List of the Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon Weapons and Trinkets

List of the Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon Weapons and Trinkets

Written by Leyst - 11th July 2023

This is a brief overview of the weapons and trinkets that you will be able to obtain in the new mega-dungeon known as Dawn of the Infinite in Patch 10.1.5.

It will be interesting to see which trinkets and weapons from the mega-dungeon standout as the new best-in-slot items for some specs as the patch progresses.

Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon Weapon Drops

Dawn of the Infinite offers unique weapons, all showcased in the table below. Among them, you'll find favorites like Gorehowl and Quel'Zaram!

Item Type Drop
Chronikar's Ceremonial Saber 1-hand Sword Chronikar
Double Time Warglaive Chronikar
Conflux Caller's Baton 1-Hand Mace (Intellect) Manifested Timeways
Nick of Time Dagger (Agility) Manifested Timeways
Ancestor's Necromantic Focus Off-hand Blight of Galakrond
Fallen Drake's Bonesplitter 1-Hand Axe (Agility) Blight of Galakrond
Iridal, the Earth's Master Staff (Intellect) Iridikron
The Infinite Hand 2-Hand Mace (Intellect) Tyr, the Infinite Keeper
Traveler's Timesplitter Gun Morchie
Morchie's Distorted Spellblade Dagger (Intellect) Morchie
Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief 2-Hand Axe (Str) Time-lost Battlefield
Cudgel of Bygone Victories 1-Hand Mace (Agility) Time-lost Battlefield
Quel'Zaram, High Blade of the Lion 1-Hand Sword (Str) Time-lost Battlefield
Borrowed Time Polearm (Agility) Chrono-Lord Deios
Murozond's Timeless Scale Shield Chrono-Lord Deios

You might notice that some of the weapons are called Divergent and can have new stats called Timestrike, Demonbane, Scourgebane, and Spirit. You can read what these new stats do in our Divergent Gear article.

Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon Trinket Drops

Accelerating Sandglass

  • Item: Accelerating Sandglass
  • Stats: Strength / Agility
  • Equip: Your attacks drain the hourglass, giving you a chance to gain 100 Haste up to 100 times before the sand runs out. Once the glass is empty, your next offensive ability performs a flurry of Accelerated Strikes, dealing 3,907 Physical damage per stack and flipping the Hourglass to begin the cycle anew.

Prophetic Stonescales

  • Item: Prophetic Stonescales
  • Stats: Strength / Agility (Tank)
  • Equip: Sustaining Fatal damage throws you 10 seconds into the past, restoring up to 778,892 health lost during that time. For the next 12 sec, your Haste is increased by 2.914 and enemies responsible for your untimely demise deal 20% less damage to you. This effect can only occur once every 8 min.

Echoing Tyrstone

  • Item: Echoing Tyrstone
  • Stats: Intellect (Healer)
  • Use: Activate the Tyrstone, recording 30% of your healing done over the next 10 sec, up to 135,457 healing done (2 min cooldown).
  • Equip: Whenever you or one of your allies falls below 35% health, the Tyrstone will summon an echo of your past self, healing them and nearby allies for the stored amount and granting 225 Haste for 15 sec before the record is lost.

Time-Thief's Gambit

  • Item: Time-Thief's Gambit
  • Stats: Intellect
  • Use: "Borrow" power from an alternate timeline for personal gain, increasing your Haste by 1,909 for 15 sec and triggering a Paradox 2 min later.If the Paradox arrives, you will be frozen in time, completely unable to act or move for 5 sec. Killing enemies steals their remaining time to partially delay the Paradox by 15 sec, with major enemies restoring the timeline completely (1 min cooldown).

Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows

  • Item: Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows
  • Stats: Strength / Agility / Intellect
  • Use: Gaze into the mirror's depths, inviting a version of your future self to fight alongside you for 20 sec, casting spells based on your role. In addition, you grant yourself 3,009 of your highest secondary stat (3 min cooldown).

Hopefully this breakdown of the new weapon and trinket loot options helps you target some new gear upgrades during the latest patch of Dragonflight.