New Draconic Phial Cauldron in Patch 10.1

New Draconic Phial Cauldron in Patch 10.1

Written by Leyst - 24th March 2023

In Patch 10.1 (Embers of Neltharion), Alchemists can create a new Cauldron called the Draconic Phial Cauldron.

Similar to the Potion Cauldron of Ultimate Power and Potion Cauldron of Power introduced in Dragonflight, the Draconic Phial Cauldron produces items for the entire raid. However, instead of potions, it creates Phials.

Keep in mind that this new cauldron has 40 charges and lasts for only 3 minutes, which is shorter than the previous cauldrons that lasted for 20 minutes.

How to unlock the Recipe for the Draconic Phial Cauldron

The recipe for Draconic Phial Cauldron can drop after defeating The Amalgamation Chamber encounter in the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid. Previous recipes from the raid have been able to be bought and sold on the Auction House, however, they usually have a significant cost, as a lot of alchemists and guilds want to have access to these Cauldrons.

If you want to learn how to defeat the boss, check out our Heroic [The Almagation Chamber Boss Guide].

Using the Draconic Phial Cauldron

When you click on the Draconic Phial Cauldron, you can select from 10 different phials. However, the selection of phials available to you depends on the number of recipes the Alchemist who placed the cauldron has learned. If the Alchemist is missing some recipes, certain phials will be greyed out and be unavailable. Therefore, it's important to have an Alchemist in your raid group who has learned as many recipes as possible.

draconic phial cauldron ui

Picture: This is the user interface when you click on the Cauldron.

Upon clicking on the chosen Phial, you will receive two Fleeting Phials in your bags. The quality of the Fleeting Phials depends on the quality of the Cauldron that was placed.

You can view the available Phials that can be obtained from the cauldron and the corresponding recipe requirements in the table below.

Name Phial from the Cauldron Required Recipe
Tepid Versatility Fleeting Phial of Tepid Versatility Phial of Tepid Versatility
Eye in the Storm Fleeting Phial of the Eye in the Storm Phial of the Eye in the Storm
Still Air Fleeting Phial of Still Air Phial of Still Air
Icy Preservation Fleeting Phial of Icy Preservation Phial of Icy Preservation
Corrupting Rage Fleeting Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage
Charged Isolation Fleeting Phial of Charged Isolation Phial of Charged Isolation
Static Empowerment Fleeting Phial of Static Empowerment Phial of Static Empowerment
Glacial Fury Fleeting Phial of Glacial Fury Phial of Glacial Fury
Elemental Chaos Fleeting Phial of Elemental Chaos Phial of Elemental Chaos
Charged Alacrity Fleeting Charged Phial of Alacrity Charged Phial of Alacrity