Arms Warrior gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Danwarr Arms Warrior Author


The Arms tier set is quite bland but very effective in both Single Target and AoE. The 2 set is a simple 10% increased Critical Strike chance to Mortal Strike and Cleave. The 4 set plays off of this by giving us an additional 5% damage and Crit chance for 6 seconds whenever Mortal Strike, Cleave or Execute crits. The inclusion of Cleave in this tier set is great as it allows a good AoE benefit for the tier set which could easily have been missed out. This buff will regularly have a close to 100% uptime in Execute.

Trinket choices don’t look particularly exciting as with most first seasons in a new expansion. The Whispering Incarnate Icon is a decent stat stick, offering us a big chunk of Crit as well as a share of other stats if members of your raid are also using the trinket. The Storm-Eater’s Boon trinket is not generally a good choice for AoE. While the damage is impressive the trinket comes with an unavoidable 10 second root which Warrior has no way of managing effectively. Unless used very carefully, there is a high likelihood of being killed while using this trinket.

Crafting gear has become important again in Dragonflight. I would highly suggest at least picking up Blacksmithing, particularly if you are not going to be clearing deep into Mythic Vault of the Incarnates early into the season. Focusing on crafting weapons as early as possible will be a huge boost to your own DPS.


Embellishments are special properties that can be added to most crafted gear adding a little bit of extra power to your item. Some of these are strong, and some are not. The high-value Embellishments are:

  • Elemental Lariat - A necklace that offers a rather powerful proc based on the gems you’re using in your gear.
  • Allied Wristguard of Companionship - Bracers that give stacking Versatility depending on how many allies are in a 30-yard range. Free stats are always good.
  • Unstable Frostfire BeltONLY WHEN PAIRED WITH THE RING FROM ERANOG. This belt is the only way to proc the ring from Eranog, but this ring does a large amount of damage. It would be highly worth it for raiding/single-target purposes.
  • Frostfire Legguards of PreparationMOSTLY FOR M+. Effectively Hammer of Genesis from Shadowlands, these legs give stacking Haste per new enemy you deal damage to for 10 seconds. Most likely only super useful in Mythic+ specifically.