Dreamsurge Community Event Guide

Dreamsurge Community Event Guide

Written by Leyst - 29th August 2023

The main feature coming in Patch 10.1.7 is the new weekly community event called Dreamsurge. It can spawn in any of the 4 original zones on the Dragon Isles, and you can see which zone it's currently active in by looking at the Dreamsurge Icon shown on your map.

Dreamsurge Event

Dreamsurge Timer image

The Dreamsurge community event consists of both a major and a minor event.

Major Event - Waking Dream

The major event spawns every 30 minutes and is divided into 2 stages. In the first stage, you need to engage in combat against the druids of the flame incursion and fill up the progress bar to 100%. You can achieve this by defeating the NPCs located on the map, interacting with certain pillar-like objects called Flame Altars, and flying through the circles that surround the Invading Flametalon above the ground.

During the second and final stage a boss will spawn and can drop the following:

On the PTR (Public Test Realm), players were able to repeatedly defeat the boss that spawns during the final stage, and still acquire items such as the Charred Elemental Remains needed for the Renewed Magmammoth Mount.

Minor Event - Waking Dream Portals

Dreamsurge Minor Event Portal image

The minor Dreamsurge event is a reddish portal you can interact with. Unfortunately, the map will not show where it is on PTR, but if this makes it into the live game, you can use addons like NPC scanner because the portal is considered an NPC.

Once you interact with the portal, mobs will start spawning, and a rare NPC will eventually appear. Upon defeating this NPC, it can drop the following items:

Dreamsurge Zone Buff

Dreamsurge buff voting

When a Dreamsurge is active in one of the 4 original zones on the Dragon Isles, the Dreaming Winds buff will be active, which increases your experience gain by 25%. Additionally, you and everyone else will have the opportunity to vote between 2 buff every 30 minutes. The buff with the most votes will become active for that zone and will last for 30 minutes.

Notable Buffs

Some of the notable buffs that you will be able to vote for include the 50% reputation and experience buff, called Dreamsurge Learnings.

Dreamsurge Quests

During the Dreamsurge event, you will have the opportunity to accept two quests located next to the Dreamsurge Vendors:

The Dreamsurge Investigation appears to be a normal quest, while Shaping the Dreamsurge is a weekly quest that you can complete by gathering 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence. Upon completing this quest, you will be rewarded with 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis and 10 Drake's Shadowflame Crest Fragments.

Dreamsurge Coalescence

Dreamsurge Coalescence serves as the currency for obtaining items such as catch-up gear, mounts, pets, and more from the Dreamsurge vendors.

This currency can be acquired from various sources, including:

  • Major Dreamsurge Events
  • Minor Dreamsurge Events
  • Defeating empowered rares within the active Dreamsurge zone
  • Completing World Quests in the Dreamsurge Event Zone
  • Loot Dreamsurge flowers called Dreaming Growth
  • Collecting Coalescence by flying through green clouds scattered throughout the Dreamsurge area

Dreamsurge Catch-up Gear

Dreamsurge Vendor image

It will be possible to acquire 402 item level gear tokens from Celestine in exchange for 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence, while you can obtain 415 Champion (1/8) gear from Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem by spending 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis.

Revival Catalyst Console

You will be able to transform your 402 and 415 gear into tier pieces at the revival catalyst console located in Thaldraszus.


Hovering over the Dreamsurge icon will highlight the empowered rares. These rares are considered empowered because they have additional abilities. Defeating these empowered rares will give you a chance to obtain the following items:

Dreamsurge Mount

You'll have the opportunity to acquire two mounts through the Dreamsurge.

Renewed Magmammoth

Renewed Magmammoth image

In patch 10.1.7, you will have the opportunity to acquire the Renewed Magmammoth by gathering 20 Charred Elemental Remains.

These Remains are obtained by defeating the boss during the second stage of the major event called the Waking Dream and from the minor portal event.

Duskwing Ohuna

Duskwing Ohuna Mount image

The Duskwing Ohuna is purchasable from Celestine of the Harvest for 1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence. You can locate the NPC near the other Dreamsurge NPCs.

I hope that the guide helped you to understand and navigate the Dreamsurge world event in the latest Patch!