] Incapacitating Roar; [talent:3/3] Ursol's Vortex
/cast Typhoon
/cast Incapacitating Roar
/cast Ursol's Vortex

Level 35 Talent Row 

A simple macro that uses whatever Talent you have selected in the fourth Tier.

#showtooltip [talent:4/1] Mighty Bash; [talent:4/3] Heart of the Wild; [talent:4/2] Mass Entanglement
/cast [target=focus, mod:shift] Mighty Bash; Mighty Bash
/cast Heart of the Wild
/cast Mass Entanglement

Predatory Swiftness Macro

This Macro should replace your regular Regrowth keybind and will ensure you don’t leave Cat Form to cast it, making it only usable if you currently have Predatory Swiftness.

#showtooltip Regrowth
/console autounshift 0
/cast  Regrowth
/console autounshift 1


The main WeakAura you need as Feral is a Bleed tracker that tracks Snapshots and Pandemic timers.

I would strongly recommend Pawkets’ display in combination with any Bloodtalons tracker, there’s lots on Wago, try some out and pick what works best for you. Note that for Pawkets’ display to work you’ll also need to download some custom textures, you’ll find instructions as to how to get them in the description of his display’s Wago page.

Pawkets’ Display: https://wago.io/B11CRZXQz

Alternatively you can use a more complete WA pack, such as the one by Guiltyas, though it is made with his entire UI in mind and thus lacks an Energy bar and a Combo Point tracker. Getting his entire UI setup is definitely a valid option and I’ll link both below. If you intend to use this pack without his UI or a similar setup, you’ll have to find a separate Energy bar and Combo Point tracker.

Guiltyas WA: https://wago.io/OaJQX6khW

Guiltyas UI: https://wago.io/B1h35x1cb

As mentioned earlier, I’m adding the Owlweaving WeakAura here. It tracks the conditions outlined in the Owlweaving section and tells you when to Owlweave, as well as what abilities to use during your Owlweaving sequence.

Owlweaving WA by Buffmepls: https://wago.io/TwllFcckH