Holy Paladin playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 20th May, 2023
Skånerost Holy Paladin Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation

Damage Rotation

Doing Damage as Holy Paladin isn’t the hardest since most of the spells are in our normal healing rotation to gain Holy Power.


Glimmer Build

Avenging Crusader Build

If you play with Beacon of Light / Beacon of Faith, make sure it’s up before the fight starts.

Make sure you proc Blessing of Dawn before spending Holy Power as it buffs your next spender by 30%.

If Avenging Crusader (Active):

If Avenging Crusader (Not Active):

Holy Paladin Cooldowns

Avenging Wrath is very unique since it is a healing and damage cooldown. You basically want to use it on cooldown and only delay it when you have an Awakening proc or if it’s assigned to a specific event in the Boss fight by your Raid Leader or Healing Officer. For Mythic+, you need your own timing where you and/or your group need extra healing throughput or want to use it for damage.

Divine Toll is on a 1 min cooldown and generates 5 Holy Power. You don’t want to overheal a lot with Divine Toll and don’t want to overcap your Holy Power. It’s also important that you don’t hold it for too long since it’s on a short cooldown and spreads Glimmer of Light.

Aura Mastery is mainly assigned to specific points in the fight by your raid leader or healing officer. If that’s not the case, use it when you know big raid-wide damage is incoming.