Holy Paladin


Written by Kuriisu Last Updated: 26th Apr, 2017

Playstyle & Rotation

Let's go over how we go about playing a Holy Paladin.

Single target/tank healing

If tanks are not in danger of dying move on to healing other low health members of the raid following the same priority system.

Raid healing

M+, DPSing

Healing 5 mans is very similar to tank healing, the exception being that you should be playing Beacon of Virtue, which is more reactive then Beacon of Light which it replaces.

Holy Paladins can also provide quite a lot of damage. If talented properly, Holy can do insane burst DPS, but it does come at the cost of healing. This is mostly used in Dungeons as extra DPS is very very beneficial. Let's go over how it is done.

Basic Holy Paladin DPS priority

Burst DPS opener

Doing this takes away both Holy Avenger and Avenging Wrath leaving you with nothing if things go awry so do plan ahead.

Cooldown usage

Avenging Wrath increases our healing by 35%, critical strike by 20%, reduces cooldown of Holy Shock by 50% for 25 seconds and increases our critical healing by 20% for 10 seconds thanks to Vindicator. It's a very strong cooldown best used during periods of intense sustained damage.

Aura Mastery increases all healing recieved by 15 % (Protection of Tyr) to everyone in range of the aura as well as an additional effect depending on talent taken. Devotion Aura should be used to reduce otherwise lethal amounts of damage. Aura of Sacrifice should be used to heal through periods of massive damage. Aura of Mercy  should be used to gain a lot of free and passive healing throughout the fight. 

Holy Avenger increases haste by 30% and Holy Shock healing by 30%. Best used during periods of intense sustained damage. This talent requires a lot of mana to be used effectively, so if possible try and combine it with Innervate.

Tyr's Deliverence should be used during periods of moderate raid damage.

Blessing of Sacrifice transfers 30% of all damage taken by an ally to you and the effect is canceled if transferred damage would bring you bellow 20%. A great ability to reduce incoming damage on a single target, however damage redirected to you can be quite dangerous so it is important to pay attention to your own health while it is active.

Blessing of Protection provides immunity to most physical effects for 10 seconds. Can be used to remove a physical debuff such as bleeds and the majority of stuns. Bosses ignore targets with BoP so be careful not to BoP your active tank!

Blessing of Freedom removes and makes the target immune to movement-impairing effects. Can be very useful on some fights. 

Lay on Hands heals a target for 100% of your maximum hp. An oh crap button, very very useful for saving dying raid members.

Couple of extra notes

Light of the Martyr is a big instant cast heal that deals damage to you equal to 50% of healing done. The direct heal is actually quite large but healing done does not transfer to your beacons and the damage that it deals back to you makes this spell's actual total healing very low in comparison to our other spells. You should use this only when you need to move and Holy Shock is on cooldown or when the target will die before you can finish casting another spell. It's a bit tricky because you want to avoid using this as much as possible but at the same time it can be the difference between people living and dying.

Aura of Sacrifice does not replicate healing of Light of Dawn so you should avoid using it while Aura of Sacrifice is active. Important thing to remember is that only effective healing gets replicated, so timing and proper play are important to maximize the potential of the talent.

You can cast a spell and then use Beacon of Virtue/Aura of Sacrifice straight after, essentially prolonging  the effect by an extra global.   
Cast Flash of Light -> the moment that cast finishes use Beacon of Virtue or Aura of SacrificeFlash of Light cast just before activating Beacon or Aura is replicated and you have a full 8 seconds of the buff left.

Mastery: Lightbringer causes our heals to be more effective the closer we are to a target. Effect starts diminishing after 10y(15y with Rule of Law). Try and predict who is going to take damage and move closer to them to empower your healing.

Prioritize using Infusion of Light stacks on Flash of Light.

Track and make use of the Artifact trait The Light Saves. It's a massive heal whenever it procs and you don't want to miss it. It's crazy for dungeons in combination with Beacon of Virtue where it's basically a semi lay on hands for the entire group on a short 30 second cooldown.