Arms Warrior playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 11th Jan, 2023
Danwarr Arms Warrior Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Maintain Rend
  2. Colossus Smash
  3. Skullsplitter
  4. Mortal Strike
  5. Slam
  6. Overpower
  7. Rend


  1. Charge
  2. Rend
  3. Avatar + Colossus Smash
  4. Skullsplitter
  5. Rend
  6. Mortal Strike
  7. Continue building Test of Might stacks like normal
  8. Thunderous Roar during Test of Might

Multi Target:

  1. Warbreaker
  2. Thunder Clap (with Blood and Thunder + Rend talented)
  3. Whirlwind (with Storm of Swords talented)
  4. Cleave
  5. Whirlwind (without Storm of Swords talented)
  6. Overpower



Arms Warriors are a bit more vulnerable than they were in Shadowlands but still with plenty of defensive tools to survive most situations as long as you know what damage could be potentially fatal. Between Die by the Sword, Spell Reflection, Impending Victory and Defensive Stance, there shouldn’t be any major survivability problems unless you made a mistake.


Heroic Leap is still a staple movement ability of Warrior as it has been for a number of years. If you are feeling particularly confident you can reduce downtime in any fight with a well timed leap away from dangerous ground effects and Charge back into melee within the same global cooldown.

With Intervene no longer being baseline, Warrior may end up being a little less mobile but this shouldn’t make any significant difference in the long term.


Like with most cooldowns in the game these days, knowing when to use them and when to hold can be very important. Think about the fight you’re doing and consider if cooldowns should be held for a damage increase phase on a boss or if you should only use shorter cooldowns on a pack of mobs in a Mythic+ dungeon to save the bigger CD’s for a bigger pull immediately after it.