Holy Paladin Playstyle and Rotation Guide

Patch 10.2.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2024
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Playstyle & Rotation


Standard (Raid)

The goal of this build is to cast as many Holy Shock as possible and simultaneously keep Tyr’s Deliverance rolling. We’ll achieve this by speccing into Imbued Infusions and consuming Infusion of Light procs using Flash of Light. There isn’t a set rotation, but here’s a priority list of what to do.

Make sure Beacons are applied before pulling. If your raid is split into groups, you should split up Beacon of Faith and Beacon of Light to take advantage of Beacon of the Lightbringer talent.

Make sure not to overcap on Holy Power. In raid your default spender should be Light of Dawn, unless spot healing is required or there aren't enough injured targets to benefit from it, in which case you should use Word of Glory.

Use Light’s Hammer / Holy Prism on cooldown.

Use Holy Shock on cooldown - preferably targeting someone who doesn’t already have Glimmer of Light on them.

If specced use Barrier of Faith on cooldown

If you have Blessing of Dawn (from the passive Of Dusk and Dawn), spend Holy Power on Word of Glory or Light of Dawn if WoG would overheal significantly.

Consume Infusion of Light procs with Flash of Light.

Use Light’s Hammer / Holy Prism on cooldown.

Use Judgment as filler

Use Hammer of Wrath > Consecration > Crusader Strike as filler

Standard (M+)

Use Judgment on cooldown.

Consecration should be down at all times (remember it stacks with Righteous Judgment procs).

Use Holy Shock on cooldown - preferably targeting someone who doesn’t have Glimmer of Light, In M+ don’t forget enemies as well.

Use Holy Prism on cooldown - preferably on an enemy target but don’t be afraid to use it on an ally should they require spot healing.

Consume Infusion of Light procs with Flash of Light.

Spend Holy Power on Word of Glory and Shield of the Righteous.

Use Hammer of Wrath if possible.

Use Crusader Strike.

Priority of Consecration depends on whether you need more DPS (high) or Healing (low).

Holy Paladin Cooldowns

Avenging Wrath is very unique since it is a healing and damage cooldown. You basically want to use it on cooldown and only delay it when it’s assigned to a specific event in the Boss fight by your Raid Leader or Healing Officer. For Mythic+, you need your own timing where you and/or your group need extra healing throughput or want to use it for damage.

Tyr’s Deliverance is a 1.5 minute cooldown that instantly heals 5 injured targets and an injured ally every 0.7 seconds for 20 seconds within 40 yards. Allies healed also receive 25% increased healing from Holy Light, Flash of Light and Holy Shock. The amount of healing this ability does may seem unimpressive at first but coupled with Boundless Salvation its duration can be extended with relative ease for an additional 40 seconds, giving you a total uptime of 60 seconds. While Tyr’s Deliverance is running it’s imperative you track the healing buff on your raid frames and prioritize casting Holy Shock, Flash of Light and Holy Light on people with the buff, as this is the way you extend its duration.

Hand of Divinity is a 1.5 minute cooldown that causes your next 2 Holy Lights to heal 40% more, cost 50% less mana, and be instant cast. If specced along with Tyr’s Deliverance the two abilities should be used together as their cooldowns overlap perfectly and allow you to easily extend the duration of Tyr’s Deliverance. Hand of Divinity should be cast first, as not to waste time while Tyr’s Deliverance is running.

Daybreak is a 1 min cooldown which will absorb all of your active Glimmers of Light, trigger them at 200% value and grant you 2000 mana per Glimmer absorbed. It should be used as often as possible whilst keeping close attention not to overheal. Daybreaks 1 min cooldown overlaps perfectly with a familiar ability - Divine Toll. Casting these two in sequence will allow you to consume all of your active Glimmers for a large burst of healing and follow it up by reapplying 5 fresh Glimmers which you can then activate using Rising Sunlight.

In 10.2 the Amirdrassil 4-piece Set Bonus lowers the cooldown of Daybreak by 15 seconds which is why we’ll be talenting Quickened Invocation allowing us to still cast the two abilities together.

Aura Mastery is mainly assigned to specific points in the fight by your raid leader or healing officer. If that’s not the case, use it when you know big raid-wide damage is incoming.

Using Beacon of Virtue

Beacon of Virtue now requires 6 people for maximum effect; this, coupled with its GCD and increased mana cost, as well as the fact that Holy Paladins now have other healing cooldowns, means that Beacon of Virtue is no longer a must-pick in M+. 

In Raid both Beacon of Faith and Beacon of Virtue are viable options. But while Virtue is more difficut play, it will result in higher HPS If utilized correctly.

If specced, Virtue should be used liberally to take advantage of its short 15 second cooldown. However, you should always be aware of damage patterns and hold Virtue if you know a damaging event is coming. Instead build Holy Power and be ready to immediately cast Virtue followed by Word of Glory once the damage hits.