Marksmanship Hunter

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 10th May, 2021

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Master MarksmanPassive
Serpent StingInstant
A Murder of CrowsInstant

Master Marksman - This is the best talent for Raiding or M+. Since our Aimed Shot and Arcane Shot hit very hard, Master Marksman will have a higher damage output. It also procs with multi-shot and AoE abilities which makes it very strong as well for multi-target. 

Serpent Sting - Since we will most likely use Serpentstalker's Trickery for Single Target, this talent is not even worth thinking. For multi-target, it isn’t good as well as we only get full uptime on two targets.

A Murder of Crows - It deals very low damage and it’s only good use is in single-target.

Tier 2 (25)

Careful AimPassive
Explosive ShotInstant

Careful Aim - This talent is very strong and simple, and it is very good for a single target. It shines when a boss spends longer above 70%. Also very good when used with Sharpshooter's Focus (Conduit) and Eagletalon's True Focus (Legendary).

Barrage - It is a good AoE spell, but deals less damage than Explosive Shot and has a long cast.

Explosive Shot - Since Careful Aim is only usable in certain situations, you will most likely use Explosive Shot in a lot of scenarios as it does more damage overall.

Tier 3 (30)

Natural MendingPassive

Trailblazer - Movement speed talent, not really worth on any fight.

Natural Mending - This is a very strong survivability talent. We can use Exhilarations during fights, pretty self-explanatory.

Camouflage - This is really good on M+ if you want to skip packs. Other than that, no useful applications in raid scenarios.

Tier 4 (35)

Steady FocusPassive
Chimaera ShotInstant

Steady Focus - We will use this in most situations as 7% haste is very strong.

Streamline - Also a strong talent and it goes head to head with Steady Focus when the fight has 3+ adds. 

Chimaera Shot - Strong in a 2 target stack cleave fight scenario but still falls below Steady Focus and Streamline.

Tier 5 (40)

Born To Be WildPassive
Binding ShacklesPassive

Born to be Wild - Reduced cooldown on aspects. Can see this being used on fights where we need to use Aspect of the Turtle every 2:30 minutes, but seeing this a very specific scenario we probably won’t use this.

Posthaste - Gives 50% speed for 4 seconds after using Disengage. Great mobility talent.

Binding Shackles - Reduces the damage done of enemies that were affected by binding shot for 8 seconds. Can be useful for solo content when mobs don't die during binding shot and do high damage such as Torghast and in PvP.

Tier 6 (45)

Lethal ShotsPassive
Dead EyePassive
Double TapInstant

Lethal Shots - I don’t see this being used because Double Tap is just very strong and synergizes very well with Resonating Arrow (Kyrian ability).

Dead Eye - This talent is only useful when the target is below 20%, so in single-target, it’s only a small proportion of the fight. In multi-target also not very useful.

Double Tap - The best talent in the row for single-target and multi-target. Has great synergy with Resonation Arrow (Kyrian ability).

Tier 7 (50)

Calling the ShotsPassive
Lock and LoadPassive

Calling the Shots - Not a good talent. It would crash the synergy between Trueshot, Double Tap and Resonating Arrow.

Lock and Load - Good talent for pure single-target. More Aimed Shots results in more Damage, pretty self-explanatory.

Volley - At the moment this is a very strong AoE talent. But its also very strong as soon as the fight exceeds 1 target, its immediately better than Lock and Load as you get Trick Shots for 6 seconds.