How to Unlock Old Scholomance

How to Unlock Old Scholomance

Written by Leyst - 12th July 2023

First and foremost, thanks to the incredible people on the Secret Finding Discord for their efforts in figuring out this secret!

Note: Please keep in mind that unlocking the old Scholomance dungeon is necessary to craft the removed gear from Naxxramas, which includes the tier 3 armor set.

Step 1: The Beginning

Before you can unlock the original Scholomance from vanilla, it is important to know that either you or someone else in your group must have the Krastinov's Bag of Horrors toy.

Rare Location

To get this toy, you'll have to defeat a rare creature called Doctor Theolen Krastinov, who can be found in the "new" Scholomance dungeon. You have a chance to encounter this rare after defeating the 3rd boss, called Rattlegore.

Step 2: Entering Scholomance

Scholomance map image Scholomance journal zone image

Scholomance is a dungeon located in the Western Plaguelands. The portal to the dungeon is situated on a small, isolated island within the keep.

Step 3: Finding Eva Sarkhoff

To find Eva Sarkhoff, you'll need to defeat all the bosses within the dungeon and make your way to the final room where you'll confront Darkmaster Grandling. Once you've defeated Darkmaster Grandling, the gates will open up at the back of the room, leading you further on your quest.

Scholomance map image Scholomance journal zone image

Passing through the gate, you'll notice a pile of bones resting on the left side in the Hall of the Damned. However, their secrets remain inaccessible for now.

Now comes the moment to unveil the power of your Krastinov's Bag of Horrors toy. As you click on it, Eva will gracefully fade into view, exclaiming, "No, NO! Stay Away!" But fear not, her initial caution can be assuaged by simply removing the 10-minute Surgical Alterations buff that comes with the toy.

Eva image

Once the buff is removed, Eva will recognize that you are not the Butcher who killed her and ask you to talk with her. She'll kindly request your assistance in locating her journal and securing five candles of Caer Darrow. These items are essential for a ritual she intends to perform.

Once you are done talking with Eva, she will offer you either a Spectral Essence Trinket or an Inert Spectral Essence. If you have already crafted the trinket in the past, you won't need to craft it again. However, if you did not craft it in the past, you will need to combine 5 Essence of Undeath and 3 Dark Runes into the trinket. You can either purchase these from the auction house or farm them yourself.

The trinket will make it possible to see ghosts in Caer Darrow.

Note: Make sure that you have enough space available in your inventory. I can assure you that I had more than enough space in my own inventory... I definitely did not have to teleport out and retrieve it from my mailbox.

Once Eva disappears, you will have the opportunity to locate her outside the keep of Scholomance.

Step 4: Finding the Items

Eva will ask you to help by locating her journal and securing five candles of Caer Darrow.

Item 1: Eva's Femur

evas femur map image evas femur zone image

Eva's Femur can be found right next to where she first appears when you talk with her. Next to her, you will see a pile of bones on the ground. Among them, there is one bone that is lighter than the rest, which you can click on and loot.

Item 2: Eva's Journal

evas journal map image evas journal zone image

Eva's Journal can be found in The Viewing Room, which is the room just before the final chamber where the final boss is located.

You can locate the Journal on the right-hand side of the room, specifically on the left bookcase. Spotting the Journal can be challenging since it is hidden behind other books. Therefore, you may need to adjust your camera angle to have a clear view of it.

Step 5: Finding the Candles

In addition to the journal and femur, Eva requests that you locate five candles in order to perform the ritual.

Candle 1: Stinky Candle

Bucket Step 1 image Bucket Step 2 image

The Caer Darrow Fountain Water can be found near the water fountain in Caer Darrow, just outside Scholomance. Positioned on the edge of the fountain is a bucket that you can click on to acquire the water. After successfully obtaining the Darrow Fountain Water, your next step is to locate Joseph Dirte, who can be found on the left side of Caer Darrow.

Bucket Step 3 image

Once you have located the NPC, you will have the opportunity to exchange your Fountain water for a Stinky Candle.

Candle 2: Authentic Andorhal Candle

Candle 2 Step 1 Candle 2 Step 2

If you're looking to get your hands on the Authentic Andorhal Candle, your first step is finding the Deed to Andorhal. So, make your way to the Andorhal town hall, located in the Western Plaguelands. Once you are inside, keep your eyes peeled for a scroll hanging on the right wall. Just click on the scroll to obtain the "Deed to Andorhal."

Candle 2 Step 3 Candle 2 Step 4

Once you've got it, you can trade the deed with Magistrate Marduke in exchange for the Authentic Andorhal Candle. You can find the magistrate positioned outside the Scholomance Dungeon, right next to a broken caravan. Don't forget to equip the Spectral Essence so that you can see the NPC.

Candle 3: Ghost-Warding Candle

To acquire the Ghost-Warding Candle, you'll need to trade it for a Trampled Doll with Sammy.

Candle 3 Step 1 Candle 3 Step 2

To obtain the Trampled Doll, head to Darrowshire in the Eastern Plaguelands. Look for a meat wagon in that area, and you'll find the Trampled Doll right next to the wheel.

Candle 3 Step 3 Candle 3 Step 4

Sammy can be found by the water fountain in Cear Darrow.

Candle 4: The Imported Candle

You can obtain The Imported Candle by acquiring a painting called "The Road Ahead" and exchanging it with Artist Renfray.

Candle 4 Step 1 Candle 4 Step 2

To locate the painting, go to the old inn in Corin's Crossing, found in the Eastern Plaguelands. Once inside, look for the painting hanging on the right wall next to the broken bar on the ground floor. By collecting this painting known as "The Road Ahead," you can trade it with Artist Renfray in exchange for The Imported Candle.

Candle 4 Step 3 Candle 4 Step 4

You can find Artist Renfray near the docks, just outside the walls of Caer Darrow.

Candle 5: Tobacco-Filled Candle

The 5th and final candle, known as the Tobacco-Filled Candle, you first need to obtain the Undelivered Shipment of Smokes and then exchange the shipment for the last candle.

Candle 5 Step 1 Candle 5 Step 2

To find this shipment, you'll need to venture into the Stratholme dungeon, located in the Eastern Plaguelands. Once you enter the dungeon you want to take a left turn, and then another left. There, you'll come across a broken fountain. Just behind the fountain, you'll spot a cart. Inside the cart, you can find a box containing the Undelivered Shipment of Smokes. Be sure to loot it.

Candle 5 Step 3 Candle 5 Step 4

Once you have acquired the item, head towards the Caer Darrow docks an look for an NPC named Rory, who will offer you the Tobacco-Filled Candle in exchange for Undelivered Shipment of Smokes.

Step 6: Performing the Ritual

Once you have obtained all the necessary items for the ritual, head towards the keep where Scholomance is located. As you enter the building, instead of taking a left towards the dungeon, make a right turn and then proceed down the hallway in front of you.

Eva's Ritual Room

Keep going until you reach a room ahead with scattered bones on the ground. This is the spot where you want to use Eva's Journal to start the ritual. Simply click on the Journal in your inventory.

Once the channeling is complete, you will see a circle forming, with Eva's Enchanted Journal placed right in the center. As a result, you will also achieve the Memory of Scholomance Achievement.

Step 7: How to enter old Scholomance

You can enter the old Scholomance dungeon by clicking on Eva's Enchanted Journal. Once opened, click on the option that reads "Read the grim history of Scholomance."

This journal can be found within the same keep where the newer Scholomance is located. As you enter the keep, avoid taking a left towards the newer dungeon.

Instead, make a right turn and continue down the hallway ahead of you. Keep going until you reach the ritual area where you previously placed Eva's Enchanted book in Step 6.

Eva's Enchanted Journal