Beast Mastery Hunter gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 29th Jan, 2023
Cruelladk Beast Mastery Hunter Author


Tier Sets

  • 2-Set: Kill Command damage increased by 10%, and it has a 10% chance to reset the cooldown on  Barbed Shot.
  • 4-Set: Barbed Shot damage increased by 5%, and Barbed Shot increases the damage of your next  Kill Command by 20%.

The Beast Mastery Hunter tier set is one of the strongest in Dragonflight. It helps keep your Frenzy stacks and synergizes well with War OrdersAlpha Predator,  Improved Kill Command, and Killer Command.


The embellishment of the neck Elemental Lariat is one of the strongest for Hunter. It can give you secondary stat depending on which sockets you have equipped.

The embellishment Potion Absorption Inhibitor is our second choice: it will increase the duration of our potions.

Blue Silken Lining also has good potential; it gives you Mastery if you are above 90%. This can be, of course, fight-dependent.


Manic Grieftorch is a powerful trinket. It will reset by 90s every time someone dies, making it extremely good.

Controlled Current Technique is a good choice for BM hunters because the attack speed you gain also scales with all your pets.

Whispering Incarnate Icon can be good if you have some party members that are also using it.

Hunger of the Pack from Halls of Valor is a strong choice with the amount of Agility and Critical strike it gives.

Algeth'ar Puzzle Box is a really good trinket that gives you an insane amount of mastery. Cast it just before your CD's window.

Bottle of Spiraling Winds for the stats it gives.

Special Bow

Neltharax, Enemy of the sky, is in the loot table of the last boss of the Raid, Razageth the Storm-Eater. It has a special effect that increases your attack speed by 6%, stacking 5 times, and resets if you change target, a powerful item for all BM and MM hunters. It’s even stronger as BM because the attack speed that you gain also scales with all your pets.