Blood Death Knight Interface, Macros and WeakAuras Guide

Patch 10.2.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2024
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There are 5 things that are of absolute importance to track as a Blood Death Knight. 

  1. Runes
  2. Runic power
  3. Bone Shield
  4. Death and Decay
  5. Coagulopathy / Icy Talons

Runes and runic power can be tracked well with just the base UI. Bone Shield stacks, Death and Decay, and Coagulopathy or Icy Talons will most likely require a weak aura to track properly. For the Death and Decay tracker, it is important that you not only see the remaining duration of Death and Decay, but also if you are inside the Death and Decay. The Bone Shield, Coagulopathy and Icy Talons tracker are similar. You just want to see the remaining stacks and time on the buff so you can refresh them correctly. I’ll provide links to the ones I use in the weak aura section of the guide.


Note - you should place a @cursor Modifier into your macro whenever you want an ability to be placed at your cursor location as soon as you press the keybind, makes the gameplay feel smoother. Additionally, you can also do this for @mouseover an example being the macro below.

Raise Ally Mouseover Macro

Allows you to mouseover resurrect someone without clicking on them.

#showtooltip Raise Ally
/cast [@mouseover,help][@target]Raise Ally

Gorefiend’s Grasp Mouseover/Player Macro

Just makes the ability easier to use.

#showtooltip Gorefiend's Grasp
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead][@player] Gorefiend's Grasp

Death and Decay Cursor/Player Macro

If you press Ctrl(Can be changed to whatever you want) it will place the ability at your cursor otherwise it will default to your character.

#showtooltip Death and Decay
#show Death and Decay
/cast [mod:ctrl, @cursor] Death and Decay; [@player] Death and Decay

Ultimate Anime Power Macro

Combine your three 2 minute abilities into a simple button press. A very good and powerful macro to have

/cast Abomination Limb
/cast Empower Rune Weapon
/cast Raise Dead

Mouseover Taunt/Grip Macro

An important macro to have is a mouseover Taunt and Death Grip macro so you can quickly grab stray mobs without having to target them. This macro will only grip or taunt on enemies that are alive that you mouseover.

/cast [@mouseover, nodead, harm, nomod] Death Grip; [@mouseover, nodead, harm, mod:lctrl] Dark Command


Death Strike Tracker

A simple Death Strike tracker such as this is a nice addition to have as it tells you how valuable your next Death Strike will be.

Raise Dead Tracker

This will allow you to maximise your Raise Dead as you can cast a Sacrificial Pact at the very end which will add a bit more damage to each cast of Raise Dead -

General Package which includes Rune tracking and Runic Power tracking -

You can modify and customise this as much as you’d like and it covers all 3 of the specs -

Important Buffs Tracker -