Holy Paladin playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 1st Sep, 2021
Written by Kina Holy Paladin Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation

Healing doesn’t have a rotation and it is important to be flexible in whatever endgame content you find yourself in but here are some guidelines to follow: 

Be sure to keep Holy Shock on cooldown and to use Infusion of Light procs if you’re using the caster build with Inflorescence of the sunwell. Otherwise, you’ll rarely use a casted heal in a raid encounter as the most efficient way to heal is to use Crusader Strike to reset the cooldown of your Holy Shock with the talent Crusader’s Might and spend the majority of your holy power on Light of Dawn unless spot healing is required with Word of Glory.

Use Crusader Strike on cooldown if Holy Shock is on cooldown and you’re not holy power capped.

Prioritise using Hammer of Wrath during Avenging Wrath over Crusader Strike. Whilst outside of your cooldown window, sniping low health adds with Hammer of Wrath will improve your Holy power generation.

Use Light of the Martyr sparingly. It should be used whilst you’re on the move if you have no other instant cast spells available to you in that moment of movement.

If you’re playing with Rule of Law, you want to use it mainly when casting Light of Dawn to minimise its potential wastage (if your raid isn’t stacked) or when the raid is spread over a large distance.

Note: Rule of Law does not work with any of your blessings such as Blessing of Freedom.

Beacon of Light overhealing is a variant to keep an eye on. Your beacon is most valuable on a tank that will take the most consistent damage, like a Brewmaster Monk for example. Self-sustaining tanks like Blood death knights could cause your Beacon of Light to overheal more than usual.

In periods between raid damage on boss encounters, be sure to squeeze in damage with Consecration, Shield of the Righteous and the occasional Holy Shock just to sustain the Glimmer of Light debuff (if talented). This is a good habit to get into, as being AFK between raid damage events isn’t ideal for your group leader.