Holy Paladin talents guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 16th Aug, 2022
Kina Holy Paladin Author
Bryanz Holy Paladin Author

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Tier 1 (15)

Holy Paladin Crusader's Might TalentCrusader's MightPassive
Holy Paladin Bestow Faith TalentBestow FaithInstant
Holy Paladin Light's Hammer TalentLight's HammerInstant


Crusader’s Might has been nerfed to 1.0 second cooldown reduction of Holy Shock per use down from 1.5 which somewhat invalidates the talent in progression raiding. Light’s Hammer is now your baseline pick especially when paired with Avenging Wrath. On mobile raid encounters, Bestow Faith can edge over as a superior choice for its holy power generation and small boost in throughput.


Light’s Hammer is versatile with it doing damage and healing whilst also transferring its healing throughput to your beacons.

Tier 2 (25)

Holy Paladin Saved by the Light TalentSaved by the LightPassive
Holy Paladin Judgment of Light TalentJudgment of LightPassive
Holy Paladin Holy Prism TalentHoly PrismInstant


Judgment of Light is an extremely mana efficient heal that outperforms other talents on its row in a raid environment. Even with multiple Paladins playing this talent in your raid, this talent’s value does not diminish.


Even in dungeon scenarios Judgment of Light retains its value and adds value to your healing throughput whilst you passively DPS.

Tier 3 (30)

Holy Paladin Fist of Justice TalentFist of JusticePassive
Holy Paladin Repentance TalentRepentance1.7 sec cast
Holy Paladin Blinding Light TalentBlinding LightInstant


Blinding Light offers a way to interrupt a clump of mobs that are immune to interrupts or your groups lack an AoE interrupt/disrupt such as Solar Beam.

Tier 4 (35)

Holy Paladin Unbreakable Spirit TalentUnbreakable SpiritPassive
Holy Paladin Cavalier TalentCavalierPassive
Holy Paladin Rule of Law TalentRule of LawInstant


Rule of Law increases the strength and range of your healing abilities only. Primarily used with Light of Dawn to minimise the likelihood of wasting its healing output in a spread or semi stacked raid.

Cavalier has niche uses if the raid encounter requires heavy on-demand movement.


Cavalier improves your mobility and makes positional mistakes in dungeons less punishing with have 2 stacks of Divine Steed.

Rule of Law is useful for Beacon of Virtue as it improves its range of application if required.

Tier 5 (40)

Holy Paladin Divine Purpose TalentDivine PurposePassive
Holy Paladin Holy Avenger TalentHoly AvengerInstant
Holy Paladin Seraphim TalentSeraphimInstant


Divine Purpose: is a versatile talent that can proc off your healing holy power spenders Word of Glory and Light of Dawn. Unfortunately Shield of the Righteous does not proc Divine Purpose (Fixed as of 9.1.5) but should still be used during  Avenging Wrath if there is no healing to be done. This talent will save considerable amounts of mana and is your go-to talent if your group hasn’t planned their healing cooldowns around your Holy Avenger.


Divine Purpose is an all-rounder talent that can occasionally boost your damage throughput with using its procs on Shield of the Righteous (which is uncapped AoE damage). Holy Avenger could see use by pairing it with Avenging Wrath to do considerable AoE burst damage with Shield of the Righteous. But this is most likely a relevant talent choice if you’re experienced in Mythic+ as a Holy paladin.

Tier 6 (45)

Holy Paladin Sanctified Wrath TalentSanctified WrathPassive
Holy Paladin Avenging Crusader TalentAvenging CrusaderInstant
Holy Paladin Awakening TalentAwakeningPassive


Sanctified Wrath: is a somewhat all-in talent choice and could see play in an encounter that requires immense burst healing over a 25 second period. But the talent is quickly out-shined by Awakening’s throughput in terms of Avenging Wrath uptime, and in turn, increased Holy power generation through increasing access to Hammer of Wrath throughout an encounter.

Avenging Crusader as a talent choice is currently underwhelming. It is a high risk, high reward kind of playstyle. It requires knowledge of damage patterns in the fight and ample usage of mana potions to sustain its mana cost for activation and proccing of its heal with Judgement and Crusader Strike. Your healing output outside of your cooldown is too low currently to make this talent competitive, unless you can consistently proc wings through Retribution Aura. This isn’t viable for progression raiding, unless an encounter has a consistent death mechanic or a viable boss strategy that requires players to die at specific points such as Shaman’s Reincarnation (Anhk) on Uu’nat progression in the Crucible of Storms.

Tier 7 (50)

Holy Paladin Glimmer of Light TalentGlimmer of LightPassive
Holy Paladin Beacon of Faith TalentBeacon of FaithInstant
Holy Paladin Beacon of Virtue TalentBeacon of VirtueInstant


Glimmer of Light is still a strong choice for raid healing in Shadowlands whilst not as oppressively strong in comparison to BFA you should still expect to see considerable throughput from this talent. Beacon of Faith Should be used if you’re playing with the Maraad’s Dying Breath legendary.

Beacon of Virtue allows for significant group-wide burst healing, especially when paired with Divine Toll and more recently with Paladin’s new 4 set and Unity as your 2nd legendary granting Necrolord Paladins with Duty-Bound Gavel alongside your Maraad’s Dying Breath legendary allows you to pull off excessive healing in a short time window. 


Glimmer of Light is an underwhelming choice for dungeon content as a Non-Kyrian Holy paladin, even with its versatility in replicating your healing to damage and vice versa. I would only recommend this talent if you’re Kyrian (Divine Toll) but even then, Beacon of Faith has potent utility with having all your healing replicate to 2 out of 5 party members constantly.

Rule of Law extends the range of Beacon of Virtue to 60 yards but does not increase its splash range thus you must be careful not to use it on a party member that is further than 30 yards away from other players.