How the Pip's Emerald Friendship Badge Trinket Works

How the Pip's Emerald Friendship Badge Trinket Works

Written by Horaddrim - 3rd October 2023

The upcoming patch for Dragonflight is bringing a lot of interesting loot, the most exciting and interactive being the new trinkets available in the Season 3 raid.

Previous patches brought us very unique trinkets with the Whispering Incarnate Icon from Vault of the Incarnates and the Ominous Chromatic Essence from Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. The “group-stacking” aspects of these trinkets, and the ability to choose which buffs you would like to have and receive (in the Ominous Chromatic Essence) were for sure very powerful.

Unlike the previous raids, Patch 10.2 breaks this trend, and went for a more traditional approach for a stat stick trinket with a bit of a twist.

Where to get the Pip's Emerald Friendship Badge?

Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge is a trinket that drops from the Council of Dreams encounter in the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid.

How does the Pip's Emerald Friendship Badge trinket work?

This new trinket doesn't allow you to choose your secondary stat that you gain from it, instead, it works on a proc based system.

The “Best Friend” mechanic listed in the tooltip works by first assigning you a random buff between Urctos’ Versatility buff, Pip’s Mastery buff or Aerwynn’s Critical Strike buff.

The buff alone is for a very small amount of the respective stat, it's only relevant because one of the 3 will always be active. However, your abilities and spells have a chance to empower the bond with your “best friend” (your current buff), increasing the amount of that given stat significantly, but diminishing over 12 seconds or it can change to another buff and empower that one instead. After the 12 seconds you keep your current buff in its lesser form until you proc another change or empowerment.

Although you cannot choose which buff is active, it will be interesting to see how many classes will choose to wear this trinket with so many other powerful options available in Season 3. Hopefully it turns out to be a powerful trinket, so more people can see the amazing visual of Urctos’ proc during combat and dancing in the middle of the battlefield.

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