Marksmanship Hunter

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Meeres Last Updated: 20th Apr, 2019

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Master MarksmanPassive
Serpent StingInstant
A Murder of CrowsInstant

Master Marksman: After you cast Aimed Shot, this talent makes your next Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot cost no focus. This is the only useful talent for MM Hunter right now in Raid and M+.

Serpent Sting: For 10 focus you're able to apply a 12 seconds DoT to your Target. This talent can be used in Multi-Target Situations. This is one of the better AoE talents but not worth it considering the free Multi-Shot from Master Marksman is strong on AoE as well.

A Murder of Crows: On a 1 minute cooldown, this ability applies a 15 second DoT to the target. If your target dies while having this DoT up, the cooldown will be reset. This talent is pure Single Target, making it the worst out of the 3 talents in Tier 1.

Tier 2 (30)

Careful AimPassive
Explosive ShotInstant

Careful Aim: With this passive talent your Aimed Shot deals 50% additional damage to targets above 80% health or below 20% health. This is by far the best talent for MM Hunter at the moment and should be picked almost all the time. Having execute above 80% and below 20% target health is strong.

Volley: A passive talent that gives your Auto-Shots a 10% chance to deal additional AoE damage within 8 yards of your target. This talent has no viable use at the moment.

Explosive Shot: On a 30 second cooldown for 20 focus this ability deals AoE damage to all targets near your target. Explosive Shot should only be picked in M+ when you can't make use of the Careful Aim bonus.

Tier 3 (45)

Natural MendingPassive

Trailblazer: After 3 seconds of not attacking, this Talent increases your movement speed by 30%. This Talent can be useful when you're not attacking for a long time or have a boss fight with an intermission where nothing can be attacked.

Natural Mending: Every 20 focus you spend this Talent reduces the cooldown of your Exhilaration by 1 second. This is very useful in Raid and M+ and should be picked almost all the time.

Camouflage: On a 1 minute cooldown this ability puts you in stealth for 1 minute, healing you for 2% of your maximum health every second. Camouflage should only be picked when you need stealth, for example in Freehold the dog event when your group is playing without a rogue.

Tier 4 (60)

Steady FocusPassive
Hunter's MarkInstant

Steady Focus: Casting multiple Steady Shots in a row will trigger this talent. Whenever you cast Steady Shot, it will reduce the cast time of the next one by 20%, stacking up 2 times. This talent will change your playstyle in the direction of you spending all your focus and then casting a lot of Steady Shots with a reduced cast time to regain focus. This talent might sound good but it is bad for the current MM playstyle.

Streamline: This passive talent buffs your Rapid Fire, extending its cast time by 20%, making it do more damage and generating more focus. This talent is a little bit better for AoE but not worth it compared to Hunter’s Mark Single Target gain.

Hunter’s Mark: This talent lets you mark one target, you will do 5% more damage to the marked target. This talent should be your default choice in Raid and M+. If you need more AoE damage in M+  Streamline might be a better choice.

Tier 5 (75)

Born To Be WildPassive
Binding ShotInstant

Born to be Wild: This talent reduces the cooldown of your Aspect of the Turtle and Aspect of the Cheetah by 20%, making them both 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Posthaste: After using Disengage you will gain 50% increased movement speed for 4 seconds. This should be your default choice if you don't need the root from Binding Shot in M+.

Binding Shot: On a 45-seconds cooldown you're able to place down an arrow. If an enemy comes within 5 yards of the arrow they will gain the Binding Shot debuff. When they move more than 5 yards away from the center of the arrow they will be rooted for 5 seconds. This talent can be good in M+ if you need to kite.

Tier 6 (90)

Lethal ShotsPassive
Double TapInstant

Lethal Shots: Your Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot have a 20% chance to reduce the cooldown of your Rapid fire by 5 seconds. This talent is not useful at the moment.

Barrage: On a 20-seconds cooldown, 3 second channeling time and for 30 focus you're able to deal AoE damage to all targets in a cone in front of you. This talent is also not worth picking at the moment.

Double Tap: On a 1-minute cooldown you're able to apply this buff to yourself with a 15 seconds duration. The Double tap buff causes your next Aimed Shot to fire an additional time or your Rapid Fire to shoot double the amount of shots in the same amount of time. This is by far the best talent right now and should be picked in every situation. On top of that for AoE, when you have Trick Shots up the second Aimed Shot from Double Tap will also cleave up to 5 targets.

Tier 7 (100)

Calling the ShotsPassive
Lock and LoadPassive
Piercing ShotInstant

Calling the Shots: Your Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot reduce the remaining cooldown of Trueshot by 2.5 seconds. This talent is one of the best ones for MM, you can expect over a minute of total cooldown reduction from this talent.

Lock and Load: Your Auto-Shots have a 5% chance to make your next Aimed Shot instant and free. This talent can be picked when you don't get any value from Calling the Shots.

Piercing Shot: On a 30-seconds cooldown for 30 focus you're able to shoot your main target with a damaging hit as well as a smaller amount of damage to all enemies in the path of the ability. Piercing Shot is not good compared to the other 2 talents, so it's not worth picking it in any situation.