Holy Paladin talents guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 27th Nov, 2022
Bryanz Holy Paladin Author

Class Talents

Let's talk about the Paladin Class Tree. I wanna talk about it in the "Row" sections and explain why you should pick specific talents.

Row 1 - 4

In Row 1 - 4, we need to spend 8 points to enhance to Row 5 - 7.

Lay on Hands and Auras of the Resolute are already picked by default.

You want to pick Blessing of Freedom and Hammer of Wrath in every Scenario.

Then you want to pick Blinding Light or Repentance and Divine Steed.

Then we take Improved Cleanse and Cavalier means we have spent 6 from 8 points.

Point 7 will be Seasoned Warhorse which increases your Divine Steed duration by 1 sec.

You spend point 8 in Auras of Swift Vengeance or Fist of Justice

For Mythic+, you want to spend 2 points in Fist of Justice and 1 point in Greater Judgment to reach Rebuke.

Row 5 - 7

In Rows 5 - 7, we need to spend 12 points to advance to Rows 8 - 10.

Our first pick will always be Avenging Wrath because this is our throughput cooldown and must always be taken. To enhance our toolkit, we pick Blessing of Sacrifice and Blessing of Protection.

Holy Aegis is a throughput node in the basic paladin tree, so we spend 2 points there.

Next Point goes into Unbreakable Spirit to reduce the cooldown of our defensives.

These are the must-spend points in rows 5 - 7. The next points can be swapped around depending on the situation. I like putting points into Judgment of Light, Afterimage, Golden Path, and Seal of Mercy since our consecration also heals in melee while doing damage. Then we have 1 more point to spend before we go into the next row, and I really like to have a 1 min Blessing of Sacrifice by picking Sacrifice of the Just.

For Mythic+, I would skip Golden Path and Seal of Mercy and pick Incandescence instead, to be able to pick Hallowed Ground in the next row.

Row 8 - 10

In rows 8 - 10, we have powerful nodes. 

Divine Purpose is my first pick in every spec because it has insane synergy with our Holy Tree. We take Seal of MightSeal of Alacrity, and Sanctified Wrath for raids.

Since we want to reach Of Dusk and Dawn, we need to spend 2 points on Seal of Clarity or Aspiration of Divinity. Aspiration of Divinity is giving us 2% Intellect for 6 sec. Stacks up to 3 times. So 2 points in Aspiration of Divinity, then we have 1 spare point we can use for Seal of Clarity, Improved Blessing of Protection, or something else that fits the current fight or situation. 

Of Dusk and Dawn is a very annoying talent to play around with, but it's also super strong. When we reach 5 Holy Power, we get a buff for 15 sec that increases our damage and healing done by 6% (Seal of Order increases it to 10%). When we reach 0 Holy Power, we get damage taken reduced by 4% for 15 sec. So we always want to go up to 5 Holy Power then drop to 0, and go up to 5 again to maintain our buffs.

Talent Builds

Maraad’s Build


This build focuses entirely on spot healing. Optimizing Holy Power generation is key since the main focus of this Build is Maraad’s Dying Breath procs which require you to cast Light of Dawn. It’s the best spot healing in the game and pretty much uncontested and can be a game changer in progress.

Key Talents:

Flex Talents:

  • Blessing of Summer is an excellent talent to increase the total damage output and can be very useful in some situations. While it can be very unfun to play with, it's still very powerful for using a single talent point and should always be looked at.
  • Crusader's Might also synergizes well with our playstyle. Crusader Strike is reducing the cooldown from Holy Shock up to 2 seconds (1 second per talent point) 
  • Beacon of Virtue could also be swapped to Beacon of Faith, depends on your Tank Setup

Caster Build


Playing the Caster build means the theoretically best Holy Power generation of all builds. Casting Holy Shock on cooldown and maximizing the Infusion of Light procs, which get used with Holy Light on the Beacon of Light target to generate 2 Holy Power because of Tower of Radiance. But Playing the caster build also means sacrificing a lot of damage output and mobility due to casting Holy Light.

Key Talents:

          Mythic+ Build


          The new talent tree adds a lot for Holy Paladin in Mythic+. We can take Blinding Light or Repentance and Fist of Justice, which increases our mob control. We also get Rebuke which is very useful in Dungeon settings. With Sacrifice of Just, we can have Blessing of Sacrifice on a 1 min cooldown.

          Most of the time, you will be in melee using Consecration and Crusader Strike for damage.

          Key Talents: