It's Time to Double Down: Welcome Method MDI EU!

It's Time to Double Down: Welcome Method MDI EU!

Method's WoW PvE legacy grows once more, as we double down on our Mythic Dungeon Invitational presence and welcome team EU! The latest MDI crew is full of familiar faces, with players that have raided with Method for a long time and are already at the top of the raiding scene, with Fragnance and Gingi, with the rest being #1 players in previous M+ seasons in their respective roles with MDI experience from last year as well. With talent like that, it's no surprise that the team is currently on top of the Mythic+ standings, having just recently cleared the very first ever +28 dungeon.

And so Method's presence in this years MDI will be a huge one, with the two top teams in the M+ scene carrying the orange and black. It's going to be an exciting year in WoW PvE, that's for sure.

But it's time to move on to the details of the currently No.1 ranked Mythic+ team:

Player Avatar
FragnanceJimmy LandqvistAffliction Warlock

I'm grateful to be able to compete within the team again but with a different goal, looking forward to another experience!

Player Avatar
FrankstérFrank Eddie Torbjörn AlmHavoc Demon Hunter

I'm delighted to be under the Method banner in the upcoming MDI and I hope the Mythic+ esports scene keeps growing.

Player Avatar
GingiMike Djebbara
Beast Mastery Hunter

I'm already a part of Method's raiding team but I'm excited to represent the org in the M+  part of it and bring the gold home in dungeons as well as raiding.

Player Avatar
ImbananeTimo SchweigerHoly Paladin

I'm excited to represent Method in the Mythic+ esports scene and upcoming MDI event.

Player Avatar
NaowhRobin Gabay
Blood Death Knight

I'm very much looking forward  representing Method in this year's MDI event and Mythic+ esports scene.

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