Blood Death Knight

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 22nd Jun, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Rune StrikeInstant

Heartbreaker - Gives you more Runic Power per target it hits, therefore allowing more Death Strikes.

Blooddrinker - The best talent on this row for pure ST, but it gets outperformed by Heartbreaker in defensive value when there are more than 2 targets.

Rune Strike - Not worth picking in any situation.

Tier 2 (30)

Rapid DecompositionPassive

Rapid Decomposition - The damage is too low to be worth thinking about this talent.

Hemostasis - Is your “select and forget” talent and currently outperforms everything else on this row.

Consumption - Sadly not worth taking as the damage is comparable to one Blood Boil and the healing is negligible.

Tier 3 (45)

Foul BulwarkPassive

Foul Bulwark - Usually not worth taking, unless for niche situations where you really need to increase to max health.

Ossuary - Your “select and forget” talent on this row. It allows you to bank more Runic Power, giving you more Death Strikes over the course of a fight.

Tombstone - Never pick this talent.

Tier 4 (60)

Will of the NecropolisPassive
Anti-Magic BarrierPassive
Rune TapInstant

Will of the Necropolis - This makes your health less spiky and basically incorporates a defensive cooldown into your health points. This should be your default talent for this row.

Anti-Magic Barrier - Not worth picking.

Rune Tap - Worth taking for niche situations where you feel you’re in need of a short defensive cooldown.

Tier 5 (75)

Grip of the DeadPassive
Tightening GraspPassive
Wraith WalkChanneled

Grip of the Dead - Extremely good talent for dungeons that allows you to kite very well.

Tightening Grasp - Not worth taking in most cases, only if you really need the cooldown reduction to mass grip on cooldown.

Wraith Walk - Good for raiding. Gives you more movement and removes snares.

Tier 6 (90)

Mark of BloodInstant

Voracious - In theory a good talent, but is outperformed by Bloodworms.

Bloodworms - This is your default “select and forget” talent on this row. This talent gives more healing and damage than the other options.

Mark of Blood - Not worth picking.

Tier 7 (100)

Red ThirstPassive

Purgatory - A cheat death is an invaluable choice for progression, as it can save you from wipes you might have. The default for progression Raiding.

Red Thirst - If you are comfortable on encounters, this is the second choice as it allows you for more Vampiric Bloods.

Bonestorm - Default for dungeons, even after nerfs. This is the only damage trait on the row and gives AoE damage & healing.