How to Upgrade Myth Gear to Item Level 447

How to Upgrade Myth Gear to Item Level 447

Written by Leyst - 10th July 2023

In Patch 10.1.5, there's a new addition that allows gear with an item level of 441 or higher to be upgraded to item level 447 through the newly introduced Myth upgrade track. The best part is that this enhancement applies retroactively to all gear acquired during season 2.

This includes the following:

  • Rare items from Heroic
  • Mythic+ Great Vault Items
  • Mythic Raids

Rare Heroic Items

These are the rare heroic items that will have the new myth track available:

Mythic+ Great Vault Items

Items obtained from the Mythic+ Great Vault, with an item level of 441 or higher, will now include the new Myth Path option.

In order to acquire items of item level 441 or higher, you must successfully complete a Mythic+ key between 16 - 20, and then collect your item from the Great Vault the following reset.

Mythic Keystone Level End of Dungeon Item Level
Great Vault Item Level
16 424 441
18 428 444
19 431 444
20 431 447

Mythic Raid

Mythic raiders will be pleased to know that they now have the opportunity to upgrade each piece of gear obtained from Mythic difficulty to item level 447. This includes the loot dropped by the first few bosses, as listed below. It's important to note that The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn, and subsequent bosses already drop item level 447 loot, making them part of the Myth track at 3/3.

Boss Item Level Myth Track
Kazzara, The Hellforged 441 1/3
The Amalgamation Chamber 441 1/3
Assault of the Zawali 441 1/3
The Forgotten Experiments 444 2/3
Rashok, the Elder 444 2/3

Resources needed to upgrade to item level 447

In order to upgrade your gear on the Myth track, you will require the following resources for each upgrade.

  • Flightstones
  • Aspect's Shadowflame Crest

myth gear upgrade example

However, if you already have a higher item level piece of gear in the same slot that you are upgrading, you will not need a crest, and the required flightstones will be reduced by half.

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