Our World of Warcraft Esports Legacy Continues: Introducing #MethodMDI

Our World of Warcraft Esports Legacy Continues: Introducing #MethodMDI

After breaking WoW Esports stream audience records in 2017, the Mythic Dungeon Invitational is back for it's second season. Method is excited to jump into this rising esport and welcome our first team, from the Americas region; Jdotb, Shakib, Darkee, Marvin and Mittbitt. This team has broken records and holds multiple +27 World Firsts, but don't take our word for it...check out how awesome they are for yourself:

With the MDI in its second year some things are changing and it's becoming a more focused competition, with all parts of the road being aimed at speed clears, leaving behind the speed clear portion for the Proving Grounds from last year. More portions of the series are being held on the tournament realm as well, eliminating live server gear discrepancies and advantages behind in favor of a more fair playground. There's also prize money for the regional part of the competition and the finals will be held at a LAN event, showing Blizzard's commitment to this new PvE esports format for World of Warcraft.

The Mythic Dungeon Invitational in 2017 was a big success. It is awesome that WoW PvE finally has its own competition hosted by Blizzard. Obviously we wanted to be involved with Method and are very happy to have this great team represent us in 2018. Welcome Shakib, Jdotb, Darkee, Marvin and Mittbitt! - Sascha Stephens, Method co-owner

And now let's take a better look at the team itself, with Shakib having to skip this year's MDI, because he lives in Quebec and therefore isn't eligible to play, but he's nevertheless joining Method's ranks as a streamer and influencer!

JB "Jdotb" Daniel

I'm excited to represent Method in the MDI and keep growing the Mythic Plus fanbase. Hopefully 2018 can be the year of the 5 man dungeon.

Sean "Shakib" Derek Belanger

I'm happy to represent Method as a content creator and as apart of the new PvE esports scene.

Benjamin "Darkee" Dean Cook

I'm excited to be competing under the Method brand in the upcoming MDI.

Matt "Marvin" Malkow

I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with Method and am looking forward to what we can achieve together. Harrison "Mittbitt" Martin Tabb I'm thrilled to represent Method in the MDI and the new competitive esports scene.

The players also recently gave a large two-part interview over on Icy Veins, so you can check that out for even more info on the format, Mythic+ in general and these amazing players in particular.

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