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Kurog Grimtotem Heroic Boss Guide

Kurog Grimtotem
Last Updated: 17th Dec, 2022

Raid Setup


Single-Target fight with occasional cleave in the intermission/Altar of Earth

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 4-5 Healers / 13+ DPS

Useful utilities: Druid Roar + Shaman Speed Totem / Immunities / Mass Grip

Easy Mode


  • Tanks should always swap after every Sundering Strike and face Kurog away from the raid at all times
  • Altar order: Storm > Earth > Intermission > Fire > Frost > Intermission > Phase 2

Altar Phase 1

Storm Altar:

  1. Lightning Crash Targets stand close to players without Lighting Crash
  2. Move away with Shocking Burst
  3. All circles need to be soaked if the boss casts Thunder Strike (100 energy ability)

Earth Altar:

  1. Dodge large circle around the boss in Melee
  2. Healing absorb on random players needs to be spot Healed
  3. Dodge swirls, Tank should stack up the adds, then Stun and Kill them (100 energy ability)

Intermission 1 (Tectonic Crusher/Thundering Ravager):

  1. Spread around and dodge all circles and swirls
  2. Focus Thundering Ravager first, stun if it starts channeling Lethal Current on a player
  3. Tank Tectonic Crusher and swap at 5-10 stacks

Altar Phase 2

Fire Altar:

  1. Bait Magma Burst lava pools in a safe spot
  2. Dodge Molten Rupture fire swirls
  3. Don't stand in fire
  4. Keep running during Searing Carnage (100 energy ability)

Frost Altar:

  1. Heal the DoT
  2. Dodge Frost Orbs
  3. Split the damage of Absolute Zero, one circle in melee and one in the ranged camp (100 energy ability)

Intermission 2 (Blazing Fiend/Frozen Destroyer):

  1. Interrupt Frozen Destroyer’s Frost Binds
  2. Kill Blazing Fiend first, dodge lava pools and cleave down little adds
  3. When Frozen Destroyer casts Freezing Tempest, everyone should quickly stack up in melee

Phase 2

  • Make sure all offensive cooldowns are ready
  • Tank the boss at the Fire Altar
  • Do all abilities the same way you did them in Phase 1


Primal Shift Mechanic Icon

Primal Shift

Raid-wide damage when you activate an Altar

Kurog attunes to a Primal Altar, inflicting 36,049 Elemental damage to all players and applying Primal Break. Primal Break increases damage taken from Primal Shift by 300% for 20 sec and stacks. 

This will force you to do one altar at a time and stop you from alternating between them. The entire raid will take damage every time you step into a new altar (the area of an altar) so make sure that the entire raid is healthy before moving the boss into a new section of the room.

Sundering Strike Mechanic Icon

Sundering Strike

Tank Ability

Kurog attacks his current target (Tank) inflicting 324,438 Physical damage to players in a frontal cone, and knocking them back. Additionally, players that are hit suffer 28,839 Physical damage every 1 sec for 35 sec. This stacks.

It is a simple frontal cone tank ability with an added DoT that forces you to swap every hit, but if you feel like living dangerously, you could go for more stacks and blame the healers if you die.

Elemental Surge Mechanic Icon

Elemental Surge

Soft Enrage

While Kurog is standing in the center of the room, he will surge with the power of all four altars, inflicting 7,210 Elemental damage to all players every 0.5 sec. This stacks.

This prevents you from ignoring altars and tanking the boss in the middle of the room, you should never trigger this.

Altar of Storm
Storm Dominance Mechanic Icon

Storm Dominance

Extra boss damage stacks

Kurog inflicts 26,436 Nature damage to all players every 4 seconds while attuned to the Altar of Storm. Increases the damage of Storm dominance by 10%. This stacks.

Every altar shares this ability, just with a different name. There are several ways to add stacks to an altar:

  1. Triggering the altar (moving the boss into the altar area)
  2. Killing the Intermission add that is attuned to the Altar
  3. Kurog casting Altars ultimate ability at 100 energy
Shocking Burst Mechanic Icon

Shocking Burst

Large circle, move away from others

Kurog charges several players with electricity for 5 seconds. Upon expiration, charged players inflict 168,227 Nature damage to players within 12 yards.

Large circle ability, players affected by it should simply move away from others. Make sure to move as soon as possible, since the space is limited and there are several players affected by this.

Lightning Crash Mechanic Icon

Lightning Crash

Share debuff with a non charged player

Applies Lightning debuffs to several players. Upon expiration, increases Nature damage taken by 30% and inflicts 12,016 Nature damage every 1 sec to the closest player for 8 sec. This stacks.

Now this ability is a bit more complicated than it sounds. The catch here is that it will target the NEAREST player, however, if the nearest player is another person who has Lighting Crash on them, they will both spread stacks to each other, and take very likely lethal damage. To solve this, a person affected with Lighting Crash (marked with blue arrow + charged animation) should always stand next to a player who is not affected by Lighting Crash! That way they will both take a bit of damage, and the debuff will expire.

Thunder Strike Mechanic Icon

Thunder Strike

Ultimate ability

Kurog calls down thunder, inflicting 84,113 Nature damage to players within 4 yards of the impact location. Impacts that fail to hit a player inflict 218,461 Nature damage to all players.

Several soak circles will spawn around the altar, all of them need to be soaked by at least 1 player, otherwise you will most likely wipe.

Altar of Earth
Earth Dominance Mechanic Icon

Earth Dominance

Extra boss damage stacks

Kurog inflicts 40,855 Earth damage to all players every 4 sec while attuned to the Altar of Earth.

Increases the damage of Earth dominance by 10%. This stacks.

Erupting Bedrock Mechanic Icon

Erupting Bedrock


Kurog sends a tectonic ripple through the earth, inflicting 288,390 Nature damage to players struck by the ripple.

This is a melee ability only, it creates a circle around Kurog (15 yards) and players standing in it will take massive damage.

Enveloping Earth Mechanic Icon

Enveloping Earth

Massive absorb, spot heal this fast

Envelops several players in earth, causing their next 379,713 healing to be absorbed.

Healers need to spot heal those targets to remove the absorb. Players affected should be extra careful to not take unnecessary damage and use defensives if needed.

Seismic Rupture Mechanic Icon

Seismic Rupture

Ultimate ability

Several Earth Breakers spawn from the ground, inflicting 216,292 Nature damage to players standing in the eruption and knocks them back.

Multiple large swirls will appear that need to be dodged, afterwards they will spawn Earth Breakers that should be picked up by a tank, stacked up and nuked down. Make sure to stun them when they are stacked since their attacks debuff the target to take increased physical damage by 6% per hit for 10 sec. This stacks.

Primal Barrier Mechanic Icon

Primal Barrier

Boss Shield, Immune to damage

Kurog surrounds himself with a barrier of elemental energy, reducing damage taken by 99%.

Tectonic Crusher
Shattering Presence Mechanic Icon

Shattering Presence

Debuff Aura while the add is alive

The elemental surges with power, inflicting 2,403 Nature damage every 1 sec. This stacks.

Breaking Gravel Mechanic Icon

Breaking Gravel

Tank Ability

Each melee attack against the same target increases the elemental’s physical damage by 3%. This stacks. When the elemental attacks a new target, Breaking Gravel is removed.

This add needs to be tanked always and you should tank swap at around 5-10 stacks.

Ground Shatter Mechanic Icon

Ground Shatter

Spread around the room, you will need a lot of space for this

Infuses several players with volatile earth for 5 sec. Upon expiration players inflict 168,227 Nature damage to players within 10 yards.

Players marked will have a large circle around them, you need to spread quickly and explode somewhere safe (simply, do not touch anyone with your circle).  A lot of players are targeted by this at the same time, so be prepared for a large spread.

Violent Upheaval Mechanic Icon

Violent Upheaval

Half of the room will be covered in big swirls, dodge

Causes rocks to erupt from Ground Shatter drop-off locations, inflicting 216,292 Nature damage to players within 10 yards and knocking them away.

It's yet another swirl mechanic that needs to be dodged. However, if you previously dodged Ground Shatter and you are standing in the same spot, you will not have to move since Violent Upheaval will be cast at the same location where you dropped off Ground Shatter.

Thundering Ravager
Thundering Presence Mechanic Icon

Thundering Presence

Debuff Aura while the add is alive

The elemental surges with power, inflicting 2,403 Nature damage every 1 sec. This stacks.

Storm Break Mechanic Icon

Storm Break

The add will randomly teleport behind you..maybe

Vanishes and appears behind a random player to unleash Lethal Current.

Lethal Current Mechanic Icon

Lethal Current

Move away from the player that is getting hit by this

Channels a lethal current into the player, inflicting 40,855 Nature damage to all players within 8 yards of the target every 1 sec for 6 sec.

This add can cause problems depending on the other Major add in this phase. It’s best to nuke this add down quickly to avoid any complications. You can stun the channel.

Altar of Flame
Flame Dominance Mechanic Icon

Flame Dominance

Extra boss damage stacks

Kurog inflicts 33,645 Fire damage to all players every 4 sec while attuned to the Altar of Flame. It increases the damage of Flame dominance by 10%. This stacks.

Magma Burst Mechanic Icon

Magma Burst

Bait to place lava pools in a good spot

Kurog hurls magma at random players inflicting 60,081 Fire damage and causes a Magma Pool to form at their destination. Molten magma inflicts 108,146 Fire damage every 1 sec to players standing within it.

This is a large lava puddle that stays up for a long time. It’s best to bait this as a team to save space. It will have a spawn animation first (swirl) so there is plenty of time for all the stacked players to move away.

Molten Rupture Mechanic Icon

Molten Rupture


Kurog unleashes waves of lava, inflicting 180,243 Fire damage to players caught in their path.

Lines of fire swirl in four directions, simply dodge.

Searing Carnage Mechanic Icon

Searing Carnage

Ultimate ability

Players will be infused with fire, causing them to mark their current location every 1 sec for 5 sec. The marked location explodes after 2 sec, inflicting 447,962 Fire damage to players within 5 yards.

Every player targeted by this needs to constantly keep moving as the Swirls dropped are pretty large (5 yards) and other players are dropping it as well. Keep running until it's over to be safe.

Altar of Frost
Frost Dominance Mechanic Icon

Frost Dominance

Extra boss damage stacks

Kurog inflicts 26,436 Frost damage to all players every 4 sec while attuned to the Altar of Frost.

Increases the damage of Frost dominance by 10%. This stacks.

Biting Chill Mechanic Icon

Biting Chill


All players are affected by a biting chill that inflicts 12,016 Frost damage every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Simple DoT, just heal through it.

Frigid Torrent Mechanic Icon

Frigid Torrent

Dodge frost orbs

Kurog creates waves of frozen orbs every 2 sec for 4 sec, knocking players within 4 yards away as they form. Each orb inflicts 180,243 Frost damage to any player in its path and stuns them for 6 sec.

When the orbs spawn, all players standing on top of them will first get knocked away; this is to prevent melee RNG (orb spawning on top of you and instantly stunning you). Shortly after, Kurog will shoot the orbs in a straight line. Players hit will get stunned for 6 sec. This is dispellable. Simply dodge the orbs and don’t be this guy: https://twitter.com/GuildHonolulu/status/1589308378949783552?s=20&t=Nu3-AoOW3Xm-J_hvrkBVBg

Absolute Zero Mechanic Icon

Absolute Zero

Ultimate ability

Kurog hurls a chunk of ice at a player, inflicting 720,974 Frost damage split evenly among players within 8 yards upon impact. The impact will add 1 stack of Frost bite to players that are hit. If a player reaches 2 stacks, they will become Frozen solid.

Frozen Solid Mechanic Icon

Frozen Solid

You turned into an ice cube, congrats

The player is incapacitated and takes 36,049 Frost damage every 1sec for 10 sec. Cannot be avoided or mitigated.

Two players will get a large circle. Both circles need to be soaked to split the damage but cannot be stacked (to avoid getting Frozen Solid). The best way to deal with this is having one circle go to melee and one in range.

Blazing Fiend
Blistering Presence Mechanic Icon

Blistering Presence

Debuff Aura while the add is alive

The elemental surges with power, inflicting 2,403 Fire damage every 1 sec. This stacks.

Basically the longer this add is alive, the more damage the raid will take.

Magma Flow Mechanic Icon

Magma Flow


Magma seeps from the elemental as it is struck, creating lava pools at random locations that inflict 108,146 Fire damage every 1 sec to players standing in it.

Those are the same lava pool that you get during Altar of Flame, just dodge them. Worth mentioning that the slower you kill the add, the more pools it will spawn.

Smoldering Hellion Mechanic Icon

Smoldering Hellion


An additional add will spawn from the lava pools, targeting players with a fireball, inflicting 76,094 Fire damage.

You won’t get many of those adds and they can be killed fast. Interrupt them to avoid damage spikes on random players.

Frozen Destroyer
Chilling Presence Mechanic Icon

Chilling Presence

Debuff Aura while the add is alive

The elemental surges with power, inflicting 2,403 Frost damage every 1 sec. This stacks.

Frost Binds Mechanic Icon

Frost Binds


The Frozen Destroyer unleashes a nova of frost that inflicts 72,097 Frost Damage to all players and an additional 16,823 Frost damage every 2 sec for 20 sec. It also reduces movement speed by 10%. This stacks.

You should always interrupt this as it hits pretty hard and the slow plus the DoT can get very annoying if you miss a few casts.

Freezing Tempest Mechanic Icon

Freezing Tempest

Move into melee

The Frozen Destroyer conjures violent winds, centered on itself for 8 sec, inflicting 96,129 Frost damage every 1 sec to players farther than 10 yards away.

Players standing within 10 yards take 24,279 Frost damage every 1 sec.

This forces every player to stack up on the add to reduce damage taken by this ability. You need to make sure to stack up quickly, as it will most likely kill anyone not close to it in 3 seconds or less.

Primal Attunement Mechanic Icon

Primal Attunement

Soft Enrage

Kurog gains all the altar abilities at once. In addition, Kurog surges with elemental power, inflicting 7,210 Elemental damage every 0.5 sec. This stacks.

Burn Phase! You have to kill the boss before the stacks become too high. Additionally, you will have to deal with all abilities from Phase 1, so make sure to come into this phase with all cooldowns ready and hero/lust available.


Important note: This fight was very strange on testing, tuning was not done properly and there were many ways to defeat the boss. We do not know how the live fight will play out, we can only take a guess. Once the fight goes live, we will update this guide in case the fight was different than expected.

Recommended Altar order:

Storm > Earth > Intermission > Fire > Frost > Intermission > Phase 2

General Notes:

The order suggested is based on difficulty. The order goes from the hardest to easiest. This will make progression easier since you will be dealing with the hardest things at the start of the fight.

This strategy will involve skipping the majority of the Ultimate abilities on Altars by moving the boss to a different altar before he reaches 100 energy. However, if they tune the fight differently (more health, faster energy build up, etc) you will have to deal with Ultimate abilities first, then swap the altar. Swap the altar at around 70-80 energy, after he just used an ability. If you have enough DPS, you should reach the intermission after he uses the new Altars Ultimate ability. 

Regardless of which Altar you go to, Tanks always need to face the boss away from the raid (towards the wall) and have a horrible camera experience.

Altar Phase 1 Strategy

Altar of Storm:

altar of storm strategy

  • This altar has no positional requirements, simply spread around to make dealing with certain abilities easier.
  • Players affected by Lightning Crash should quickly find a partner that is not affected by it to split the stacks. 
  • If you are targeted by Shocking Burst (large circle) simply move away from everyone.
  • Move away to Altar of Earth when the boss reaches 70-80 Energy.

Altar of Earth

altar of earth strategy

As you reach the Altar of Earth, the boss will reach 100 energy and cast his ultimate ability (Seismic Rupture). Dodge the swirls, afterwards adds will spawn from them and the off-tank needs to pick them all up and stack them. Stun and nuke them down as quickly as you can and close to the boss for extra cleave. Depending on your DPS, the boss will either enter intermission or cast 1-2 more spells before doing so.

The melee circle should just be dodged, and heal the absorb.

Intermission 1 Strategy

Note: on testing, it was fully random which adds you will get, we believe on live, you will get the adds based on the last 2 altars you just did.

Let's assume you get Tectonic Crusher / Thundering Ravager.

This combo would be very natural, since Tectonic Crusher abilities force you to spread constantly, which would reduce the chance that Thundering Ravager jumps to a group of players with his channel.

Simply Tank Tectonic Crusher and nuke down Thundering Ravager while dealing with Tectonic Crusher abilities. Then kill the Tectonic Crusher and Phase 1 starts again.

Altar Phase 2 Strategy

Altar of Flame

altar of flame strategy

Set a few markers in advance. The entire raid should start at the corner of the Altar, baiting Magma Burst. When Magma Burst is cast, move to the next marker (or just outside of the Magma Burst) and bait again. In between Magma Burst casts you will have to dodge waves of Molten Rupture, just side-step it and stack back up again.

Alternative method:

Simply spread around the Fire Altar and dodge Magma Burst on your own, but make sure to use all the space available, outside of the altar as well. Just do not place the puddles in Altar of Frost, since this is where you are going next.

At 70-80 energy (preferably after Magma Burst cast) move to the Frost Altar.

Altar of Frost

altar of frost strategy

Shortly after you arrive, the boss will cast his Ultimate ability (Absolute Zero). Place one circle in the melee camp behind the boss, the other one in the ranged camp. Several players from each camp should help by soaking to split the damage. You can also immune it, but make sure to move far away from others. 

Afterwards the boss will cast his regular abilities. Simply heal the DoT and dodge the Frost Orbs.

The second intermission will start at 33%, which should be before the second cast of the Absolute Zero ultimate ability.

Intermission 2 Strategy

You should be getting a Blazing Fiend / Frozen Destroyer.

Nuke down Blazing Fiend and dodge the lava pools. If any small adds spawn from the lava pools, simply cleave them down.  

Assign specific players to interrupt Frozen Destroyer’s Frost Binds cast, and be ready to stack on top of it when he casts Freezing Tempest

Once both adds are dead, Phase 2 will start.

Phase 2 Strategy

Tank the boss at the Fire Altar and use all offensive cooldowns.

This is essentially a race against time. The boss should go down quickly since he is already low hp.

He will have all the abilities you did in Phase 1, but he will not get to cast many of them.

Simply dodge all of the abilities, immune some if possible.

If the boss casts Thunder Strike (Ultimate ability) at any point of Phase 2. Make sure that all circles are soaked or else you will instantly wipe.