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Vault of the Incarnates

Raszageth the Storm-Eater Heroic Boss Guide

Raszageth the Storm-Eater
Last Updated: 29th Dec, 2022

Raid Setup


Single Target fights with occasional Burst AoE

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 4-5 Healers / 13+ DPS

Useful utilities: Druid Roar / Shaman speed totem / Evoker Time Spiral / Priest Grips 

Special requirements: Stuns, Knockbacks, AoE Silences, Interrupts are necessary to kill off Spark ads


Hurricane Wing Mechanic Icon

Hurricane Wing

Massive pushback, use movement abilities to stay on the platform

Upon reaching 100 energy, Raszageth summons a massive gust of wind. It inflicts 84,121 Nature damage to all players. Additionally, players are pushed away and suffer 9,613 Nature damage every 0.5 sec for 3 seconds.

Players should use movement abilities to avoid getting pushed off the platform. Worst case, puddles of Static Charge can be used to slow down the pushback, but they will increase in size when players are standing in it.

Static Charge Mechanic Icon

Static Charge

Large blue circle, move away from the raid

Raszageth marks players with a Static Charge, inflicting 6,008 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 seconds. Upon expiration, it inflicts 120,436 Nature damage to all players. This damage is reduced the further away players are from the blast.

Creates a Static Field at the affected player's location.

Several players will be marked with Static Charge, those players need to move away from the raid, as far as possible without going to the same side, as there is a damage drop off based on distance.

Static Field Mechanic Icon

Static Field

Blue puddle, can be used as a slow, but will grow in size + damage players if touched

Electricity clings to the area. It inflicts 6,008 Nature damage every 1 second, reduces movement speed by 50%, and reduces forced movement effects on players standing in the area.

Leaves a puddle of electricity that grows in size if players stand in it. Can be used as a worst-case scenario option to save yourself from falling off the platform.

Volatile Current Mechanic Icon

Volatile Current

Spread out with the circle and kill the adds that spawn afterwards with Interrupts and other CC abilities

Raszageth sends a current of electricity through each player, inflicting 120,162 Nature damage to players within 8 yards of each location and leaving behind a Volatile Spark.

The Volatile Spark is destroyed if Volatile is removed, the Burst is interrupted or the cast is successful.

Volatile begins with 2 charges. Upon removal, it creates another Volatile Spark and loses a charge.

Burst inflicts 36,049 Nature damage to all players and an additional 36,049 Nature damage every 1 second for 3 seconds. This effect stacks.

Players will have to spread out to avoid clipping others, upon expiration each player hit will spawn a Volatile Spark Add. Those adds can only be killed with Stuns, Knockbacks, AoE Silences, Interrupts and other CC abilities.

Since they have 2 charges. Players will need to use all available spells at their disposal to kill all the Sparks.

Electrified Jaws Mechanic Icon

Electrified Jaws

Tank Ability

Raszageth snaps at her current target with electrified jaws, inflicting 600,887 Physical damage and 240,324 Nature damage. The target is wounded, inflicting 36,049 Nature damage every 1 second and increasing Physical damage taken by 150% for 35 seconds.

Deals an insane amount of Physical/Magical damage at the same time. Requires the Tank to manage his defensives properly. Externals might be necessary as well.

Lightning Breath Mechanic Icon

Lightning Breath


Raszageth exhales a beam of lightning in front of her, inflicting 132,684 Nature damage every 0.3 sec to players standing in the area.

Standard Frontal ability, face away from the raid.

Lightning Strikes Mechanic Icon

Lightning Strikes

Small blue swirls, avoid

Raszageth periodically calls down lightning strikes that inflict 79,307 Nature damage to players within 4 yards of the impact locations and stuns them for 0.5 sec.

Small swirls that do moderate damage and a mini stun to players. The main purpose of this ability is to prevent players from stacking up, otherwise this is easily avoidable.

Electric Scales Mechanic Icon

Electric Scales

Additional raid damage

Raszageth's scales periodically pulse with crackling energy, inflicting 19,226 Nature damage to all players every 2 sec and striking several players with Electric Lash which deals 7,210 Nature damage every 0.5 sec. 

Additional raid damage, nothing you can do about it.

Ruinous Shroud Mechanic Icon

Ruinous Shroud

Boss is immune

Raszageth is protected by a shroud of storm energy, reducing damage taken by 99% and weakening the integrity of the vault by 1% every 1.5 sec.

Boss is immune to damage during intermissions.

Lightning Devastation Mechanic Icon

Lightning Devastation

Vexiona style breath

Raszageth sweeps across the platform, exhaling lightning in a line as she travels. Inflicts 600,811 Nature damage to players standing in the impact area.

Raszageth will fly over a section of the platform, creating a line of lighting with her breath, Vexiona style. Dodge this.

Surging Ruiner
Surge Mechanic Icon


Shield that spawns adds once destroyed

The Surging Ruiner shields itself and channels into the vault. While the shield holds, Surge inflicts 9,613 Nature damage to all players every 3 sec.

Upon removal, the Surging Ruiner gains Overload and summons a Primalist Force.

Surge will prevent you from stacking up all the Ruiners and killing them at the same time.

Overload Mechanic Icon


Raid-wide damage and it empowers other adds

The Surging Ruiner overloads, inflicting 14,419 Nature damage to all players every 3 sec.

Additionally, the Surging Ruiner grants all allies 100% increased damage done until defeated.

This ability is triggered once the shield is destroyed (absorb present on the Ruiner). It will also make the Ruiner the priority target since it empowers all other adds until killed.

Surging Blast Mechanic Icon

Surging Blast

Circles, avoid clipping others

The Surging Ruiner engulfs several players with crackling energy. After 6 sec the energy explodes, inflicting 96,130 Nature damage to players within 7 yards.

More circles, move away and don’t clip others (they really like circles this tier).

Oathsworn Vanguard (Tank add)
Windforce Strikes Mechanic Icon

Windforce Strikes

The Oathsworn Vanguard gains 10% increased attack speed and movement speed with each successful melee attack.

Those adds should be picked up by the tank and killed, they will do increasing damage the longer they are alive.

Stormseeker Acolyte
Ascension Mechanic Icon


The Stormseeker Acolyte becomes empowered upon reaching 50% remaining health, granting it 300% increased Haste.

This will make Storm Bolt casts hard to interrupt and will force you to hard focus Acolytes as they reach 50% health.

Storm Bolt Mechanic Icon

Storm Bolt


The Stormseeker Acolyte unleashes storm energy at a player, inflicting 28,839 Nature damage.

You should assign players to interrupt this to prevent damage spikes.

Tempest Wing Mechanic Icon

Tempest Wing

Blue ring that hits everyone and deals a lot of damage

Raszageth's wings crash down, inflicting 70,097 Nature damage to all players and releasing a storm wave. Players in the wave suffer 28,839 Nature damage every 0.5 sec and are pushed away.

This replaces Hurricane Wing from Phase 1 and will now instead send a massive wave of storm that can only be skipped using Teleport abilities like Blink etc.

Stormsurge Mechanic Icon


Massive shield that needs to be destroyed in 25 sec

Upon reaching 100 energy, Raszageth shields herself with a crackling barrier of electricity that absorbs 21.6 million damage. Raszageth pulses while the shield holds, inflicting 2,764 Nature damage to all players every 1 sec, growing in intensity by 200% with each pulse.

After 25 sec the shield explodes, inflicting 48,065 Nature damage to all players every 1.5 sec for 1.5 minutes. Players are Stormcharged while the shield holds.

The boss will be shielded and it acts as a 25 sec enrage. If players fail to destroy the shield within 25 sec, the raid will take 48,065 Nature damage for the next 1.5 mins, which quickly becomes unhealable.

Stormcharged Mechanic Icon


Anduin style marks that give damage/healing buff when stacked properly

Raszageth afflicts players with a Positive or Negative Charge. Players within 5 yards of allies with the same charge gain Focused Charge, while players within 5 yards of allies with the opposite charge gain Scattered Charge.

If you had 200+ pull on Anduin, I promise that you will absolutely hate this ability! These marks are back, and this time you need to look for players with the same color, opposite to what you did on Anduin. The marks do not get removed when you find your partner, instead they will give you 200% Healing/Damage buff. Touching players with opposite marks, you know the drill, KABOOM.

Focused Charge Mechanic Icon

Focused Charge

Damage/Heal buff

Contact with the same charge increases damage done by 200% and increases healing and absorption done by 200%.

Scattered Charge Mechanic Icon

Scattered Charge

Debuff when you touch the wrong mark

Contact with the opposite charge triggers a detonation, inflicting 48,065 Nature damage to players within 5 yards and an additional 12016 Nature damage every 1 sec.

Scattered Charge inflicts 35,456 Nature damage to nearby players upon application.

Fulminating Charge Mechanic Icon

Fulminating Charge

Large blue circle that deals damage and gets smaller each time its passed on to another player

Raszageth charges targets with electricity, reducing their movement speed by 75% for 4 sec. Upon expiration, the charge fulminates, inflicting 48,065 Nature damage to players in the impact area and jumps to the nearest player caught in the blast.

Each time Fulminating Charge jumps to a new player, its radius is reduced and the previous player is afflicted with Lingering Charge. Lingering Charge inflicts 48,065 Nature damage every 1.5 sec for 9 seconds.

3 players will get marked with a Large blue circle and they will need to move out of the raid to avoid hitting other players. Shapeshifting, Hand of Freedom and similar abilities can be used to remove the speed debuff.

Storm Break Mechanic Icon

Storm Break

Big add will teleport and spawn a small add that needs to be killed before it reaches the big add

The Colossal Stormfiend teleports, inflicting 24,032 Nature to all players and granting it an application of Crackling Energy. Creates Seeking Stormlings at the departure location.

Stormfiends will teleport around the room, making it hard for the raid to AoE them down. Additionally, every time they teleport, Seeking Stormling will spawn at the departure location and then move towards the Stormfiend that created it. If it reaches the target, it will heal the Stormfiend and increase its damage done. The Stormlings can be CC’d but only until they reach 100 energy.

Seeking Stormling Mechanic Icon

Seeking Stormling

Small add that is trying to reach the big add

Upon reaching the Colossal Stormfiend that created it, the Seeking Stormling sacrifices itself to heal the Colossal Stormfiend for 5% of its maximum health and increases its damage done by 25%. This effect stacks. Upon reaching 100 energy, the Seeking Stormling becomes immune to crowd control effects.

Ball Lightning Mechanic Icon

Ball Lightning

Dodge the blue orbs

The Colossal Stormfiend emits orbs of lightning, inflicting 74,501 Nature damage to players caught in their path and stunning them for 0.5 sec.

Orbs that need to be dodged.

Crackling Energy Mechanic Icon

Crackling Energy

Raid-wide damage

The Colossal Stormfiend crackles with energy, inflicting 7,210 Nature damage to all players every 2 sec.

Additional Raid damage.

Unchecked Energy Mechanic Icon

Unchecked Energy

Empowers other adds when Stormfiend is killed

Upon defeat, the Colossal Stormfiend grants any remaining Colossal Stormfiends 30% increased attack speed and causes them to gain additional applications of Crackling Energy every 2 sec.

This forces you to kill all Stormfiends roughly at the same time. You will probably need to assign a group of players to deal with a specifically marked Stormfiend in order to prevent uncontrolled/unbalanced damage distribution.

Raging Storm Mechanic Icon

Raging Storm

Electricity on the ground that slowly creeps up towards the middle

Raszageth summons a raging storm that engulfs the platform over time. Players standing in the area are afflicted with Storm's Spite, inflicting 7,210 Nature damage every 1 second. This stacks.

The boss will surround the platform with winds that slowly move towards the middle, forcing the entire raid to clump up. Eventually the entire room will be covered in winds.

Magnetic Charge Mechanic Icon

Magnetic Charge

Blue circle that needs to be placed outside of the group, it will pull players towards it afterwards

Raszageth marks players with a Magnetic Charge for 8 sec. Upon expiration, it inflicts 144,195 Nature damage to all players and pulls them to the location of the blast. This damage is reduced the further away players are from the blast.

Very similar to the Static Charge from Phase 1, but now it also pulls the players towards the location where the player exploded. The pull could be everything from a breeze to an actual DK grip. If you actually get pulled heavy to the location, make sure the player does not run into winds with Magnetic Charge.

Thunderous Blast Mechanic Icon

Thunderous Blast

Tank Ability- use massive DR's to reduce damage done to the entire raid afterwards

Raszageth focuses a thunderous beam on her current target for 2 seconds, inflicting 48,065 Nature damage to players within it every 0.3 sec and applying Thunderous Energy to them. The energy clinging to the target explodes after 1.5 sec, applying Thunderstruck Armor to the target and inflicting up to 240,325 Nature damage to all players. This damage is reduced by reducing the damage taken from Thunderous Blast.

Ok, so this is a very fun Tank ability, basically your current Tank will get targeted by a beam. The beam will hit all targets around the tank so make sure nobody is close. It will deal 48,065 damage every 0.3 sec and at the end based on how much damage the tank took, deal up to 240,325 Nature damage to all players. Basically the more damage reduction the Tank has, the less damage the entire raid will take. Paladins have the potential to fully break this ability by using bubble and spellwarding the other tank, however, its very likely Blizzard will prevent this by applying a minimum damage that has to occur regardless of how much was DR’d. Meaning that, even if you avoid 100% of the damage you still have to take like 60k for example.

Thunderstruck Armor Mechanic Icon

Thunderstruck Armor

Forces you to Tank swap each time Thunderous blast is used

The explosion of Thunderous Energy increases Physical damage taken by 100% and damage taken by Thunderous Blast by 100% for 40 sec.

This forces you to Tank swap every Thunderous Blast.

Phase 1 Strategy

Raszageth Heroic Phase 1 Positioning

Tank the boss close to the middle of the room, faced away from the raid. Be prepared to use large defensives/externals for each Electrified Jaws and make sure to Tank swap after each cast.

The entire raid needs to be loosely spread at all times to make dealing with Volatile Current and Lighting Strikes easier.

Two players will be marked with Static Charge; those players should run to their assigned Markers to reduce damage done by the explosion since its distance based. Avoid running to the same marker as both players will then take the full damage of the explosion.

Players should use the Static Field (large puddle on the ground from Static Charge) to prevent getting knocked back by Hurricane Wing! This ability occurs every 100 energy, but this basically happens after each Static Charge cast.

When Volatile Current is cast, players need to spread at least 8 yards to avoid clipping others. Afterwards, Volatile Sparks will spawn on the locations where players dropped off the debuff.

The easiest way to deal with Sparks is to have each player kill their own spark, then help with others if some spells are still available. Each spark has 2 lives; Charges, Interrupting, Dispelling, Purging and similar abilities will work. Letting the cast go through will also work, but Healers might dislike you (2-3 casts going through might be manageable but it's not advised).

Example: Warlock can use Interrupt, Purge, Shadowfury, Mortal Coil.

Intermission 1 Strategy

Intermission starts at 65%

The boss will fly up in the sky and AFK for a bit.

The entire raid needs to position themselves for the Knockback that is about to happen.

Split the raid into 2 equal groups and each group should position themselves on the edge of the platform, towards their desired destination.

During the Intermission, the boss is immune to damage and will cast Lighting Devastation multiple times, flying over the platform doing a lighting breath in a line (Vexiona style). This will even kill Warlocks, so make sure to avoid this at all cost.

Several Surging Ruiners will spawn that initially have a shield and will ‘channel into the vault’.

If you do enough damage to a Ruiner, the shield will break and Oathsown Vanguards and Stormseeker Acolytes will spawn around the Ruiner. It will also cast Overload, which deals raid wide damage and buffs all other adds by 100% until the Ruiner is dead.

The raid should decide which Ruiner to focus first, once the shield is broken, assign several players to interrupt Acolytes and Tanks should pick up Vanguard and nuke all of them down. Repeat this process for all remaining Surging Ruiners.

When all adds are killed, the group should move to the glowing circle at the edge of the platform to fly over to another platform. If done correctly, both groups will meet there and Phase 2 starts.

Phase 2 Strategy

This Phase is time based and will trigger the second Intermission after the third Stormsurge cast.

The Hurricane Wing is now replaced with the Tempest Wing. It sends out a blue wave (ring) that can only be dodged using Blinks etc. By doing so, you will avoid some extra damage, but most of the time the entire raid will get hit by this. Having players use Warlock gate to pass the wave will reduce damage taken by a lot. You can use it for the 1st and 4th Tempest Wing cast.

The Electrified Jaws Tank ability will still work the same as it did in Phase 1.

Fulminating Charge is one of the Two Signature abilities in Phase 2. Players targeted by this need to move out of the group. 3 Players will receive a large blue circle and have their movement speed reduced by 75%; Shapeshifting, Hand of Freedom and similar abilities will remove the speed debuff. If another player gets hit by the circle, they will receive a new one but smaller than the first one. Keep moving out of the group until all Circles are gone.

Stormsurge is the signature ability in Phase 2 that occurs at 100 energy.

The boss will have a massive Shield that needs to be nuked down within 25 seconds, otherwise you will receive a DoT that basically results in a wipe. 

Every player will receive a Stormcharged buff which will be equally split into Positive and Negative charges. Standing next to a player with THE SAME COLOR will grant you a 200% damage/healing increase. Standing next to a player with THE OPPOSITE COLOR will grant you a “gg, go again”. While it’s not an instant wipe mechanic, it will most likely result in the deaths of several players who come into contact with the wrong color. So try to avoid this at all costs. 

All positive players should stack under the boss, All negative players should find at least one Negative player somewhere around the boss. Generally two groups of negative will work the best for extra healing when stacked. 

Raszageth Heroic Phase 2 Positioning

As soon as the shield is broken, spread out and go back to default position.

Deal with Volatile Current the same way you did in Phase 1.

Intermission 2 Strategy

The boss will be immune, just like in Intermission 1, and still do his Breath ability when flying.

This Intermission has different adds than Intermission 1, called Colossal Stormfiend.

Stormfiend will spawn and teleport using Storm Break. Each time they do that, Seeking Stormlings will spawn at the location from where they teleported.

The Stormlings will try to reach the Stormfiend that spawned it, and if it does, it will empower it and heal it.

Additionally, each teleport will increase the damage done by Crackling Energy, making it a soft enrage, so kill adds fast.

Also, dodge orbs.

Your priority in this phase will be killing the Stormlings, while making sure to damage all Stormfiends equally. You want to kill all Stormfiends at the same time since when the first one dies, it will grant all remaining Stormfiends Unchecked Energy, which basically makes them deal more damage and adds additional stacks of Crackling Energy every 2sec.

Stormlings can be crowd-controlled if you want to slow them down or stun, but keep in mind once they reach 100 energy they will be immune to CC.

When all adds are dead, a large ball of wind will spawn in the center of the room and grow in size. A few seconds later it will explode and knock everyone up in the air, away from the platform. Your goal here is to get knocked back to the Main platform and Phase 3 will start.

Phase 3 Strategy

Tempest Wing and Fulminating Charge from Phase 2 will be used again, and the boss will still cast Lighting strikes from Phase 1 (small circles).

There are no Volatile Current or Stormsurge (Anduin Circles). However, there are 3 new abilities in Phase 3:

  1. Raging storm - Wind around the platform that starts moving towards the middle of the room. Eventually the entire room will be covered in wind and you will take extra ticking damage. Avoid standing in it if possible.
  2. Magnetic Charge - It’s similar to Static Charge from Phase 1. It still does distance based damage, but instead of spawning a puddle after explosion, it will now pull the entire raid towards the drop off location.
  3. Thunderous Blast (Tank ability) - Tank needs to make sure to use his strongest defensives to reduce damage done on the raid. Externals should also be used on the Tank. Healers and other players need to be prepared for the large damage spike when this ability is used.

This phase is basically a race against time. As the winds close up on players, you will have less space to deal with Fulminating Charge. Fulminating Charge in particular will need more space, so you will be forced to deal with that inside of the winds, which will do additional damage to all players involved. Additionally, the new pull mechanic from Magnetic Charge will make it harder for players to dps/heal. 

You will most likely wipe due to Fulminating Charge fail, having players explode in the raid, affecting everyone with the debuff. So make sure that players who are assigned to this task keep doing it until the very end. 

The other wipe mechanic is Thunderous Blast, here tanks just need to make sure to deal with their defensives properly. 

Use Hero/Lust and all offensive cooldowns in this phase.