Arms Warrior

Patch 8.3

Written by Revvez Last Updated: 27th Feb, 2020

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Tier 1 (15)

War MachinePassive
Sudden DeathPassive

War Machine is only a viable option when targets you have recently tagged die often or you need the movement speed increase.

Sudden Death can be used if you don’t want the extra keybind from Skullsplitter but it is a DPS loss.

Skullsplitter is the best option in the vast majority of situations.

Tier 2 (30)

Double TimePassive
Impending VictoryInstant
Storm BoltInstant

Double Time is the standard talent in raiding for the increased mobility. You can use Charge for the rage generation, if you do then this talent is a DPS increase.

Impending Victory is a decent defensive option that could see some use in fights where there is little movement required.

Storm Bolt is your standard single target stun and the only stun available to DPS warriors, will most likely be used for m+. In raiding there are already a lot of stuns available and you will likely not have to sacrifice a talent for it.

Tier 3 (45)

Fervor of BattlePassive

Massacre is the best in a lot of raiding situations since commonly an execute burn phase starts before 20%, like on Jaina the last phase starts at 30%. There are also added benefits for cleave fights for this talent. You are able to cleave executes with Sweeping Strikes sooner as one of the mobs go below 35%. You can also multidot Deep Wounds easier with this talent, example situation is you Execute the 30% health mob, Mortal Strike the 50% health mob and get Deep Wounds on both.

Fervor of Battle is the best simming talent on single target, especially if you play with Test of Might and use Charge on rotation for the rage gain.

Rend is viable but a little behind on single target. The only situation where it would do well is in a situation where you need burst damage and you are able to use Rend before the burst, for example a boss will cast a shield on itself that you need to break for an interrupt. You would use Rend before, and then as the shield goes up you might do Warbreaker into Bladestorm. Then you would do the same thing if talented into either of the other options, except you would not get the free damage from Rend. This is rarely needed however, and I do not recommend playing this talent for anything currently.

Tier 4 (60)

Second WindPassive
Bounding StridePassive
Defensive StanceInstant

Second Wind sometimes provide a lot of healing. It seems that some damage does not count for the requirement for not having taken damage, for example on Mythrax in Uldir it would heal through the Annihilation dot.

Bounding Stride is mainly used for the reduced CD on Heroic Leap. I have not used it for raiding this tier but I did on some fights in past tiers.

Defensive Stance is the best option in most situations, it is very powerful to have a defensive CD ready whenever you need it.

Tier 5 (75)

Collateral DamagePassive

Collateral Damage is best for 2 target cleave.

Warbreaker is best for burst AoE.

Cleave is best for sustained AoE.

Tier 6 (90)

In For The KillPassive
Deadly CalmInstant

In For The Kill works well with Anger Management, and most of the time those 2 talents will be used together. This is the standard single target talent.

Avatar is best in situations where you need the burst damage.

Deadly Calm is not far behind in DPS when paired with Fervor of Battle, but there is almost no real situation to use it. If you need burst damage you can save up rage before the burst instead and do a combo like: Dump Rage -> Bladestorm -> Dump Rage for a long period of burst damage where you had no need for Deadly Calm. But there may be some situations where you would prefer this talent anyway, although I have not found it yet.

Tier 7 (100)

Anger ManagementPassive

Anger Management is the best talent at this row. A lot of the best azerite traits depend on this talent, for more common Colossus Smash uses, more common Bladestorm uses and so on. If you have completely neutral azerite traits for this talent row then Anger Management would still be slightly ahead.

Dreadnaught is currently not best for any situation that I know of.

Ravager is a burst damage option, but it does less damage than Bladestorm, and at slightly longer cooldown compared to playing with Anger Management. The main issue currently for Ravager is having its cooldown not lined up with Warbreaker. I do not see much use for this talent.