Marksmanship Hunter

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Meeres Last Updated: 20th Apr, 2019

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Keep Double Tap on cooldown. During the Careful Aim window use it on Aimed Shot, otherwise use it on Rapid Fire
  2. Cast Aimed Shot on cooldown, but only when you don't have Precise Shots procs left (the Goal is to not reach 2 Stacks of Aimed shot during your rotation)
  3. Cast Rapid Fire on cooldown, always try to maximize the focus gained from Rapid Fire
  4. Cast Arcane Shot to keep yourself from Focus capping. Make sure to use your Precise Shots procs on Arcane Shot for Single Target and on Multi-Shot for AoE
  5. Cast Steady Shot as a filler

      Multi Target:

      1. Make sure to have Trick Shots up before casting Rapid Fire or Aimed Shot this buff will make your abilities cleave
      2. Cast Rapid Fire on cooldown. Make sure to not cap your Aimed Shot stacks while using it
      3. Cast Multi-Shot when Precise Shots is up
      4. Cast Aimed Shot on cooldown. Try to never reach 2 charges
      5. Cast Piercing Shot if you use this talent
      6. Cast A Murder of Crows if you use this talent
      7. Cast Explosive Shot if you use this talent
      8. Cast Multi-Shot to keep yourself from Focus capping
      9. Cast Steady Shot as a filler


      1. Make sure to apply Hunter's Mark before the pull
      2. Precast Double Tap with around 10 seconds remaining on the pull-timer
      3. Cast Aimed Shot 2 seconds before the fight begins
      4. Cast Rapid Fire
      5. Cast Arcane Shot
      6. Cast Trueshot
      7. Cast Aimed Shot
      8. Cast Arcane Shot
      9. Cast Aimed Shot
      10. Cast Arcane Shot
      11. Cast Aimed Shot
      12. Cast Rapid Fire
      13. Cast Arcane Shot
      14. Continue with the Rotation noted in the Trueshot Notes section until the buff is faded

      Trueshot Notes:

      1. Double Tap should never be delayed for Trueshot
      2. If it comes up during Trueshot use it on Rapid Fire (With the Unerring Vision trait, it might be worth to delay Double Tap for a late Rapid Fire cast)
      3. Make sure to cast Arcane Shot when Master Marksman is up
      4. Cast Aimed Shot on cooldown
      5. Cast Rapid Fire when there is nothing else to do and you are waiting for the Aimed Shot cooldown
      6. Try to cast Steady Shot only when you really need the focus to fit in another Aimed Shot into your Trueshot window
      7. Try to avoid casting Arcane Shots during your Trueshot (without the Master Marksman buff) but if there is nothing else to do use your Arcane Shot procs
      8. Make sure to go into a Trueshot window with a In the Rhythm buff from the Azerite trait