Belt Enchants are back with the Shadowed Belt Clasp in Patch 10.1

Belt Enchants are back with the Shadowed Belt Clasp in Patch 10.1

Written by Horaddrim - 12th June 2023

The launch of Dragonflight Patch 10.1 brought a bunch of exciting new content to the game. Notably, a brand new Mythic+ Dungeon rotation, a new zone for us to explore, the mystical Zaralek Cavern and of course, the opening of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid.

In the midst of all this excitement, a less noticeable addition to the game was overlooked by most players, which was the return of Belt (Waist) Enchants! This new item enhancement can be Traded, Crafting Ordered, bought and sold on the Auction House.

The Shadowed Belt Clasp is a new Item enhancement, crafted by the Blacksmithing profession. When applied to your belt, it permanently grants Stamina to that item, as long as its equipped.

Obtaining the Shadowed Belt Clasp Recipe

You can purchase the recipe for this Blacksmithing belt enchant from Kilnmaster Crubus in Loamm (inside Zaralek Cavern) for 1x Glimmerogg Timeshare Voucher which can be bought from Ponzo for 80 Barter Brick.

Where to find Ponzo

Ponzo can be found in the Northern section of Loamm, wearing his top hat.

Ponzo location mapPonzo location image

Where to find Kilnmaster Crubus

Kilnmaster Crubus can be found by his forge, right outside Loamm’s central building, right next to the East facing exit (or East entrance if you are flying into Loamm).

Kilnmaster Crubus location mapKilnmaster Crubus location image

Crafting the Shadowed Belt Clasp Enchant

This new permanent belt enchant gives you some extra Stamina, and it can be a very interesting gold making opportunity. 

The price of the clasp is often quite high because it requires some Shadowed Alloy; a new crafting reagent that uses the rare Shadowflame Essence reagent (a rare drop from Fyrakk assault and the Aberrus raid bosses), and can only be forged in the Shadowflame Forge, located inside Fyrakk Assault zones in the open world.

Crafting the enchant itself also requires one of the tables in the elite mob infested zone, since you will need the Shadowflame Blacksmithing Anvil in order to fulfill crafting orders or craft your own to sell on the Auction House.

shadowed belt clasp blacksmithing craft

The added cost of the reagents, the time delay of acquiring the bartering bricks for the recipe, the unusual location of the profession tables and the skill required for Blacksmiths to actually craft this at max rank is for sure something you can capitalize on; either by making some for yourself and your guild, saving everyone some gold, or by profiting through some crafting orders for other players in the Trade Chat.

We hope you can get yourself that nice stamina buff and maybe some gold in the process! If you need help finding the Shadowflame Forge and the Shadowflame Blacksmithing Anvil, you can check out our guides of where they are and how to easily locate them inside the Fyrakk Assault zones.