Destruction Warlock talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 26th May, 2023
Stove Destruction Warlock Author

Class Talents

There are a few DPS increases in our class tree: soul conduit, grimoire of synergy, demonic inspiration, wrathful minion, and inqusitor’s gaze, Sargerei Technique, Socrethar’s Guile. All of these should be taken in any build.

We have many options for defensive talents, and I mean a lot. Some must-picks for defensives are dark pact, dark accord / strength of will, soul link, and fel armor.

The remaining talents are mostly about cc/utility, such as mortal coil, shadowfury, and banish. You might want to consider those for mythic+ fights or raid fights with stunnable / cc-able adds.

Talent Builds

Single Target


This build has a lot of built-in synergies:

  1. Close to 100% uptime on immolate without having to recast it due to raging demonfire.
  2. Roaring Blaze increases the damage of your soul fire, channel demonfire, incinerate and immolate. I recommend playing around with this debuff with your conflagrates to keep up 100% uptime.
  3. Eradication increases all the damage taken by the target you hit with your Chaos Bolt. This is one of the essential debuffs, so try to keep it up on the target while weaving in other spells between chaos bolt casts.
  4. Burn to Ashes buffs your incinerate after a chaos bolt
  5. Madness of Azj’Aqir buffs your damage and cast time of chaos bolt; keeping this buff is also essential. Its duration is 2 seconds less than eradication, and you play it the same way as eradication, weaving in spells between chaos bolt casts.
  6. If there are adds in the fight that spawn later, make sure to immolate them for extra soul shards and flashpoint uptime.

2 Targets


A few notes about this build:

  1. Make sure you get the most out of burn to ashes with this build, try to not over-cap if it can be avoided. Casting as many incinerates between chaos bolts is very important, but prioritize not over-capping soul shards.
  2. Rolling Havoc makes the build really strong, giving you 10% more damage once fully stacked. Make sure whenever you press Havoc you can keep casting for its entire duration to maximize this buff.



With this setup, the main things to keep in mind are:

  1. Madness of Azj’Aqir works on rain of fire. This means you can treat your rain of fire as you treat chaos bolt in single target - keeping up the madness buff rolling without over-capping soul shards and weaving in spells between rain of fires. Also, remember that over-capping on soul shards is never a good thing!
  2. Make sure you press channel demonfire to get the 4p benefit from it.