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Tomb of Sargeras Releases June 20th, Race Starts on the 27th

We finally have a release date for Tomb of Sargeras! It's three weeks away, on June 20th, with Mythic (and the World First progress race) starting the following week. Here's the full schedule, including LFR wing timings:

Raid Unlock Schedule

Tuesday, Jun. 20 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties Open
Tuesday, Jun. 27 – Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1– Gates of Hell (Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjartan) Open
Tuesday, Jul.  11 – Raid Finder Wing 2– Wailing Halls (Mistress Sass’zine, Sisters of the Moon, Desolate Host) Opens
Tuesday, Jul.  25 – Raid Finder Wing 3– Chamber of the Avatar (Maiden of Vigilance, Avatar of Sargeras) Opens
Tuesday, Aug.  8 – Raid Finder Wing 4—Deceiver’s Fall (Kil’Jaeden) Opens

So, four weeks to get ready for the race, and the progress coverage, with Legion's second tier and Kil'jaeden looming ahead! It promises to be a tight race and we'll probably see some new faces pop up in the top 10, so it's time to get hyped!