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Eranog heroic Boss Guide

Raszageth the Storm-Eater Boss Guide
Last Updated: 1st Dec, 2022

Raid Setup


Single Target fight with occasional add cleave.

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 4-5 Healers / 13+ DPS

Useful utilities: Blink/Teleport, Fire extinguisher (kek)

Easy Mode

  • Tank Eranog to the side of the room and swap when Burning Wound starts to hurt (5 stacks?)
  • All players should stand behind the boss to avoid Molten Cleave
  • Drop Flamerift debuff to the back 
  • Kill Flamescale Tarasek adds that spawn from Flamerift (Slow+Stun also)
  • Dodge Molten Spikes
  • At 100 energy, move to the middle of the room and kill one small Primal Flame add
  • Move through the gap and pull the boss back to the side
  • Repeat


Burning Wound Mechanic Icon

Burning Wound

Tank Ability

Eranog’s melee attacks cause searing wounds that inflict 15,621 Fire damage every 2 sec for 14 sec. This stacks. You should Tank swap when damage becomes too high.

Flamerift Mechanic Icon


Drop in a safe spot

Eranog will mark several players with a debuff. Upon expiration, a Flamerift forms at each player’s location, inflicting 72,097 damage to players within 4 yards (you explode in a 4 yard AoE).

Each player with Flamerift will spawn a Flamescale Tarasek add on the location the debuff expired and drop a pool of lava (Lava Flow) that deals 60,081 Fire damage every 1 sec to players standing within it.

Flamescale Tarasek Mechanic Icon

Flamescale Tarasek

Kill + Slow / Stun

They will spawn once Eranog casts Primal Forces. This add will fixate on a player and deal damage if they reach their target. On Heroic testing this add would also enrage below 50% HP, Increasing its movement speed by 75% and damage done by 50%. They can be slowed and stunned.

Molten Cleave Mechanic Icon

Molten Cleave

Frontal Cleave

Eranog swings his molten axe, inflicting 108,146 Fire damage to players in a frontal cone.

This is a simple frontal cone, so never stand in-front of the boss.

Incinerating Roar Mechanic Icon

Incinerating Roar


Eranog exhales flames that inflict 96,130 Fire damage to all players and an additional 2,403 Fire damage every 2 sec for 28 sec. This stacks. All Molten Spikes will also be destroyed.

Molten Spikes Mechanic Icon

Molten Spikes


Spikes will pop-up from the floor, inflicting 108,146 Physical damage to players within 4 yards and knocking them away (typical "dodge swirl" mechanic). Once Eranog casts Incinerating Roar, Spikes will explode, creating fissures that inflict 72,097 Fire damage to players within 4 yards of the impact locations and knocking them upwards.

Army of Flame Mechanic Icon

Army of Flame

Phase 2

Upon reaching 100 energy, Eranog summons an army of Primal Flames and emits Pulsing Flames every 1 sec for 21 sec inflicting 14,419 Fire damage to all players.

Primal Flame Mechanic Icon

Primal Flame

Kill one add to create a gap
Phase 2

This add will inflict 480,649 Fire damage to players caught in its path, and stun them for 3 seconds.


Tank Eranog on the side of the room, facing away from everyone. Melee and Range players should position themselves behind the boss, also to the side of the room. 

Players targeted by Flamerift should run behind the Range camp, placing the puddles/adds close together. Do not clip other players with it!

eranog phase one positioning

Once Flamescale Tarasek adds spawn, you should slow, stun and kill them! Binding shots are great here.

Adds are always the highest priority since you want to avoid unnecessary damage done by them if they reach their targets. 

Tank should always move the boss to create extra space for the next Flamerift set.

Repeat this until Eranog reaches 100 energy.

Phase 2 / Intermission

Eranog will move to the middle of the room and channel Pulsing Flames for the next 21 seconds.

You might have some leftover Flamescale Tarasek adds from Phase 1, in that case either kill them fast or cc/kite them.

At the same time, Primal Flame adds will spawn and move towards Eranog. All Primal Flame adds are connected with a 'Fire Beam', basically trapping the entire raid inside of a circle. 

If any player touches the beam or the add, they will take lethal damage. In order to escape, you must kill one Primal Flame add. Most of the raid will be close together at that point, so just kill the closest small add. By doing so, a gap will be created and the raid can simply walk through it. Blinks/Teleports also work but only a handful of players can do that. 

Primal Flame adds walking through Lava Pools on the ground will become 'Empowered' (Gigachad size) and gain a shield. You want to fully ignore those and kill one small add as soon as possible. 

eranog phase two positioning

After 21 seconds, the intermission will end, pull the boss to the side of the room again and the fight repeats from here. Lava Flow (lava pools) will remain active during the fight, meaning it acts as soft enrage if you fill the entire room with lava pools before you kill the boss. Please take a screenshot of that if you do.