Beast Mastery Hunter Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 7th Nov, 2023
Qenjua Beast Mastery Hunter Author


Tier Sets

10.2 Tier Set:

The new Tier Set performs really good overall. Both Single target, as well as AoE!The 2 and 4 set combined equal out to around 18% damage increase in single target, and 14% in Mythic+.



    Season 2 Trinkets:

    Season 3 Trinkets:

    • Mirrors of Fractured Tomorrows is an on-use stat trinket with 3 minute cooldown. It is very competitive with other Top-Tier trinkets in both Single Target and AoE. You can pick it up from the final boss in the new mega-dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite.
    • Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge. Passive Stat-stick that rotates through different secondary stats.
    • Witherbarks’s Branch is our second best Mythic + trinket. It spawns 3 orbs that you can pick up for a big amount of Mastery. When using this trinket, make sure to kite around the orbs and pick them up one by one, since the duration of 10 seconds gets refreshed on pick up. 
    • Ashes of the Embersoul is an on-use trinket that gives a huge amount of decaying primary stat. Pairs well with our new 2 minute Cooldown Call of the Wild.
    • Idol of the Dreamer is the Jewelcrafting exclusive trinket. It procs secondary stats depending on the amount of gems you put on your gear. This might be a good alternative if you’re not raiding at all.
    • Augury of the Primal Flame. Passive damage proc trinket that additionally scales with our Critical Strike chance.