Announcing Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet

Announcing Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet

METHOD MAYHEM is back once again and we are excited to present Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet where you can expect to see the best Rated Battleground (RBG) teams from across NA & Oceanic as they come together to battle it out to seek glory where only one team will emerge victorious!

Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet will take place on May 21st at 8:00am PDT & May 22nd at 8:00am PDT and can be found at

Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet will span across two consecutive days narrated by the amazing Kexman, Barndoor and Eddy.

We are excited to be offering the community the opportunity to support the players directly by enabling crowdfunding for this event! Fans can show their support to their favorite teams directly as 100% of the money that is crowdfunded through Matcherino will go towards the Prize Pool!

You can donate to the prize pool by clicking the "CONTRIBUTE" button at the top right of the tournament’s Matcherino page (Make sure you're logged in!).

Additionally, for every Twitch subscription to Method's Twitch channel ( during the World of Warcraft Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet broadcast, Method will contribute $2.50 (USD) towards the prize pool! Get access to an ad free viewing experience, unlock sub emotes and generate channel points at an increased rate which you can redeem to interact with the live stream. All whilst supporting your favorite teams!

Also! Method Community Team members who are subscribed to the Method Twitch Channel will generate "Community Team Gold" passively when watching our live broadcasts and this gold can be spent in our Community Team store to redeem some awesome rewards!

You can sign up to the Method Community Team HERE


The Prize Pool for this event will be a minimum of $2500 USD.

The Prize Distribution (Including Crowdfunded Money) will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st Place: 50% of the Total Cash Prize
  • 2nd Place: 25% of the Total Cash Prize
  • 3rd Place: 15% of the Total Cash Prize
  • 4th Place: 10% of the Total Cash Prize

All crowdfunded money will be distributed amongst the teams in the same split as the main prize money!


Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet will be a Double Elimination Tournament that spans across two days. Each series will be a Best of 3 (Bo3), with the Grand Finals being a Best of 5 (Bo5).


All signed up teams will be seeded into the event based on their average team rating of the characters that each team has signed up for the event with. The formula used will be:


You will be able to see some of the best teams in NA giving it their all including Team Camel, Free Thugger, Jim's Slugga Boys, Skitsou and Why are they even here?, bringing us some of the most exciting and epic matches that RBG has to offer!

Team Compositions

Each battleground team must comprise of a minimum of 10 players, with a maximum of 13. Each team must have 10 players participating in each match. The 3 players who are not in the main composition are eligible to swap into the team to change composition in between matches when permitted.

Battleground teams are not permitted to have more than 3 "Healer" roles or 1 "Tank" role on each team in any single match.

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