Holy Paladin talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 20th May, 2023
Skånerost Holy Paladin Author

Class Talents

Let's talk about the Paladin Class Tree. I want to talk about it in the "Row" sections and explain why you should pick specific talents.

Row 1 - 4

In Rows 1 - 4, we need to spend 8 points to unlock Rows 5 - 7.

Lay on Hands and Auras of Resolute are already picked by default. 

You want to pick Hammer of Wrath in every scenario.

Then you’ll spend your next two points on Blessing of Freedom and Obduracy.

One point into Retribution Aura If you play double Holy Paladin otherwise you can pick Rebuke.

Then you want to pick Divine Steed, Cavalier and Seasoned Warhorse. This will provide you with more mobility. 

Now we’re picking Greater Judgment as that will unlock the next section of the tree and also making you able to pick Justification.

Row 5 - 7

In Rows 5 - 7, We need to spend 12 points to advance to Rows  8 - 10.

Your first point here will go into Avenging Wrath because this is our strongest cooldown and should always be taken. To enhance our toolkit, we pick Blessing of Sacrifice, Sacrifice of the Just and Blessing of Protection.

You will be spending one point into Crusader's Reprieve.

Sanctified Plates will give you 10% armor, 5% stamina and 5% avoidance per point, so you will be putting two points into this.

Holy Aegis will provide you with 4% crit, so you'll be spending two points into this talent as well. 

Next point goes into Unbreakable Spirit to reduce the cooldown of our defensives. 

Now we need to spend one more point to unlock the Rows 8 - 10. You will be putting your points into Golden Path which will now activate the next section of the tree.

Row 8 - 10

In Rows 8 - 10 we have the powerful nodes.

You should be picking Divine Purpose in every situation, this will provide you with a solid healing boost, more Awakening procs which results in both more healing and damage as well.

Now you would spend one point into Judgment of Light because this will provide you with free healing by casting Judgment.

Your next four points will be spent into Seal of Might and Seal of Alacrity.

This is now making you able to take Of Dusk and Dawn & Fading Light which will provide you with stronger Holy Power spenders and will also give more self survivability.

Next two points will be spent on Divine Toll and Divine Resonance.

Now you should be left with one point that you will spend on Afterimage or Seal of Mercy depending if you will overheal a lot with Golden Path or not.

For Mythic+ I would recommend taking 2 points in Strength of Conviction as it'll greatly increase the AoE damage you deal with Shield of the Righteous.

Talent Builds

Glimmer Build


This build will provide you with a lot of direct healing, the focus of the Glimmer build is to use Holy Shock on cooldown to spread Glimmer of Light while generating as much Holy Power as possible to use on powerful spenders that will give you higher Avenging Wrath uptime.

Key Talents:

Flex Talents:

Avenging Crusader Build


Avenging Crusader is quite a different playstyle compared to Glimmer Build, since this build revolves around you casting Judgment on cooldown and Crusader Strike over using Holy Shock when inside your power windows. Activating Avenging Crusader also costs you 5 Holy Power.

Key Talents:

Flex Talents:

Mythic+ Build


In the Mythic+ Build you'll notice that we're picking more damage focused talents like Strength of Conviction and utility like Blinding Light or Fist of Justice for mob control.

Key Talents:

  • Divine Toll is on a one minute cooldown, casts Holy Shock on 5 people, generating 5 Holy Power.
  • Blessing of Summer provides a large amount of damage if used and timed properly.
  • Rebuke is an interrupt on a 15-sec cooldown and is just too good in dungeons not to pick it.

Flex Talents: