Beast Mastery Hunter

Patch 8.3

Written by Meeres Last Updated: 14th Feb, 2020

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Cast Barbed Shot when the Frenzy buff on your pet is about to expire or when you're close to 2 charges of Barbed Shot. Refresh it as late as possible without dropping it. This is a higher priority than not wasting Bestial Wrath cooldown reduction. If Frenzy is not up and Bestial Wrath is active cast Barbed Shot regardless.
  2. Cast A Murder of Crows on cooldown.
  3. Cast Bestial Wrath on cooldown
  4. Cast Aspect of the Wild on cooldown. Use all of your Barbed Shot charges before using it.
  5. Cast Kill Command on cooldown.
  6. Cast Chimaera Shot on cooldown if you are using it.
  7. Cast Barbed Shot when you are about to reach 2 charges of it.
  8. Cast Cobra Shot when you have a lot of Focus spare and when Kill Command is not coming off cooldown within 2.5 seconds.

Multi Target:

  1. Chimaera Shot has a higher priority than Kill Command on multiple targets.
  2. On 2+ targets keep up Beast Cleave.
  3. Do not waste Kill Command casts, use it on cooldown. Sit out on Cobra Shots to do Kill Command and Multi-Shots.
  4. On 3+ targets keep up Beast Cleave at all times.
  5. You can sit out on Kill Command to keep Beast Cleave up.
  6. Prioritize refreshing Frenzy on 3 stacks for more attack speed on the pet.
  7. Don't spam Multi-Shot, keep in mind Beast Cleave is a 4 second buff.
  8. If you are using Rapid Reload as a trait, it is useful to spam Multi-Shot to gain the cooldown reduction on Aspect of the Wild to fit in another one during the current AoE or get it back up for the next pull.

Opener without Primal Instincts:

  1. Use Aspect of the Wild 1.5 seconds before the pull timer.
  2. Use Bestial Wrath.
  3. Cast Barbed Shot once.
  4. Cast Kill Command.
  5. Cast A Murder of Crows.
  6. Cast Chimaera Shot.
  7. Cast Cobra Shot.
  8. Cast Kill Command.
  9. Use Barbed Shot to keep up Frenzy, if you can delay this use further because you still have some uptime on it do that.
  10. Cast Cobra Shot.
  11. Cast Kill Command.
  12. Follow your normal rotation.

Opener with Primal Instincts:

  1. Use Bestial Wrath 1.5 seconds before the pull. If you are using Condensed Life-Force you should precast it instead and use Bestial Wrath at the 0-seconds left.
  2. Cast Barbed Shot twice.
  3. Cast Aspect of the Wild.
  4. Cast A Murder of Crows.
  5. Cast Kill Command.
  6. Cast Cobra Shot.
  7. Cast Kill Command.
  8. Use Barbed Shot to keep up Frenzy, if you can delay this use further because you still have some uptime on it do that.
  9. Cast Cobra Shot.
  10. Cast Kill Command.
  11. Follow your normal rotation.

Frenzy Tracking and Cooldown Management Notes:

  1. Sometimes keeping track of your Frenzy stacks is not always that easy, that's why I would recommend using weakauras to help you out. The best option is to go to and find a fitting weakaura for your UI.
  2. Keeping up Frenzy is the number 1 priority, so always keep that in mind.
  3. Refreshing Frenzy as late as possible is almost always preferable, but don't risk dropping your stack.
  4. If Frenzy is not up, but Bestial Wrath is active then cast Barbed Shot regardless of if you can continue the frenzy stack or not.
  5. Never cast more than 2 Cobra Shots in between Kill Commands.
  6. Avoid casting Cobra Shot when there is less than 2.5 seconds remaining on Kill Commands cooldown, unless you would focus cap.
  7. Casting Chimaera Shot on cooldown is a high priority, but make sure to not overcap on focus, try to use something else first if that is the case.
  8. Make sure to have a lot of focus pooled going into a Bestial Wrath use. It is one of your main damage modifiers, so you want to make sure to cast the most damaging spells in that time as possible.
  9. Try to use Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild together, but make sure to cast Bestial Wrath after your Aspect of the Wild.
  10. If it is possible, you might want to delay A Murder of Crows slightly so you can use it together with a Bestial Wrath.