Tomb of Sargeras Q&A Series

Tomb of Sargeras Q&A Series

Update 4: We have one more Q&A session to add, with two hunters joining out Twitch server: Rogerbrown and Nnogga will be arriving at 18:00 CEST today, June 9th.
Update 3: Some reshuffling for Tuesday, June 6th, as Lorgok Spookie and Scripe jump into the 19:00 slot and the June 9th late night edition is cancelled.
Update 2: We've added class colors to the schedule table and we have quite a few more players joining in the Q&A fun this new week, starting today, Sunday 4th, with Kina at 16:00 CEST. June 5th additions start off at 14:00 with Revviled joining up with Chrispotter, Xirips and Scripe, continues with Viklund at 16:00 and ends with a bang at midnight with Sco and Justwait. We then have a brand new day added to the schedule, June 8th, with Josh and Gozzie showing up at 18:00.

We hope to see you on the Method Twitch Desktop server!

Update: We have a couple more members joining in the fun, with Narcolies and Lazel joining us tomorrow, June 2nd, at 18:00 CEST; Kuriisu on June 4th at 16:00 CEST; and then a little later on, at 20:00 CEST June 10th, we'll have Rytnek joining the chat. The schedule below has been updated with these changes..


As the raid testing winds down and we have the release date for Tomb of Sargeras, we thought it was time for our fans to have a little chat with our raiders on everything Tier 20 related! Starting tomorrow, June 2nd, you can stop by our Twitch Desktop Server and talk to select Method raiders - ask them about anything from their class, the bosses they tested so far, how they are preparing for the race and more!

Here's the schedule for when each player will be hosting their Q&A and we'll be adding even more to it soon:

Date/Time 12:00
June 2nd  Khaheera, Jik     Narcolies, Lazel      
June 3rd  Yliajo          Deepshades, Fragnance, Gingi  
June 4th   Qooning Kuriisu, Kina        
June 5th     Chrispotter, Xirips, Revviled  Viklund       Sco, Justwait
 June 6th         LorgokSpookie, Scripe    
June 8th       Josh, Gozzie      
June 9th       Rogerbrown, Nnogga      
June 10th            Cayna, VociRytnek  


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