Arms Warrior

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 9th Apr, 2021

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

War MachinePassive
Sudden DeathPassive

War Machine has value in situations where mobs spawn and die frequently, Carapace of N’zoth for example.

Sudden Death is a solid option on this row. Useful for a small injection of damage while saving you a bit of Rage at the same time. However, the proc rate is slightly poor.

Skullsplitter gives you your only Rage generating ability outside of Charge. On-demand Rage, especially with bad gear, can be very useful in all situations.

M+ option: Skullsplitter

Tier 2 (25)

Double TimePassive
Impending VictoryInstant
Storm BoltInstant

Double Time is the only real DPS increasing option on this row provided you are weaving Charge into your rotation for more Rage.

Impending Victory is a more appealing defensive option than it used to be in BFA due to now healing for 30% of your max HP.

Storm Bolt is Arms Warrior’s only access to a stun. Mostly useful in M+.

M+ option: Storm Bolt

Tier 3 (30)

Fervor of BattlePassive

Massacre will likely be the go-to choice assuming you have chosen the Venthyr Covenant. This gives Condemn a total of 55% total usable HP range.

Fervor of Battle is no longer a competitive choice. Losing Test of Might devalues this talent quite significantly. Whirlwind spam is also not easily sustainable with our current Rage gain.

Rend became slightly more attractive with the addition of 10% extra Crit damage. While this would be more useful with slightly higher Crit rating, the damage of the Rend DoT itself is still good. Not ideal for M+.

M+ option: Massacre

Tier 4 (35)

Second WindPassive
Bounding StridePassive
Defensive StanceInstant

Second Wind is rather inconsistent. Certain abilities do not stop the healing while others do. This would be taken on a fight by fight basis.

Bounding Stride can be useful where high mobility is required. Rarely is it worth taking this over one of the defensive options, as Arms is rather weak defensively.

Defensive Stance is a stand out favourite when it comes to both M+ and Raiding. 20% flat damage reduction on-demand with no significant cooldown can be a lifesaver, even with all of Arms new defensive tools.

M+ option: Defensive Stance.

Tier 5 (40)

Collateral DamagePassive

Collateral Damage is a very poor talent. With it only buffing a single Whirlwind it creates a very specific burst window which can be difficult to make any great use out of.

Warbreaker is a very solid choice now that it applies Deep Wounds. This creates a great burst window, in particular with Bladestorm.

Cleave is a more solid, sustained AoE DPS option. The downside is that it is capped to 5 targets, however now that Cleave benefits from Overpower stacks the damage of this ability is quite significant.

M+ option: Warbreaker

Tier 6 (45)

In For The KillPassive
Deadly CalmInstant

In For The Kill is a strong talent due to the stats it gives not counting towards the stat diminishing returns.

Avatar is a solid damage cooldown, particularly when used alongside other cooldowns as well as its synergy with Signet of Tormented Kings.

Deadly Calm is a good choice for Execute phases. It somewhat lessens the need for Charge weaving making the whole rotation a bit smoother and simpler.

M+ option: Avatar

Tier 7 (50)

Anger ManagementPassive

Anger Management is a good choice paired with In For The Kill. Some of its value was lost because of the Test of Might Azerite trait.

Dreadnaught is a particularly strong multi target choice, especially when paired with Cleave. Worth noting, Sweeping Strikes cause an additional Dreadnaught proc resulting in double the cleave potential from this talent.

Ravager is weaker than Bladestorm but doesn’t lock you into any animation meaning you can continue using abilities as normal. This works well when paired with the Signet of Tormented Kings legendary particularly as Venthyr.

M+ option: Dreadnaught